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  1. Oh wow, Don't I feel like a idiot. Turns out hidden away in at the bottom of a class the render area is getting resized, Just had to add a device reset in the resize event and I'm good as gold now.
  2. Hello, I just received a project from a friend that asked me to update it from Managed DirectX to SlimDX. I have managed to get it to build, run and even updated the texture loader. But I'm having a odd issue with the view I guess you would say? I'm not really sure how to explain beyond pointing out that it looks like everything gets zoomed for some reason. So I'll just post a picture. [Before/After]   I would post code but I'm not sure where it's breaking and it's a rather large project. But I'll gladly post the code of specfic areas like the Drawing/Device setup if requested.   -Edit- I want to note I don't beleive the issue is with the texture generation as there is no texture overlaping. So they are rendering at the correct X, Y locations just extremely zoomed in.
  3. -snip- I was loading the texture wrong. [Edited by - Anthonywolfe on August 14, 2010 3:11:02 PM]