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  1. Hey guys, What are some good books on java for beginners looking towards making a game in the end? Thanks a ton. Any help is appreciated, so far the only book I heard was good is Killer Game Programming In Java.   Thanks for the suggestions,
  2.   Thank you so much for offering your help. I will try and pick up, java and get book for it as well. I really appreciate it. 
  3. Hey guys, I have no programming experience what so ever and I've always wanted to make game so I thought were else to start but at a game development forum. The game doesn't have to be fancy just start at something basic and eventually build my way to up to anything like Mario or a 2d sidescroller or rpg. Where should I start, which language should I learn? And what else do I need to know? Thanks a ton.
  4. So I should start with C# then i could use XNA to make the game?
  5. [quote name='Andy474' timestamp='1345280673' post='4970777'] no game programming experiance ... ok [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] try [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/629836-making-a-game/page__pid__4970772#entry4970772"]GameMaker[/url]. [/quote] I do want to learn a language, but Im not sure which one. Can you recommend one?
  6. Im very new to developing games and such, my goal is to make an interactive 2d image/text based RPG (almost like the pokemon game) game where you use "skills" to beat opponents. I am not sure where to start and I have no programming experience what so ever. I need help deciding which language to learn and where I go from there into building such a game. Any kind of information I can get would be helpful, thank you so much.
  7. Quote:Original post by Windryder Quote:Original post by gm-noob I have gathered a team of 5, 2 programmers and 3 modellers to make a small 3d Mmo game almost like [...] World of Warcraft... You can't really make a "small" 3D MMO, let alone one that is "almost like WoW". 2D MMOs are quite achievable, especially if you aim for a simultaneous player count of about 100. One may argue that such a game isn't massive at all, but it's definitely within the reach of a small amateur team. A 3D MMO, however, generally is not -- especially if the team leader has to ask "where do I start?". I don't mean to offend you, and I'm sorry if I come off as harsh, but I strongly urge you to aim a bit lower if you want to have any chance of success. Your friend has a reasonable knowledge of C++. That's good. What about the other programmer? Anything more complicated than Tetris or Pong and you'll want to have good programmers on board from day one -- even more so if the game is network-based. MMOs are in constant development, and if the foundation is bad, maintenance will be a complete nightmare. As for where to start, what kind of role do you intend to take yourself? Please don't say "project leader", because unless you have actual experience leading software development teams, you'll probably do more harm than good. If you're serious about this, you'll spend some time learning something about programming or art so that you can make a contribution yourself. Where to go from there depends entirely on your own skill level, and that of your team. I'll stick to my original statement here: don't take on a 3D MMO. Go with a 2D game, and you'll save yourself many a headache (and failure). If your programmers are good, go ahead and have them build a simple yet playable first version of your game. Try to get this done as fast as you can without compromising the quality of the code, as actually having something to play will greatly boost the team morale. To summarize: 1. Learn some relevant skill so you can make a serious contribution 2. Develop a simple, playable alpha version without churning out crap code 3. Add features in short iterations, so that you get the opportunity to test them out and have fun while doing it EDIT: Oh yeah, about that last sentence... In a project like this, fun is king. By that I mean that if you're not having fun while developing the game (I assume neither you nor the other team members get paid?) you are not going to make it. It's that simple. thanks, but my team and i will try a 3d mmoish, thing, start out crappy and we will add on to it as we are more skilled, we'll i am not really the team leader, the 3rd guy is he is pro at c++ and has made many other games but i just wanted to kno, where i would start, i am sort of new to it
  8. I have gathered a team of 5, 2 programmers and 3 modellers to make a small 3d Mmo game almost like Flyff, or World of Warcraft...I didn't know where to start to make a downloadable mmo, me and my friend have an reasonable knowledge of c++.Where do i start?
  9. Quote:Original post by kunos Ogre is being used for a lot of productions, it has all you need to get going. What's exactly is your problem you are experiencing with it? well having trouble using it with c++, how do i open it with c++
  10. We'll i am planning on making a 3d Game almost like Naruto:naiteki-kensei, its an mmo naruto game. But my game isn't gonna be an mmo in the beggning and I am planning on using C++ and 3ds Max to make my models. Is there anything else I need? This is my first 3d project. I haven't done a big project like this. And what graphic library should i use. I tried to install Ogre3d but it doesn't seem to work.
  11. Quote:Original post by CodeMunkie Quote:Original post by gm-noob Quote:Original post by Simian Man Why would you want to use C++? It's actually a pretty poor choice for something like this. I'd recommend using Python and Pygame personally. not the greatest at python So give it a shot. I would bet that you could learn python and pygame and still finish your game faster than you could muddle through it with C++. okay but did Maple Story use python?...and if i wanted to make a 3d game
  12. Quote:Original post by Simian Man Why would you want to use C++? It's actually a pretty poor choice for something like this. I'd recommend using Python and Pygame personally. not the greatest at python
  13. Well, how would i create a game engine from scratch. I was planning on making a naruto singleplayer game alot like Maple Story but singleplayer. What programs would I have to use. I am a begginer at C++ and i have a team of 2 people. I posted this 1nce before but people did get what i meant. I want the graphics to be like Maple Story. Because i have never programmed a game. I do not no where to start. I have created sprites and such and have planned everything but do not no how to put it togethor using c++
  14. Well, how would i create a game engine from scratch. I was planning on making a naruto singleplayer game alot like Maple Story but singleplayer. What programs would I have to use. I am a begginer at python and c++. I thought i would take on a small project.
  15. i am making a 3d rpg game and later planning to turn it into an rpg. Where would start to create my own game engine. I am okay at python and c++. But i just don't no where to start and another question, can i use models from blender in a c++ or python game? thanks