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  1. [color=#333333]I now have changed from GLKBaseEffect to a own shader implementation. I have a shader management, which compiles and applies a shader to the right time and does some shader setup like lights. Please have a look at my vertex shader code. Now, light direction should be provided in eye space, but I think there is something I don't get right.[/color] [color=#333333]After I setup my view with camera I save a lightMatrix to transform the light from global space to eye space.[/color] [color=#333333]My modelview and projection setup:[/color] [CODE] - (void)setupViewWithWidth:(int)width height:(int)height camera:(N3DCamera *)aCamera { aCamera.aspect = (float)width / (float)height; float aspect = aCamera.aspect; float far = aCamera.far; float near = aCamera.near; float vFOV = aCamera.fieldOfView; float top = near * tanf(M_PI * vFOV / 360.0f); float bottom = -top; float right = aspect * top; float left = -right; // projection GLKMatrixStackLoadMatrix4(projectionStack, GLKMatrix4MakeFrustum(left, right, bottom, top, near, far)); // identity modelview GLKMatrixStackLoadMatrix4(modelviewStack, GLKMatrix4Identity); // switch to left handed coord system (forward = z+) GLKMatrixStackMultiplyMatrix4(modelviewStack, GLKMatrix4MakeScale(1, 1, -1)); // transform camera GLKMatrixStackMultiplyMatrix4(modelviewStack, GLKMatrix4MakeWithMatrix3(GLKMatrix3Transpose(aCamera.orientation))); GLKMatrixStackTranslate(modelviewStack, -aCamera.position.x, -aCamera.position.y, -aCamera.position.z); } - (GLKMatrix4)modelviewMatrix { return GLKMatrixStackGetMatrix4(modelviewStack); } - (GLKMatrix4)projectionMatrix { return GLKMatrixStackGetMatrix4(projectionStack); } - (GLKMatrix4)modelviewProjectionMatrix { return GLKMatrix4Multiply([self projectionMatrix], [self modelviewMatrix]); } - (GLKMatrix3)normalMatrix { return GLKMatrix3InvertAndTranspose(GLKMatrix4GetMatrix3([self modelviewProjectionMatrix]), NULL); } [/CODE] After that, I save the lightMatrix like this: [CODE] [self.renderer setupViewWithWidth:view.drawableWidth height:view.drawableHeight]; self.lightMatrix = [self.renderer modelviewProjectionMatrix]; [/CODE] And just before I render a 3d entity of the scene graph, I setup the light config for its shader with the lightMatrix like this: [CODE] - (N3DLight)transformedLight:(N3DLight)light transformation:(GLKMatrix4)matrix { N3DLight transformedLight = N3DLightMakeDisabled(); if (N3DLightIsDirectional(light)) { GLKVector3 direction = GLKVector3MakeWithArray(GLKMatrix4MultiplyVector4(matrix, light.position).v); direction = GLKVector3Negate(direction); // HACK -> TODO: get lightMatrix right! transformedLight = N3DLightMakeDirectional(direction, light.diffuse, light.specular); } else { ... } return transformedLight; } [/CODE] You see the line, where I [b]negate[/b] the direction!? I can't explain why I need to do that, but if I do, the lights are correct as far as I can tell. [b]Please help me, to get rid of the hack.[/b] I'am scared that this has something to do, with my switch to left handed coord system. My vertex shader looks like this: [CODE] attribute highp vec4 inPosition; attribute lowp vec4 inNormal; ... uniform highp mat4 MVP; uniform highp mat4 MV; uniform lowp mat3 N; uniform lowp vec4 constantColor; uniform lowp vec4 ambient; uniform lowp vec4 light0Position; uniform lowp vec4 light0Diffuse; uniform lowp vec4 light0Specular; varying lowp vec4 vColor; varying lowp vec3 vTexCoord0; vec4 calcDirectional(vec3 dir, vec4 diffuse, vec4 specular, vec3 normal) { float NdotL = max(dot(normal, dir), 0.0); return NdotL * diffuse; } ... vec4 calcLight(vec4 pos, vec4 diffuse, vec4 specular, vec3 normal) { if (pos.w == 0.0) { // Directional Light return calcDirectional(normalize(, diffuse, specular, normal); } else { ... } } void main(void) { // position highp vec4 position = MVP * inPosition; gl_Position = position; // normal lowp vec3 normal = / inNormal.w; normal = N * normal; normal = normalize(normal); // colors vColor = constantColor * ambient; // add lights vColor += calcLight(light0Position, light0Diffuse, light0Specular, normal); ... } [/CODE]