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  1. character

    dodge test 2 https://youtu.be/msv3o_HYtYk
  2. character

    dodge test 2
  3. character

    dodge test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpH_Z66nV0o
  4. Unity Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    thats simple dont use physics at all. you just need to know when something collides with a surface and to not go thru it. physics is not needed for that as far as animation have the character run forward, walk forward and jump forward. in your 3d program. do not apply physics once in unity in truth motions do not have to be blended, just interesting. they can have hard cuts from one motion to the other. if the motion is interesting, but in your 3d program you could have the character go from idle to walk. idle to run, walk to run. and you would not need to blend it in unity. it would already be done. you just tell it to play but again you dont need to do this. the motion can have hard cuts. you would simplify the process a great deal. if you seperate the purpose of the engine. from the purpose of the 3d program. the engine is for interactivity, collision, checking distance to trigger an event the 3d program is for everything else. build the world, do the animations add life to everything in general. here is something you probably never considered. in your 3d program animate a bullet going forward. then in your engine, give it tracking code that points it in the direction.of whatever target. for something like that. its just as easy to do thru code. but what if you want the bullet to go forward then left or right, then make patterns and once its finished attack the target.thats not so simple thru code. but you could animate it 5 minutes. that is what your 3d program is for. to build something no one has seen before. and build it more often than not quickly.
  5. Unity Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    you dont seem to realize this. but giving an object physics turns it into nothing more than a life less block. being moved by math. and that is, what it looks like to the viewer. life less math. that resembles animation in no way. realism has no place in animation. unless your doing a simulation. but a simulation is not animation. architects simulate buildings, lights, weather. when someone tries to recreate an accident. they duplicate/simulate everything to be as real as possible. but that is the absolute, complete opposite of animation
  6. Unity Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    unless your selling graphics. you need not be concerned with graphics. your better off not using physics at all . do not use code to do a jump. animate the jump in a 3d program, not in unity. in code or in unity will not be unique. and will not come close, to what can be done in a 3d program. try doing a walk without auto keyframing
  7. character

    Ive done far more perfectly symmetrical characters than I care to count. doing another one does not interest me. the character and the animation are a 100 percent intentional. meant to be non standard. and I have yet to show the whole body. may seem different when you see the whole body
  8. Game Character

    here is a quick box patch body. regardless of what you move vertex, edge, patch. its always loose thats why you get better results. this is in flash http://bleed.6te.net/patchbody.html
  9. character

    the character painted this is in flash http://bleed.6te.net/drawnpaint.html
  10. Game Character

    how did you make the model. polygon, patch, nurbs. Im assuming you box modeled. with polygons . polygon modeling produces a flat model. try modeling using something other than polygon. there is nothing wrong with it. other than it has no style. plain and not unique. how you make it plays a large role in the style of the model. do not bother adding toes to feet. if the character will have shoes on
  11. character

    that is actually the intention. not normal mapped. only uses a basic shader. painting may improve the appearance some. depending on how well the painting is done. but I want it to stand on its own
  12. character

    decided to make a character. in the 3d program. I drew a leg then the upper body. then the face this is in flash http://bleed.6te.net/drawnwalk.html
  13. flip

    this has the 2nd part of the flip flip test 5 https://youtu.be/qrIAZd9xDfA
  14. flip

    another subtle change flip 4 https://youtu.be/Z9aqVT9XCZQ
  15. flip

    I dont mind your take on it. thats definately not a standard rig. I could have the deformations smooth for every pose. but I prefer not to. so there is a noticable difference. when I have a pose that is completely smooth. another subtle change