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  1. NewDeal

    Alpha Channel

    Hmm, looks like that fix comes standard with 7.0.1. I have no ideas then.
  2. NewDeal

    Alpha Channel

    The TGA exporter in Photoshop 7.0 is broken. Get the fix here. I struggled with that for a while as well.
  3. NewDeal

    What draws you to science fiction?

    6,7 and 8... and 2 Freedom man, freedom. SciFi is a means to an end. Most games based on a known mythology/reality binds player and story to a known universe. SciFi (and fantasy i guess) allows the author to experiment. Alternative moral-systems and ethics, interesting technological advances and/or alternatives and philosophies based on non-standard axioms. It's a playground for authors, artists and philosophers alike. If you want an immersive story which caters to the intelligent player, you need freedom freed from preconceived ideas. Everything else has been done in one way or another. Oh, and light-sabers are pretty damn cool. This is my first post in a long time. And im drunk. Bare with me.
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