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  1. We are fighting to be in the top 50, but aiming to get in the top 20.  Feel free to checkout the greenlight page and if you're interested show some love. Linux versions with 1.0.2 is coming this week!
  2. We are now on Steam Greenlight.     Please upvote it and show some support.   Good afternoon,   I'm happy to announce that after years of hard work I have created a game engine & IDE to create cross-platform games.   The Game Penci Engine features Windows[available now] and Mac+Linux[Coming soon] Editors, 2D Canvas rendering and physics, Tiled and Animation support, strict-mode compliant Javascript scripting, and deploys natively to HTML5, console(s) and desktop.       Game Pencil Engine Editor     You can now create 2D games with our dynamic editors which place respect on code and components.   Please show some support and pick up a copy now at   Free & Deluxe editions are available.   I will be recompiling to Mac & Linux soon. The editor does work fully on all 3 main Operating systems.   Thank you for your time.   Hope you have you as part of the userbase.
  3. Update:     Good news everyone!    The Game Pencil Engine is now Now Available!     The Game Pencil Engine features Windows[available now] and Mac+Linux[Coming soon] Editors, 2D Canvas rendering and physics, Tiled and Animation support, strict-mode compliant Javascript scripting, and deploys natively to HTML5, console(s) and desktop.    Game Pencil Engine Editor \   You can now create 2D games with our dynamic editors which place respect on code and components.   Currently, we have a sale for developers to get the Game Pencil Engine for 20% off now until July 4, 2016.   Download Now
  4.   I fixed it.   Apparently I have to restore hte window.   I added these lines in the expose event(after checking on miniimize) and this works:                     SDL_RestoreWindow(gpeWindow);                     SDL_MaximizeWindow(gpeWindow);                     SDL_GetWindowSize(gpeWindow,&mWidth,&mHeight);
  5. Nothing changes, the problem remains the same.   The event that is happpening in the switch-statement is the "SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED" event
  6.   Hi there,   Currently, my program is losing focus and not processing after minimizing and unminimizing(restore/re-expose) of window.   I've added debugging code to my code to search out what is happening after you restore the window post-hitting minimize.   The Event that seems to be occurring is SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED.   After, the window is re-expose I attempt to process it; but nothing happens. The window it unresponsive until I hit restore down.   Here is my code:   void GPE_Renderer::handle_events(SDL_Event& e) {      //Window event occured     if( e.type == SDL_WINDOWEVENT )     {         //Caption update flag         switch( e.window.event )         {             //Get new dimensions and repaint on window size change             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_SIZE_CHANGED:             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESIZED:                 if( isMinimized)                 {                     SDL_RestoreWindow(gpeWindow);                     //SDL_SetWindowSize(gpeWindow,mWidth,mHeight);                     rWidth = mWidth;                     rHeight = mHeight;                     isMinimized = false;                     clear_renderer();                     record_error("Window unminimized");                 }                 else                 {                     if( e.window.data1>0 && e.window.data2 > 0)                     {                         mWidth = rWidth = e.window.data1;                         mHeight = rHeight = e.window.data2;                         isMinimized = false;                         record_error("Window reiszed with proper data");                     }                     else                     {                         rWidth = mWidth;                         rHeight = mHeight;                         record_error("Window resize with improper data");                     }                 }                 WINDOW_WAS_JUST_RESIZED = true;             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_MINIMIZED:                 isMinimized = true;                 isResized = true;                 mWidth = rWidth;                 mHeight = rHeight;                 WINDOW_WAS_JUST_RESIZED = true;                 record_error("Window minimized");             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_ENTER:               break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_EXPOSED:                 if( isMinimized)                 {                     isMinimized = false;                     WINDOW_WAS_JUST_RESIZED = true;                     SDL_SetWindowSize(gpeWindow,mWidth,mHeight);                     SCREEN_WIDTH =  rWidth = mWidth;                     SCREEN_HEIGHT = rHeight = mHeight;                     clear_renderer();                     record_error("Window unminimized from being exposed!");                  }                 else                 {                     record_error("Window exposed!!!!");                 }             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_LEAVE:             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_FOCUS_GAINED:                 SDL_SetWindowTitle(gpeWindow,"[Game Pencil Engine]");             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_FOCUS_LOST:                 SDL_SetWindowTitle(gpeWindow,"*Out of Focus*Game Pencil Engine");             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_CLOSE:             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESTORED:                 if( isMinimized)                 {                     //SDL_SetWindowSize(gpeWindow,mWidth,mHeight);                     rWidth = mWidth;                     rHeight = mHeight;                     isMinimized = false;                     record_error("Window restored and unminimized");                 }                 else                 {                     rWidth = mWidth = MIN_WINDOW_WIDTH;                     rHeight = mHeight = MIN_WINDOW_HEIGHT;                     record_error("Window restored.");                 }                 isResized = true;                 WINDOW_WAS_JUST_RESIZED = true;             break;             case SDL_WINDOWEVENT_NONE:             break;             default:             break;         }     } }  
  7. Underground Space Wars - A true Dungeon RTS

      Any feedback guys?
  8. Underground Space Wars - A true Dungeon RTS

    Still no feedback?
  9. Underground Space Wars - A true Dungeon RTS

    #progress on the way:  
  10. Underground Space Wars - A true Dungeon RTS

    Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. The game is now entering week 2 of development.
  11. The spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series.   Latest Gameplay video:   For more updates on the game you can checkout it's game pages at and   I have no idea how we're in the top 40, but I'm fine with that.   You can buy the game on it's AlphaPrime sale at for only $1. This offer ends on Thursday Feb27, 2014.     Port coming to Linux soon, right now it's only available on Windows.     What is Underground Space Wars?   USW is a Dungeon RTS inspired by old school RTS games like Impossible Creatures, Dungeon Keeper and Tanktics.   It is currently in the Pre-Alpha state and plans to be cross-platform between Linux, Mac and Windows.   Features:   *Real time strategy in nicely created dungeon maps *Control a group of goons, minions and "kidnapped heroes" into your destiny of being the underground super power. *Pickup and drop your troops onto terrain *Digging your dungeon into total perfection. *Protect your dungeon command center while destroying enemy forces and their dungeon command center . *Build dynamic rooms and infrastructure *Train your minions *Fuse minions together to create freaks of nature with unstoppable strengths. *Smack a minion, like a boss. *NO FREE-TO-PLAY foolishness *NO PAY-TO-WIN nonsense     We to help out on the project let me know via private message.   Thanks.   Also please follow us on Twitter @PawByte   Game is available via SuperLongName's AlphaPrime Experience for 95% of it's price. Got $1+tax? Pre Order it now, to help cover production costs.
  12. [MMORPG] Ruthless Chaos - the return of RPG

    The camera angle seems interesting... Is it 2.5D?
  13. Sharing my 2D platformer demo

    All the copyrights infringements!!!
  14. Best way to handle input in SDL?

    @OP, I do it your way
  15. Just added modding support to game projects.   Yippie!!