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Status Updates posted by Brain

  1. Please read and help out if you can https://t.co/TDOnOm49g9 #gamedev #indiedev #gaming #AI #GDC18

  2. @celebhauntedfan You mean that app that spews words from a random number generator? I'm open to the idea of the par… https://t.co/TPsETXCd3Z

  3. @p_integration @sjfostersound "apply mosh" physics? LOL

  4. @Lord_Arse 2005 is retro now? :)

  5. @JimSterling I make games for fun. The days of expecting to get rich from indie games are long gone, I don't even e… https://t.co/OoRpPA7rh8

  6. @RockstarGames Whatever happened to good single player content? Some of us don't want to play everything online as an MMO...

  7. @asda what's with the Christmas adverts in early November? #blatantmarketing

  8. RT @keet0007: #ObviouslyBadIdeas Letting grandma walk the dog https://t.co/otG8YXRFKV

  9. @bethesda Trying to sneak all the way to Rivet city in fallout 3 immediately after leaving the vault at level 1, to skip half the game...

  10. @sjfostersound wait, someone actually owned a sega CD? ;-)

  11. I feel the need, the need for an alpha release!
  12. PBR shaders are amazing. Oh yes they are.
  13. woot woot third article under peer review :)
  14. Third article under review now, woot woot!
  15. Now working on a third article... stay tuned!
  16. Second article awaiting review, about how to automate deployment of your game!
  17. Yay, got my first article published here! :)
  18. so, someone nicked my phone at a slipknot gig. police recovered it, apparently not only had the idiots tried to sell it at a pawn shop after I disabled the IMEI, there were also pics of the thief and his mates in my phones gallery when I got it back... stupid criminal fail.
  19. Started integrating physicsFS... woo yay and all that stuff...
  20. Really must find some free time to develop Firework Factory further. Free time? What's that then?
  21. Fraps sucks. Oh yes it does. A framerate drop from 100fps to 15fps just because i am running it is not acceptable.
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