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  1. Hello. I work on a renderer framework. When I create texture with CreateTexture2D, D3D11 device immediatly allocates some memory from virtual space of the process despite there is no cpu access flags etc. or staging usage specified. I've read Windows manage paging of gpu resources so that memory of gpu resources are moved to system memory to create empty space for recently used resources. My process consumes 2 gb of memory for render targets and total gpu memory usage is about 3 gb. Gpu has 8 gb physical memory but 1 gb of system memory(Committed virtual memory) of process is still used by D3D11 resources. I checked this with PerfView tool which tracks all virtual memory allocations. I checked committed address spaces of other D3D11 games but it seems their gpu resources does not consume any system memory. There isn't much information about this behaviour on internet. I would greatly appreciate if anyone enlighten me.   Thanks.
  2. Hello. I am trying to make my flat terrain a little bumpy and I saw Outerra's old implementation.   It looks pretty well but I couldn't figure it out. It seem POM is used but I tried lots of combinations with POM and normal mapping and I couldn't achieve that sight.   Do you have any idea about how to achieve such a perfect bumps on grass.
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