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  1. Just in case someone is browsing this forum in search of the very basic info on how to start writing games in C++. I have created a tutorial that might be helpful. It's not perfect, but suggestions and edits are welcome. How to write games in C++ programming language
  2. gregsidelnikov

    Getting started with OpenGL

    Not old enough to be referenced in a recently published book on Android development.
  3. gregsidelnikov

    Beginner OpenGL Tutorials

    I have finally applied a somewhat better page design to my OpenGL Tutorial site. These tutorials deal with OpenGL and are ideal for someone who is starting to learn about OpenGL. Before you go and say something like: Oh, D3D is better, keep in mind... 1) These tutorials were written in 2004. They focus on theory and contain code that may be obsolete, but not difficult to improve. 2) Links to tutorials were featured in a very recent book on Android development (without my knowledge, but still was a fun fact to know) Anyway, it is what it is, I just hope it helps someone: OpenGL Tutorials: http://www.falloutso...ials/gl/gl0.htm You can branch off into the rest of tutorials, they are on the right hand side of the site.
  4. gregsidelnikov

    Getting started with OpenGL

    Quite a while ago I have written a number of articles about learning OpenGL. Based on what you said in your thread, I bolded the two tutorials that might be of interest to you (dealing with rendering OpenGL primitives). Introduction to 3D OpenGL Compiler Setup Creating an OpenGL Window Intro to OpenGL Primitives Drawing OpenGL Primitives OpenGL Color OpenGL 3D Transformations Creating 3D Models in OpenGL OpenGL Light how light works in OpenGL, etc Create an OpenGL window from scratch: OpenGL base code Create a Win32 Window in C++ Hope this helps
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