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  1. Over 13 first-class 3D model-collections were released within the last five years by Pure3D. Reaching from ground plants, rocks and stones up to dead or desert trees the 3D assets were featured in lots of smaller and bigger games. This month brings another 25% voucher to catch one of them. :)     Just go shopping and enter PURE3D-25 during checkout. Offer is valid for two weeks. ;) Link: www.3d-game-models.com
  2. Black Friday to Cyber Monday! Get 55% discount on all models. Don't miss out the CG models on the shop. Buildings, furniture and high-quality vegegetation Only 20 vouchers till monday: http://shop.pure3d.de/ Enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout! Have a good one!
  3. New: Vegetation Configurator! After some while of preperation I'm happy to unveil the new vegetation configurator on Pure3D. It is really simple! Sometimes you need very special plants for your project or get busy with your project or funds are limited to hire a full-time artist. This is where you can use the Pure3D art configurator. You just select the type of model - at the moment CG and game-models are supported - add some other needed options like textures or LoD, upload some pictures and/or informative text and after check-out your tree will be created be Pure3D. You will even save 30% of the total amount if you are okay with a resale on the web. Basically it is as easy as buying a DELL computer. Check it via the "custom" section on the shop or just go here: http://shop.pure3d.de/custom-3d-tree-vegetation-service/150-custom-3d-tree-model-service.html 25% Discount til sunday + price-drops! Also the shop got some love! You will now have a more structurized and colored visual leading, the CSS has been made a bit better and the check-out is also more clean. There are also plans for more enhancements on the shop of course. Good news all collections dropped one euro. But the medieval and afghan environment dropped both to only 44e. It's a steal for this amount of assets and quality. Until this happens enjoy the monthly discount days and just enter the following 25% voucher at check-out and it will be deducted from the totals: PURE3D-NOV25 See you at: http://www.3d-game-models.com Watch the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/IMqkf
  4. My latest release “Dead Trees” brings 30 game-art tree models to your game. It is the 13th release now. It also includes additional 30 low-poly versions of each tree with a 50% reduction to make them useable as a LoD model or main-mesh for mobile game developing  leaving you with a total of 60 assets.      Like all other Pure3D collections the Dead Trees collection fits well into style and delivers a high-quality. The main models are closed meshes to give great  close-up details. From detailed high-poly meshes baked 2D branches polish the trees up.    As usually there are several file formats like: max (2010), dae, fbx, obj, 3ds, ls3 (Lumion)   See a movie with all models and different possibilities to use here:    http://youtu.be/h-LiZpxwrJI   Get the model collection for just 20 bucks there:  http://shop.pure3d.de/151-30-dead-trees-game-models.html
  5. Today I released a new cutting-edge model collection for your fine game developer guys. It's called DesertHD (already the 12th collection!) and fits 100% to RocksHD. It covers 20 desert-styled vegetation models based on real specimen. From small cactus up to large leaf trees there is all in this pack which lets you creat ea great desert theme. This time I focused on realism, rendered out realistic branches and did high-quality trunks without stuck branches at the bottom. With .max (2010), .dae, .fbx, .obj and .3ds formats it should be no problem to get the models into any game-engine. So, pictures and movies tell more than 1000 words so here are the last words: Introduction discount is 20% until 6.Oct.2013 if you use one of the 15 vouchers at checkout. It applies on all collections of course. The shop link: http://shop.pure3d.de/148-deserthd-3d-model-game-collection.html The video: http://youtu.be/FsjEqm0ythc The images (all real-time):
  6. Pure3D just had its third birthday! Three years of finest 3D in games and visualizations. It was an amazing voyage with lots to learn and to explore. During the last three years there was also a big jump in real-time technology and I was able to offer cheap 3D animations to architects and of course Game-Developers. The 3D-Model Store has been update more or less frequent but in 2013 there will be soon another big announcment. To celebrate this a bit I put up a 30% discount voucher for my shop at www.3D-Game-Models.com Just enter P3D-BIRTHDAY at checkout and save 30% now. Also grab the free models I have in each category for your game-dev pleasure. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe on the once-a-month newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/oaE21
  7. Until 1.1.2013 you can get 30% discount on all models and collections on the Pure3D Model Store. Just enter "XMAS"  at checkout over at http://www.3D-Game-Models.com Pure3D wishes a merry Christmas to people who celebrate it and of course health and success for 2013.
  8. For 24 Hours you can get 50% discount on all models and collections on the Pure3D Model Store. Just enter the code at checkout over at www.3D-Game-Models.com [img]http://pure3d.de/project-images/ownstuff/Black_Friday_Pure3d.jpg[/img]
  9. Trick or treat! For the next few days you can get a nice 30% discount treat on every 3D model on the Asset-Store over @ www.3d-game-models.com - No matter if you need a spooky medieval set or old rotten pines to build your own graveyard. [img]http://pure3d.de/project-images/ownstuff/pure3d_halloween_promo.jpg[/img] Beside the limited 30 vouchers you can get your free model there too! Its just a few clicks away!
  10. I'm exited to announce the release of Vol.11 "Medieval Environment" on the Pure3D Asset Store and also celebrate my 35th birthday (OMG!) with a 35% discount week for all of you. [img]http://pure3d.de/project-images/ownstuff/Medieval_Pure3d_3d_game_model_overview.jpg[/img] This AAA quality collection is packed with this goodies:[list] [*]15 buildings with 5 of them enterable [*]12 prop models like a gallow, stocks, fences a ladder carriages and others [*]full material setup including tesselation/displacement maps for specific textures [*]46 high-quality .dds and .tga textures with diffuse / normal / specular / opacity / displacement setup [*]switchable building textures due performant atlas-mapping usage [*]up to par with current-gen and next-gen computer specs [*]several file formats: dae, fbx, obj, 3ds, max [*]fits 100% to all other Pure3D sets in style and look (of course!) [*]make your own houses using the modules the buildings are made with if you import them in your model tools [*]perfect naming and file sorting [/list] Take a look at the screenshots for more visuals of each model its wireframe and the technical specs on the product page or just take a quick ride watching the movie recorded from a sample scene in real-time. http://youtu.be/HhjG-FxHDjI Get the pack or each individual model or a free building here: www.3d-game-models.com/111-medieval-environment.html Don't forget to enter your 35% voucher until 1.Oct.2012 at checkout: [b]PURE3D-BOSS-GETS-35[/b] Want to keep in touch? Then subscribe the once-a-month newsletter: http://eepurl.com/oaE21
  11. I’m happy to announce a new 20% discount round this week with 20 coupons to celebrate the very first Pure3d Newsletter I will publish once a month now. Just enter [b]PURE3D-20-PERCENT[/b] at checkout and get your 20% this week at the Pure3d Model Shop (http://shop.pure3d.de). [img]http://pure3d.de/project-images/ownstuff/pure3d-model-collection-packs.jpg[/img] Also the shop got another make-up with new box art covers, better product shots with wireframes and larger previews. This month will also be dedicated to new 3d model sets for arch-viz and real-time applications like game-engines. If you like to stay up to date then subscribe to the newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/oaE21 Read the current Newsletter there: http://eepurl.com/oczhn
  12. Why bother with 3D at Easter holidays if you can get great discounts on my 3D model-collections just afterwards? I set up the Easter-Aftermath at the Pure3d 3D Model Store for you with discounts up to 80% for the fastest egg-heads. There are those vouchers to enter at check-out: 5x "P3D-Easter-80" for 80% discount on all models. 10x "P3D-Easter-50" for 50% discount on all models. 20x "P3D-Easter-30" for 30% discount on all models. First come, first save. Until the end of the week. Last but not least the animated bunny model is only 2,50€ during the Easter-Aftermath. Go to: http://shop.pure3d.de Wonder what Pure3d Model Store is all about? The model-store supplies finest vegetation and environment models for 3D artists, game-developer and other real-time technology visualizations and mobile-dev users. Not only limited to AAA vegetation, there is also arch-viz furniture, rocks and stones, foliage, buildings and all starting from a nice price-tag from 15€ for several starter-packs.
  13. After the great success of the RocksHD I decided to do the requested low-poly edition called RocksMOBILE. RocksMOBILE features 35 rock models including different geological types like sandstone, greystone, edged rocks, large formations and even dark lava rocks. It's aimed 100% to mobile game-developers which are in need of AAA quality game assets. Like usual lots of common model formats are supported: .max (2010), .fbx (2009), .obj, .3ds, .dae (OpenCollada) Also textures included in the .fbx for easy drag&drop functionality plus .dds 512 normal,diffuse and specular setup. Every rocks weights around 200 triangles each and comes with 512px textures. Not even the triangles are light but also the price with only 15 Euros. See the comparison between RocksMOBILE and RocksHD: [IMG]http://shop.pure3d.de/110-210-thickbox/rocksmobile-model-pack-for-mobile-games.jpg[/IMG] Need a video tour? Then check the real-time recorded video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BescvIb8NSY See all models in the .pdf: http://shop.pure3d.de/attachment.php?id_attachment=8 Get the Pack at Pure3d Game-Model Shop: http://shop.pure3d.de Or directly there: http://shop.pure3d.de/110-rocksmobile-model-pack-for-mobile-games.html
  14. What a month! The second model-pack in February hits the road on my small model store while still celebrating the 2nd annyversary of Pure3d Visualizations. RocksHD features 35 rock models including different geological types like sandstone, greystone, edged rocks, large formations and even dark lava rocks. It's aimed mainly at game-developers but also useable for all other people in the 3D field of course. Each rock has been hand-crafted in Zbrush with also painted 2048px textures made from then high-poly bake including normals, AO and Cavity. The textures are seamless which means you can rotate each rock in any angle without looking at nasty edges or texture seams giving you all artistic freedom your project deserves. Like usual lots of common model formats are supported: .max (2010), .fbx (2009), .obj, .3ds, .dae (OpenCollada) and .gmf (Leadwerks) Also textures included in the .fbx for easy drag&drop functionality plus .dds 2048px normal,diffuse and specular setup. You can see all models in this pdf: http://shop.pure3d.de/attachment.php?id_attachment=8 Or just go directly to the shop: http://shop.pure3d.de [img]http://pure3d.de/Leadwerks/rocksHD_3D-Model-Pure3d_Closeup.jpg[/img] The pack is 30 Euros so not even one Euro for each asset making it a no-brainer. Plus the 20% discount for my 2nd company anniversary is also running. Don't miss it!
  15. Got a nice German testimonial from a recent client for my website: "Durch Ihren Einsatz und Ideenreichtum haben... http://t.co/vEklD7na