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  1. Well they're FPS games with vehicles.   This game design is all about customising vehicles with weapon systems and then wreacking havoc over the enemy team. I guess it could be compared to Robot wars more then anything! Robot wars like uhhhh front mission evolved or mechwarrior online? Front Mission Evolved and from what I've seen of MechWarrior Online are nothing at all like Robot Wars... oh "robot wars" is a title? my bad i thought you meant it as a genre of games.   and the market you're targeting would be? Oh I see! Yeah it's an on British TV Programme   and I've been thinking about that a lot, so far I'm gonna have to say "anyone interesting in customisation and online play". I need to give the design some more thought I mean at the moment it's just a little brief of an idea, I do need to do a lot of fleshing out for it!   Perhaps you can think about the meanings behind the experience of customization. Most games nowadays offer customization, of a character, of an army, of a weapon, of a house, of a farm, of a land, etc. I'm sure you understand the joy of customizing. there's always excitement from imagining what ahead of you to be unlocked and equipped. And there's always limitation - you can't have everything, you need to pick whats the best. But even players -think- in practical terms, eg. "i like customization system cuz i can put thoughts into maximizing performance", on the side players -feel- in personality development. This is my take, and its not the only way to interpret about meanings:   people share notions of personality in a variety of visual things. in real life, your phone, watch, camera, car, choice of coffee. in virtual, it may extend to your farm, how you place your different kinds of crop fields, how you decorate your house, etc. which then, how you pick your robot parts, can also talk about personality. maybe its the type of attack, i.e Range VS melee or Bullet VS laser, may relate to the thought RPG class / jobs (Archer VS Warrior), and of course those static character tags with some personality notions. sometimes style overrides rationality, like people would rather pick a gear that represents themselves even the other option has better stats.    Thus, What your game can offer that other games dont, is a new element of customization - robot components. other games offer character appearance, clothes, hats, gear sets, cars, farms, but not a lot offer robot components. visually and functionally both contributes to this personal representation. This is what i think how people may hook up to this unique game.   I should point out when I made the comparrison to Robot Wars it was purely because the customisation is "anything on a chassis" type. Though it has made me think how awesome it'd be to have mechs in it as well... damnit.   But yeah, there would be a payload limit, otherwise it could hinder gameplay. But the bigger the vehicle the heavier the payload. So you could essentially turn a "747" or a Cruise Liner into a huge armed fortress.   I've been thinking about the target audience a bit more, gameplay wise I'd say the controls be easy enough to pick up and play, that way  it could fit into a casual market, but also having enough in it to make the "core" market happy. Because I've never really worked on developing a game properly I've never really given a target audience much thought, I'm taking your ideas on board in those two paragraphs and I'm going to see what I can come up with!     Thanks! I'm glad to hear people like the idea! :)
  2. Well they're FPS games with vehicles.   This game design is all about customising vehicles with weapon systems and then wreacking havoc over the enemy team. I guess it could be compared to Robot wars more then anything! Robot wars like uhhhh front mission evolved or mechwarrior online? Front Mission Evolved and from what I've seen of MechWarrior Online are nothing at all like Robot Wars... oh "robot wars" is a title? my bad i thought you meant it as a genre of games.   and the market you're targeting would be? Oh I see! Yeah it's an on British TV Programme :)   and I've been thinking about that a lot, so far I'm gonna have to say "anyone interesting in customisation and online play". I need to give the design some more thought I mean at the moment it's just a little brief of an idea, I do need to do a lot of fleshing out for it!
  3. Well they're FPS games with vehicles.   This game design is all about customising vehicles with weapon systems and then wreacking havoc over the enemy team. I guess it could be compared to Robot wars more then anything! Robot wars like uhhhh front mission evolved or mechwarrior online? Front Mission Evolved and from what I've seen of MechWarrior Online are nothing at all like Robot Wars...
  4. Well they're FPS games with vehicles.   This game design is all about customising vehicles with weapon systems and then wreacking havoc over the enemy team. I guess it could be compared to Robot wars more then anything!
  5. Yup! Pretty much that! I was thinking of having it set on an island and the idea of the game round is to take over the island.   Glad to hear you liked it :D!   Yeah, I was playing with the idea of having to capture unoccupied vehicles in the game and taking them back to the base to unlock those vehicles for customisation use. Also I liked the idea of a Just Cause style grapple hook, foot combat would be present but not concentrated on really, like you suggested literally just their to defend against other people!   And I would love to make this! But, I cant. I've got no technical expertise to speak of and as much as I'd like to advertise for a team on here, I haven't really got much to go on so won't gather much interest. Essentially I'm my own worst enemy :P
  6. Thank you! And yeah Military vehicles will also be available if the game were to be made. Such as having tanks and being able to add all sorts of turrets to it.   I also liked the idea of having Blimps for anti-air purposes and what not!
  7. I've had this idea for a while now and I personally quite like the idea of it, it's not meant to be a series war game, it's all about customising your war vehicles and taking them to war with friends!   I've written up a design brief for the time being, I believe this does a good job of conveying the idea but if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also please feel free to rip the idea apart if you truly think it's a bad idea, please though, explain!   And also, please check out my other design documents here and comment on them? [GDD] Destroy All Towers - [GDD] StealIt - [GDD] H(a)unted   [spoiler] Multi Player Online War Game.   General Information: - Online Multi Player - Third Person Perspective - Emphasis on vehicular combat; ground, sea and air. - Emphasis on customisation of said vehicles, from colour schemes to weapons and weapon placements. - Primarily online/LAN game play however single player mode with bots available. - Very simple graphics, and very simple arcade controls. - All Vehicles are controlled with “W,A,S,D” to move, the mouse will be used to aim the weapon systems. - Players can only gain experience by completing objectives, getting a kill will only give the player points which can be spent on further upgrades.   Examples of Vehicle customisation: Being able to add laser turrets and cannons onto jumbo jets. Being able to add turrets, AA weapons and Mortar systems onto cruiser liners and container ships. Total customisation to create crazy combinations and take them into war against other players or bots.   Example of Graphics: http://media.desura.com/images/games/1/17/16911/omegalodon_02.png http://image.bayimg.com/banclaadh.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h399/SpiderMafia/Omegalodon_Win2012-08-0111-53-06-10.png (Source: Omegalodon)[/spoiler]   Thank you for your time and I hope to hear some comments on these designs! :)
  8. Okay added the control scheme to "StealIt" now as well, more to come soon! Plus another new design document in the works! Feel free to C&C away! All advice welcome :).   https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0NVva_nspitUDc1RS1UOTBqUXc/edit?usp=sharing
  9. It's been a long time since I last posted in this topic, so here's an update!   I've worked on a new design document for a game called "Destroy All Towers". Some of the things I've been told I should add have been added so comment away! :) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0NVva_nspitcjEyMXg1NmhuVHc/edit?usp=sharing   The others are being re-done a little to add all the other comments in so thanks!
  10.     1. That's vital information. Without information about controls, it is not a game design. 2. That information is usually not essential to a game design doc, but it is usually helpful to know. 3. That is information vital to understanding the game design.   Yeah I should of really known to add the controls in it, after all I did go quite in-depth when it came to describing the menu!   Does anyone know of a good and efficient way to do game flow? as I think my diagrams are the most awkward things ever!
  11. Thanks for the reply! I'm going to look at altering it then to your suggestions. I'd completely forgotten about control layout and platforms, so will look at adding them in as well :)
  12. Hey, again!   So I'm making my second topic of game designs here because my first topic fell into obscurity! Anyway, I've worked harder on these designs (I think so anyway) and instead of them being just game design briefs like before, I've made them into game design documents, woo! I was using this template "http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JasonBakker/20090604/84211/A_GDD_Template_for_the_Indie_Developer.php" because I believe it was perfect for the size of project I was planning.    Also please note, my spell checker has given up the ghost on me, (probably trying too hard to battle my dyslexia), so I apologise for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I did proof-read them several times though!   My first project is "StealIt", a thief game where your job is to become the best thief in the world! I spent about 4 or so days writing this up, so please be gentle!    Also a little game for you all, spot the EA-made-up-genre!   StealIt: [spoiler]https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0NVva_nspitMDk1cjRqeVhybWc[/spoiler]   This next game is "H(a)unted", some of you may remember it? I posted it months and months ago, it's been in varying states of development with different programmers thoughout it's life, but it is a project I would actually like to see get developed (closest it's been was a lighting tech demo).   H(a)unted (unfinished): [spoiler]https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0NVva_nspitdXNsdWVzNVJaaWM[/spoiler]   I still have a few more projects in the works, and will post them as and when I can, how ever I thought I'd post these now and start getting some feedback on what you think of my game design documents. Feel free to rip them apart if you want, but I only ask one thing, please leave comments as opposed to just saying "nah they suck mate"!   Also you may notice a lack of "Game Flow" in my H(a)unted design doc, this is because the one in StealIt too a bloody life time to do, so I'm wondering what may be the best and most efficient one to cover game flow?   If you are at all interested in any of these projects, then feel free to contact me here. I'm open to all suggestions!   Brett. https://twitter.com/Oxy_28
  13. I'd like to post another game design idea I've been working on for a few years now. I've posted this here before but cannot find the topic any more; [quote] Horror Game Specifics. Platform: PC Control input: PC: Mouse and Keyboard Game Mechanics: Sound: Sound will be an important factor to this game as it will be how we make up the presence of the monster without there actually being a physical monster. The use of sound and screen effects will alert the player to how close the monster is so that they’ll know when to run away. Sounds the player makes and other actions will also alert the monster to the player’s location. Puzzles: The player will come across puzzles as he attempts to escape the mansion, the puzzles will consist of either block pushing, physics puzzles, pattern puzzles and light/noise puzzles. There will be no time limit in completing the puzzles; however the monster will still be hunting the player as they attempt to solve the puzzles. Checkpoint and Save System: The player will be equipped with an item that allows him to set up checkpoints and save points. There will be a limited amount of uses for this item, and using the item will affect the monsters patrol. The monster will patrol more thoroughly around the area of the item being used. Wind up Flashlight: The player will also be equipped with a wind up flashlight, this will be used to help the player navigate the dark corners and dungeons of the mansion. After a certain amount of use the flashlight will discharge its batteries. In order for the player to keep on using the flashlight they will have to wind it up. This creates noise thus affecting the patrol of the monster. Monster: The monster will constantly be hunting the player. There will be no physical form for the monster and the only way the player will be able to tell if the monster is close or not is through the use of sound. The monster will patrol the mansion, this patrol will be affected by actions the player takes such as; excessive sound, leaving doors open and setting up checkpoints/save points. The player will not be able to kill the monster nor will the player be able to stop the monsters patrol. The only way for the player to be safe from the monster is to escape the mansion. [/quote]
  14. Okay people! I've updated two of my design briefs, added some more in depth details on gameplay mechanics. As I said previously, these are just for me to practice so rip them apart of need be! [quote] Game Title: SpacePort Manager Genre: Simulator, Management Platform: iOS/Android Features: • Choice of Scenery; Planet (Desert, Water, Jungle, Metropolis), Asteroid, Space Station (Different planet backdrops). • Build trade services around your space station such as shops, mercenary camps, freelance miners. • Create fleets and send them out to mine planets or asteroid belts for minerals too sell on your markets. Also create trade fleets too send your markets off to other parts of the galaxy to increase income. • Manage economies befriending empires to increase business (such as, befriending the human empire which will decrease how much the fuel costs them but increase resource yields and fame, and reduce the cost for repairs and upgrades for the player). • Easy to use UI • Protect your Space Station and fleets from terrorist attacks and alien attacks. Brief: SpacePort Manager gives the player the opportunity to own and run their own space port. The player will be able to choose what race they want to be, what environment they want for their spaceport (Planet, Deep Space or Orbit) and what empire their port prefers to trade with. The economy in the game will be based upon mining and selling resources, the player will have the opportunity to create fleets and send them across the galaxy to mine planets, the player can choose the price to sell what ever commodities they receive and they can even dictate what race pays what price. Sending fleets across the galaxy can be risky business and if the player annoys a certain species within the game such as, obscenely high trade prices, then that species could attack the fleet the player sends out to try and negotiate a new price point. To insure the player can create the best spaceport in the galaxy they must balance profits with friendship to the other races in the game. The player will have complete control over the layout of their spaceport and what shops are in it, with gameplay seen in the likes of Japan Life and Theme Hospital. The player will be competing with other space ports in the galaxy and so the player must choose the prices of commodities wisely. If they are charging more for gold then another spaceport, customers will shop at the other spaceport. [/quote] [quote] Project Name: Steal-It. Genre: First Person, Action. Platform: PC. Game Brief: You play a master thief for hire, no heist is too big. Work with friends or go it alone, or take the action online and compete against other teams for the same item. Gameplay: The game will be played in the first person perspective. Gameplay will be stealth orientated relying on the tools you have to accomplish this job. Tools will range from; • Smartphones for hacking into CCTV systems, allowing you to see what is in the next corridor or room before even entering. This will give you the tactical advantage to plan your actions out. • “Cry Babies” to create sound to distract guards or guide guards to a competing team of thieves. • Remote Controlled vehicles to get to those hard to reach places! • Uniforms to blend in with any workers who may be on site, or even disguise yourself as maintenance. The player will be able to climb so that they can use unorthodox methods of reaching their target, this however will expose the player increasing the possibility of being caught by the security forces. Security forces will act on a line of sight and audio basis, meaning if they see or hear something suspicious they will be attracted to that particular area. This can be a disadvantage but also an advantage to the player, if the player has the correct tools they could gather the security forces in one area, giving them the opportunity to scout out another area with reduced security patrols. Multiplayer will play out like a team deathmatch mode, however the objective won’t be to kill members of the other team, but to either get them all captured by security or steal the marked object before they do. Both teams will be relying on stealth and the tools they have on them, however the tools can also be used to aid the security forces into capturing the other team such as, using a cry baby to alert security forces to the opposing teams location, or hacking CCTV cameras to spot the opposing team alerting the security forces. [/quote]
  15. [quote name='DaveTroyer' timestamp='1355511515' post='5010703'] I think your strongest game idea is Steal-It!, but like Oxymoron28 mentioned, it; like all of your ideas, need some clarity. Like is it 2D isometric, top-down, 3rd person, 1st person, 4th person (maybe seen from the security cameras)? Is it real time, turn based, or pre-loaded turn-based where the player needs to anticipate what the guards will do and make their moves accordingly? There are all kinds of different ways this game could be done and what you've written up is pretty vague. Vague enough in fact to really have lots of different games come from it and I like that! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img] There are games like [url="http://www.pocketwatchgames.com/Monaco/"]Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine[/url] coming out that is basically the same idea. I also recall seeing a really promising game where you play a thief who steals from museums and an interesting dynamic to the game was that he had a loot sack that would grow larger and larger the more stuff you stole. In that game, you would have to decide if you could chance being easier to be seen and caught for that extra bit of loot. I think your second strongest game idea is the space port manager game. I can see it as a fun distraction that is persistent and because of that, you could have a micro-transaction system attached to it; which I'm not that big of a fan of, but I know there are people that are willing to drop some change on games like that. As for your other ideas, I'd rank them equally as kind of shovel-ware. Games that you see a whole bunch of because one or two games have had a little bit of success with the concept and a bunch of others are looking to cash in. Tower Defense is so common place that some people avoid them completely and others that enjoy those games already have one, so why would they play another that they aren't as invested in? Kinda like how invested WoW players are that they won't drop their characters to go play a different, possibly better MMO. And the "Worst" game is kinda novel, but I don't see it having much of any lasting appeal and some might find those bad mechanics as more annoying than satirical. Remember, because you've gone so far as thought about what goes into making a game means that you're way ahead of the common game consumer and that consumer might not understand some of the aspects of bad design you'd try to illustrate. If the consumer doesn't grasp the game, it won't have lasting appeal or much if any circulation. Aside from all of that text above, I like your ideas. They are simple, but that's good. But yeah, those are just my thoughts on your ideas. [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img] [/quote] Thanks for the input! I'm working on my Steal-It Plan more. Well I was till you linked me too Monaco and I've just spent the last 20 minutes dribbling a little... anyway! I should of stated this earlier, these are just for me to practice writing designs up and what not. Not saying I wouldn't like to see any of these made! I would get around to writing a design document, but I'm...technically inept so it's going to be a bit hard to get all the tech information down! I'll see what I can do though! watch this space!