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  1. @ApochPiQ I don't have a major 'project' at the moment. I was gonna to try to build a basic 'scene' where a blue cube mines for a resource top buy his escape whilst shooting green cubes that come at him (with grabbing better weapons on occasion) just so I could get used to it. I would like to try a SMALL horror game in the future where the player is hunted by a monster in the woods (listen to player and watches for flashlight). I was going to use the first 'scene' to practice GOAP with. Following on from Alberth's latest comment I suppose I could use this simple scene to practice different styles (FSM, State Design Pattern, GOAP, custom-frankensteins-monster-hybrid, whatever.) Many thanks for all your replies all. I think I'm gonna just go and experiment/play with different concepts for a bit. If I get stuck on something more specific you will probably hear from me... but not after extensive google searches first Again, thanks all.
  2. Ah, so are you saying that GOAP isn't so great for games? If that's the case, what would you peeps recommend? In case you haven't noticed, I'm a noob when it comes to AI... I started reading "Programming Game AI by Example" and in there it mentions the 'State Design Pattern' system. (I stopped reading as I realised that the 'free pdf' was actually a pirate and shouldn't have been free... I'll save up and buy a book instead - recommendations would be appreciated). Again, many thanks for your replies.
  3. You guys are brilliant! Many thanks! Alberth - that link was one I came across as well... but mistakenly thought I should handle the Brent Owens "easy" implementation before looking at the more in depth F.E.A.R. examples (and yes, I did think that was ALL that site was showcasing - that'll teach me to skim read!) IADaveMark - Jeff Orkin! Brilliant, now I have another name to scour for information regarding. Many thanks for this. Again, you're both life savers. Many thanks. Hopefully, the next post will be of my triumphing over this challenge - #thenoobknowsnothingofwhatstocome
  4. Hey all, As the heading says I'm trying to get my head around Goal Objective Action Planning AI. However I'm having some issues reverse engineering Brent Owens code line-by-line (mainly around the recursive graph building of the GOAPPlanner). I'm assuming that reverse engineering this is the best way to get a comprehensive understanding... thoughts? Does anyone know if an indepth explanation on this article (found here: https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/goal-oriented-action-planning-for-a-smarter-ai--cms-20793), or another article on this subject? I'd gladly post my specific questions here (on this post, even), but not too sure how much I'm allowed to reference other sites... Any pointers, help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mike
  5. Tset_Tsyung

    UNITY - I'm slicing meshes, and then they explode...

    @Scouting Ninja (or anyone else who reads this post) Okay, so I've tried a few different methods of overcoming this, including what Scouting Ninja said (although need help with one of his methods, see below). I've tried shitfing the new meshes away from each other (using the normal of the plane that sliced to work out direction) and even shrinking the objects a little by adjusting their scale.  However I'm still getting some exploding meshes, although less... So I was thinking about Scouting Ninja's idea of 'waiting for space before turning the colliders back on', however if I do this with a non-kinematic rigidbody that uses gravity it'll fall through the world.  Turn it to kinematic with no gravity and it'll hang there in the game ruining the immersion. PLUS, and this is the bit that I'm struggling with, I can't seem to find a utility in the UNITY physics API that allows me to get a list of all objects intersecting with a collider AT THE POINT OF CREATION.  OnTriggerEnter/Exit method of listing everything won't work because if there's an object already within the collider I don't believe that OnTriggerEnter will call.  I could try using OnTriggerStay, but I believe that requires at least 1 frame before checking what's "staying", and even though that's only 1 frame I'm concerned that it'll cause more issues as other moving objects may go in and out of the collider during this time. Thoughts?!?! P.S. I wasn't too sure what you meant by using 'precise collision bounds.  Is that not what happens already when using mesh colliders?  I'm already using "Continuous Dynamic" in the rigidbodies... is there something else I can set to increase accuracy.
  6. Tset_Tsyung

    UNITY - I'm slicing meshes, and then they explode...

    Scouting Ninja, You're a star, many thanks. I though it was something like that.  It semed to lesson when I adjusted the width of the 'foundation' (think it was too thin and read that can throw off the physics). So now I just have to find a way to implement what you suggested... may as well repair the triangle code AND try using a hald-edge mesh system as was suggested. This isn't going to make it into one of my "Game-A-Week" games for a while, lol.   Again, many thanks ;)   Er, how do I adjust the title to read that there has been a solution provided?
  7. Hey all, I have put a post about this in the UNITY forums... but then remember that this get more through put - I apologise for the duplicate post. Basically, I have a catapult-smash-stuff game that I was trying to hack together for a "Game-A-Week" challenge.  However I'm having a random effect. Please see this video (especially the end) to get a visual feel for what I'm on about.     Basically this is the idea: 1) Boulder hits an object. 2) If boulder had enough velocity 'Split' the mesh once (random way). 2b) If other things are hitting each other with enough force (initial force is only provided by physics engine when boulder hits something - no addforce() code) then split (again in a random way). This should be fine, however some of the 'slices' seem to be exploding off in random directions - and I have no idea how or why. I'm telling the objects to 'split' from the OnCollisionEnter function - is this correct?   All replies greatly appreciated - and yes, that includes insults... NB: noob, trying to learn about the physics engine, so please expect noobish mistakes. P.S. The items being sliced are simple Cubes (with box colliders). Howeve, after slicing they are no longer cubes and have mesh colliders to reflect this.  Also some of the triangles aren't showing on the sliced meshes (never had this problem before), could this have something to do with it? I thought this would just be a 'visual' issue... P.S. The items being sliced are simple Cubes (with box colliders). Howeve, after slicing they are no longer cubes and have mesh colliders to reflect this.  Also some of the triangles aren't showing on the sliced meshes (never had this problem before), could this have something to do with it? I thought this would just be a 'visual' issue...
  8. https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-dynamically-slice-a-convex-shape--gamedev-14479
  9. Okay, final post for now - I promise this time!!!!   The missing triangles is because I hadn't catered for vertices residing DIRECTLY ON THE PLANE.  So make sure you follow that section from the article by Randy Gaul, if you wanting to do this yourself of course... Will prob post my basic solution on here at some point for other noobs like me to pull apart and have a look at.  It's nothing new, but might be a helpful stepping stone for someone.
  10. Okay, so I've solved the weird triangle problem, and I'm posting the solution in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar issue (although, we're now leaving the OP, so this will be the last post from me).   Basically, in an effort to be clever and efficient (2 things which were not necessary for this simple 'tech demo' that I'm working on) I decided that I wouldn't use duplicate vertices, just draw multiple triangles from the same points.   Problem is that this messes up the normals, which is why I was getting those weird white-ish stretches of colour.  Anyway, I simple added each vertex once FOR EACH TRIANGLE (thus, some points were enter multiple times) and this seemed to sort it out.   Still getting the occasional invisible triangle... would need to examine further. But apart from that - it's AWESOME! Thank you so much for all your help @RandyGaul!!!
  11. @WiredCat So have you been getting much luck with mesh slicing/destroying?
  12. Okay, so I've got it working fine 90% of the time (so it's still essentialy broken, but one problem at a time). But I'm getting this effect on the sliced meshes. [attachment=35782:Triangle1.PNG] [attachment=35783:triangle3.PNG] As you can see, the 'bricks' ar just cubes with a standard material, but as soon as they are sliced the triangles go a bit awry.  I've looked into UV's, and tried copying as much data across from the original mesh as possible, but I cannot work out what's wrong with this.   I've also run mesh.recalculateNormals() and mesh.recalculateTangents() (Unity) still no luck :(   This wouldn't be cured by using an actual mesh format by any chance, would it?
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