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  1. tyree

    run attack

    testing cloth animation. this is all bone animation in engine
  2. tyree

    run attack

  3. tyree

    run attack

    another character. this was done really out of boredom katty
  4. tyree

    run attack

    dodge test boss
  5. tyree

    run attack

    dodge run attack
  6. tyree


    dodge test 7
  7. tyree

    My first Game level in Unreal

    its looks interesting. but reminds me of the star wars force unleashed.and similar games that use telekenetics. will there be hand combat with a faster pace at some point
  8. tyree


    dodge test 5 I just found out veoh does not show on every computer. here is another link
  9. tyree


    dodge test 5
  10. tyree


    dodge test 4
  11. tyree

    what am I doing wrong? (concept art 2d)

    I would not have posted the image otherwise. usually I do not post any of my 2d work online. but the first post was too ridiculous
  12. tyree

    what am I doing wrong? (concept art 2d)

    your trying to cheat the system. none of that image came from your imagination. none of that image is you. when you make something there will be a flow to it. concept is in the title. but you concepted nonething in there. do not try to reverse engineer art. it has to come from you. a place within you. this is not an environment. but you should be able to look at this. and see what is going on. without me saying anything
  13. tyree


    dodge test 3
  14. tyree


    dodge test 2
  15. tyree


    dodge test 2
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