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  1. Space Colonization and the Future

    You mean Mars One? No, short TV series about a bunch of people who thought they were on a generational ship heading for alpha centurai, they never really left earth and it was all a huge psychology/science experiment with people observing them from outside the spaceship in a big warehouse...
  2. Space Colonization and the Future

    Did anyone here ever watch the TV series "ascension"? How long before we see a scandal like that, thousands of people scammed into thinking they're going into space, never to return, perhaps even for a fee?
  3. Space Colonization and the Future

    It's started already. On the news today I heard that spacex is willing to take rich tourists on an orbital trip around the moon for 500 million dollars a go per person. Next step lunar expeditions?
  4. No longer getting +1 for voting up post

    Personally, upvoting others stopped earning me rep points well into 2016. It has never recovered... Tested again today after upvoting two relevant posts, still didn't do anything to my rep. Then again, not really looking for more rep, I stopped counting when I reached top 10 all time and it kind of lost its significance for me. This is exactly the problem I'm having and is stating to sound like designed behaviour that one person put into the system and didn't document completely... :P
  5. The Point of the Temp-Folder

    Go into advanced properties in "computer" (or whatever they call "my computer" now). Go to the tab marked "environment variables" and look for two variables called TEMP and TMP, change them to a location on your non ssd. Note this may slow down your system, and it won't affect the users temp dir which is within the user profile. Hope this helps!
  6. No longer getting +1 for voting up post

    Nope no luck,.could it be the I've changed my username recently? It's odd because I still log in as braindigitalis but display as brain...
  7. No longer getting +1 for voting up post

    Still got this issue. Haven't been able to upvote properly for nearly a month now. Any luck finding the cause?
  8. DX11 Font rendering

    Something else you can do is generate a set of 3D meshes of characters from a font, e.g. using the blender text tool, then use those to draw 3D meshes of text in 3D space, at any scale you want without loss of resolution or quality. You can even instance up the draw calls of the characters when you output strings. I've used this in two of my Unreal games to generate 3D huds and widgets. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. It's art that scuppers me. Simply find an existing engine or framework and use it, finding the graphics and sound is the hard bit...
  10. Unreal Engine 4's random crashes. Thank <insert deity here> for backups...
  11. Still seeing ads as GDNet+

    The 3.4 theme still has ads for everyone even gdnet+. Are you accidentally using the 3.4 theme?
  12. DX11 Font rendering

    I didn't really like the approach in that tutorial for text rendering. Instead I used a bitmap font renderer where each character is part of a texture with a known offset. It works very well and my game used to be built originally on those tutorials. For example, see my blog post (which has in depth source code): Let me know if this helps! :)
  13. That looks awesome :D Keep up the good work :)
  14. Greetings

    Hello and welcome!
  15. No longer getting +1 for voting up post

    This is subjective and dependent upon your idea of what makes a good post. When I first started here it was rare anyone ever got voted up for anything, ever, and I went over a year with the only upvotes being for logging in. I think it was harder to give them out back then, and it seemed only those who had been here longest were doing so. I don't want to go back to that way of doing things as I think it isn't inclusive to newcomers. The way it worked was flawed sure but ok. The problem though is, it's not been changed, officially or otherwise and is just broken for a small minority. Any luck finding the problem yet?