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    MMO engine like OpenSpace Engine?

    Realmcrafter.com is the right website to go to. This forum has seen thousands of threads, and post on making an MMO. Keep your ideas small and build on those. Don't think you are going to beat out a game such as World Of Warcraft, Ever Quest etc. As a hobby game developer Realm Crafter will give you decent results with little time. However, the developers arent really involved in the community anymore, and a lot of there programs remain broken. Mostly the community are the ones fixing bugs now. The developers made a broken Engine, and kept it that way. Eclipse is great for 2D MMO's, and has a great community and lots of help. Good luck.
  2. Drillfoot

    The Adventures of Nasse

    What interest me most about commenting on games, and giving them the time of day is for my to see screen shots of the work. This helps me determine if I might even be a bit interested in the game. Graphics aren't everything in making games, but they help.
  3. Well for example the one that looks to be made in the middle of those screenshots there, kinda looks like he could take on Jason, and Freddy at the same time with that tie. Matt also looks to be a little tipsy in the screenshot as well. However I must say the other objects in the room look good!
  4. I'm not much for chat rooms. This does look good, however to be honest the avatars could use a little work.
  5. Drillfoot

    DEXSOFT-Games: Vehicle junkyard model pack

    Another good pack Dex. Ill be getting this for sure! Will go good with the Industrial packs I have from you all ! Very nice work.
  6. Drillfoot


    Trailer was good. I think this has great potential! Love the music, and sounds as well.
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