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    Extraterrestrial Grail

    <p> Great, let me know what you think after playing it! I know I am not the only one who made a board game after reading the book Interstellar Pig, but I might be the only one to actually create a video game that was inspired by it.
  2. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released! http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail/ Listed below are the changes in this version (http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail/Home/news/1282012): *each alien does a unique end-of-game celebration when they win *the Game Setup window now displays a picture of your alien next to the description text *added a more descriptive error message when trying to start the game before you have 6 or less attribute cards in your hand *the Game Setup window will display a help window if you try to move an Attribute card to a planet but you don't have a planet selected in the dropdown *the selected Attribute card will now be displayed in a picture on the Game Setup window, Customize Deck of Attribute Cards window, Search Planet Window, and Battle Victor window *made the size of the Game Setup window bigger, with bigger fonts and buttons to make it easier to read *if you double-click on the picture for the Extraterrestrial Grail Title Screen, then a new game will be started automatically Direct Download (installer): http://bit.ly/w49D1R Direct Download (zip): http://bit.ly/zMQ3NL
  3. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released! http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail/ Listed below are the changes in this version (http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail/Home/news/1162012): * fixed various bugs with music, buttons, alien tokens being displayed properly, and etc. * removed some of the white space around the alien tokens and the grail * removed the classic game type option because it is on by default (you must always have the Grail in your hand at the end of the game in order to win) * gain 1 life point on each turn an alien ends on their home planet (this is turned on by default now) * updated computer alien AI to be able to play keep-a-way when it has the Grail Direct Download (installer): http://bit.ly/wLI2GX Direct Download (zip): http://bit.ly/zohIqX New YouTube Video:
  4. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Hello everyone, Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released! This release includes an in-game tutorial that will pop-up instruction windows at different parts of the game to help you learn how to play the game of EG. Website: http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail Direct Download (installer): http://bit.ly/eJs3U5 Direct Download (zip): http://bit.ly/g2PTEY Change list: * added an in-game beginner's tutorial * added the ability to turn on/off music and sound using the command prompt in the status text box * added 'help' command which gives a list of all the possible commands
  5. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Hey farcodev, thanks to the help of Joey van der Kaaij (http://www.joeyvanderkaaij.com/), all of the graphics in Extraterrestrial Grail have been updated. Video with updated graphics: Download here: Website: http://sites.google.com/site/extraterrestrialgrail Direct Download (installer): http://bit.ly/hE3Qjq Direct Download (zip): http://bit.ly/e46U1M Let me know what you think about the new graphics. At least this game isn't such an eyesore now, haha. An in-game tutorial is now my highest priority and it will be ready for the next release. Have fun!
  6. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Thanks farcodev, I will! I am actually having an artist work on the graphics, we are hoping to have an updated version of Extraterrestrial Grail with new graphics sometime in February. Here are some teaser pictures of the new alien and attribute card drawings. Yulma: Krlb: Laser Rifle: Portal to the 5th Dimension Device: Hopefully you will give the game another shot after the graphics update.
  7. dantheman3633

    Extraterrestrial Grail

    Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released! The change list is listed below: * added the ability to customize a deck of attribute cards for use in a game of Extraterrestrial Grail * a text box with a picture and a description of the Attribute card will popup when clicking on the ? button * decrypting headset only requires a roll of 4/5/6 for the six-sided die in order to be successful (instead of 5/6) * when both the freeze and heat pump are held in the hand, it will create a healing energy for the alien which gains 1 life point at the beginning of a new turn (if not past the max) Direct Download (installer): http://bit.ly/gJia0L Direct Download (zip): http://bit.ly/eYVy6Y
  8. dantheman3633

    A quick topic to say thanks...

  9. dantheman3633

    Nintendo 3DS is $249

    That sounds like a lot of money to me, I think it would make more sense to wait until it goes down in price.
  10. dantheman3633

    Quit smoking: any tips?

    Take in one day at a time and set goals for yourself. Talk to friends and ask for help.
  11. dantheman3633

    Classical Music makes me eerily productive

    I listen to classical music when I wake up in the morning, it helps start the day off right.
  12. dantheman3633

    Organizing Game Code

    Thanks for the link, it seems like a simple approach to take.
  13. dantheman3633

    How'd you start learning game development.

    These are some great stories, thanks for sharing everyone!
  14. dantheman3633

    Game engine

    It sounds like Unity has what you are looking for.
  15. dantheman3633

    OOP is going down?

    Nope, OOP is not going down, it has too much momentum. It will just be supplemented with other programming models.
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