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  1. Hey guys, we're still pretty much open to anyone who is currently working on a game. If you have an Early Access title, please come join us to share your experience and perhaps even learn from other devs! Our community is very tight, we try to keep the numbers small, but have few really good game developers hang out there. Anyway's, hope to see you there soon
  2. Thanks everyone who joined so far, this helped our little community grow and some people made new friends
  3. Hey guys, I am an owner of a small indie studio. Two years ago I started a FFA gamedev community on Discord. It's really small, but we focus on nurturing a community of actual game developers who are passionate about the craft of making games. We are hosting Gamedev Cafe chat every day with many talented game developers sharing their experience and helping each other out with questions. Come meet others to showcase your work, or just hang out and meet someone new. Hope to see someone new there
  4. Come join us and introduce yourself and your game! Join our live chat here https://discord.gg/DB62fjX 1477+ members and growing. Lately, we've been talking a lot about inviting more Unity developers, but anything goes really. Check out Jobs section if you're looking for team mates. It's one of the most friendly game dev groups, where people actually care about making games and sharing their WIP work, ask for suggestions and share programming, modeling and game art experience. We've had people come and go, including CEO's of indie game development co's, and even had some voice actors stop by. What is this all about? We've have been shepherding a friendly medium-size game development group on Skype for about 4 months. We have had over 160 members at one point, and still growing. We're aware of other outlets like Discord and Slack, but we're a bunch of odd game developers who prefer Skype, because it's more personal and convenient way to stay in touch. With all of its shortcomings. We don't have a primary platform or language, and our members are very diverse in their background. Which can be really helpful for the game development community in terms of networking and finding team members for your project. But we would definitely enjoy having more members share their Unity experience which may in turn increase interest in the platform. Please stop by, we hope to see you there!
  5. Hopefully this is the right place to post. I started to work on a new indie game, currently available as a JavaScript/HTML5 prototype. Just wanted to show it    Concept art and game footage: www.tigrisgames.com/futuria.php   HTML5 Demo: __Chrome browser Only__  Use arrow keys to control http://www.tigrisgames.com/demo/index.html   If you're still interested, here are a few ways to continue following Futuria game development:   An indie game development studio Tigris Games ( www.tigrisgames.com ) announced new game "Futuria". If you are interested in following my progress, please follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigrisgames or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tigrisgames
  6. navesele

    OpenGL Tutorials

    One of the websites I have had for several years is the collection of self-written OpenGL tutorials. I hope that someone can find these useful. Here is a link to the OpenGL light tutorial (it is the longest one I have on the site). You can also find your way around the site and branch off into other OpenGL related tutorials. http://www.falloutsoftware.com/tutorials/gl/gl8.htm Hope this helps someone.
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