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  1. @RockstarGames Whatever happened to good single player content? Some of us don't want to play everything online as an MMO...

  2. @asda what's with the Christmas adverts in early November? #blatantmarketing

  3. RT @keet0007: #ObviouslyBadIdeas Letting grandma walk the dog

  4. @bethesda Trying to sneak all the way to Rivet city in fallout 3 immediately after leaving the vault at level 1, to skip half the game...

  5. I might agree if cheat codes are just used to make the game easier. If you look at some games though, cheat modes add whole new dimensions of play, like the riot mode in GTA San Andreas, and sometimes just add comedy value (flying cars, corpses go to heaven?) I think you might be right though that YouTube walkthroughs haven't helped the fact that fewer games have cheat codes as they don't need them if they're only used to make it easier.
  6. Hi, I remember when I was young, and many gaming magazines used to have whole sections for cheat codes. Of course all the games back then were either single player, or local two player affairs where allowing the user to enter cheats wasn't an issue. Later there were games that featured some fun cheats for single player mode, e.g. grand theft auto. As we've moved slowly to almost all games offering multiplayer and some games being multiplayer only, I'm seeing less and less cheat codes in games. My question to you is do you still consider them relevant for enhancing play and adding replay value, as opposed to just bring used purely as developer features? Do you add cheat codes to your own games and if so, how do you "leak them" after release so they can be used and who do you tell them to? I'm also curious if the cheat codes left in older games were used purely as developer hacks, or if they were for replay value and marketing... I'm sure someone here is able to answer that! Please discuss :-)
  7. I think you'd need to start networking on twitter. I have a whole ton of youtubers in my twitter followers, most of them have less than 100 followers and if you see someone who's voice fits, well "if you don't ask, you don't get"... Hope this helps!
  8. Thanks very much! For future reference this isn't something i can fix myself is it to save you time? I did try but got hit with the error EX0 screen...
  9. Hi, I spent a long time creating articles and it seems that since the site upgrade theyre quite fundamentally broken. For example take a look at this one: The images are broken links, and the lists are continually indenting. I tried to fix the indenting, but i received an error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 What's more, i seem to have no ability to reference an image in my article, either from my gallery or otherwise. What gives, will there be a fix? It makes me very sad to see my contributions broken like this Thanks for any advice you can give!
  10. Hi, Unfortunately hasn't fixed it for me. I currently see ads for (car insurance) above and below the forum content, Amazon books on the right hand panel, a big green and yellow ad for jetbrains, an ad for RX RAD Studio, and on mobile, full screen mobile ads that i have to dismiss to advance to a forum each time i log in. Have tried logging on and off. Let me know if you need me to do any diagnosis on my end! :-)
  11. Mod for Mac

    Start by going to unreal's site, click "download" in the top right hand corner and register an account. It will download the "epic launcher". In the launcher, choose to download both unreal engine 4 and unreal tournament. There is no fee to pay to do this. I haven't personally modded unreal tournament so my advice ends there unfortunately, but if you need any help with unreal engine itself or general questions about creating maps etc, there are lots of people here able to help, and also on the unreal engine/unreal tournament development wiki and forums. Good luck!
  12. You might want to consider using an engine, and/or something like Xamarin. Engines such as Unity or UE4 natively support android and hide you from the details that cause aggrivation. As you've mentioned, android is a fluid OS which continually changes it's APIs, and support for various things varies from device to device. There's such a disparity of different OS versions (from some ancient phones still running 2.3 gingerbread and latest flagship devices potentially running 8.0 oreo) that it just becomes a pain in the ass and you end up buying 30 different devices for testing your apps on. If it was up to me i'd be looking at using an engine to eliminate some of these complications... Hope this helps!
  13. Mod for Mac

    Have you considered modifying unreal tournament? The latest version of it using Unreal Engine 4 runs fine on mac, and can be modded as it is a crowd sourced collaborative effort to create the game, it's maps and its gameplay code. Hope this helps!
  14. How do you balance gaming and game dev?

    Well, I find that it's harder to play games once you start creating them. I've become a critic and enjoy creation more than playing now. I can't play a game without pausing and asking myself "how was that effect done?" or "how did the AI know to do that?"...
  15. Turning a 2D map into a 3D mesh

    Have you considered that perhaps a 2d image isn't the right representation of a 3d map? I wouldn't do it that way, and if you look at most 3d level editors they're 3d in nature with a three coordinate system x, y and z, so that it's easier to visualise height and depth and adjust in real-time. What you're asking for means the level designer can't visualise in real-time what they're creating which makes the creation process awkward. Hope this helps!