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  1. i have an idea for a game, a game similar to corpse party, but it will be in mental institution, and all the chars in it will be a group of college students, and they will played a dark game that is written on a book that one of them and pulled to the mental institution.  the game begins in a house party, in the living room, then a black book called the mental party it appears on the table, eatch person that touches the book get there names and the picture of there death on it, as it been passed around in the room, the book fells on the floor, and a black hole appers where the book fell and begin to pull everyone in the room to it, all of the students been pulled to the book and it will teleport them to a hunted abandoned mental institution.  the goal of the game is to find a way to escape from the mental institution, the only way to escape is to find your death picture, the problem is that you have to find the char death picture in one of the bodies of the dead, the only way to know that a person haves the char pic is by killing, if you get the wrong person, the person that will be shown in the pic will be killed by ghosts of the mental institution.  each char will have it own story, beginning, ending, and choices to make in the game. anyone interested to make the game?