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  1. It's an initializer list, normally used to initialize const variables in classes because they cannot be initialized in the body (they're const), and simply sets the variable to whatever is in parenthesis. So for this example ssgaShape is a variable of the class and is being initialized to the int nt.
  2. i believe it has to be added also
  3. [java] bits and bytes?? :)

    I would believe that htis would work, but the java api spec for DataInputStream states that it should be used to read files specifically written with DataOutputStream for java types, whereas FileInputStream allows you to read a specific number of bytes. I would use that and simply do: FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream("file"); byte[] ID = new byte[2]; byte[] size = new byte[4]; try {;; } catch (IOException e) { //Error on input occured } Hope this helps
  4. It would be a nice convenience if the title bar of the browser included who the starter of the thread was right before the topic as a reference.
  5. USB

    I was wondering if anyone knew of how to do USB device programming [drivers, etc.] in windows or had any good links. Thanks in advance
  6. Can't figure out how to fix this error

    Works fine now, thank you, for some reason I was blending java and C++ Thanks, Cloxs
  7. I am receiving this error from my compiler (cygwin, g++) : testProt.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)': testProt.cpp:8: error: no matching function for call to 'MRProtocol::write( Configuration (&)())' mrprotocol.h:25: error: candidates are: bool MRProtocol::write(Configuration&) testprot is this ( a simple test for a class ): //Main declaration { Configuration conf(); MRProtocol prot( "", "", "" ); prot.write( conf ); return 0; } then write(Configuration&) is this: bool MRProtocol::write( Configuration &conf ) { ofstream out(conf.outProtocol(), ios::out); //conf.outP() just returns char* //Then checks for file construction and writes out information and returns } The error is somewhere in there, I have a copy constructor in configuration as such: Configuration::Configuration( const Configuration &) that simply copies all the elements from the reference configuration to a new configuration, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Cloxs