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  1. OpenGL GL2 and texture atlas'

    Hi, I am working with GL2 & the fixed function pipeline. I am trying to gain a basic understanding of OpenGL.   I am trying to display a basic string on the screen using a font sheet. I have been trying to understand Texture Atlas' but because of my inexperience with OpenGL I don't know where to begin with implementing one.   The programming language I am using is Java.    Also, one more thing. How can I use integers for translating? And setting the screen origin 0, 0 to the top left?
  2. OpenGL GLES1 and rendering text

    Hello, I am new to OpenGL. I am programming for Android and I am using GLES1. I want to draw text to the context, but I don't know what keywords I need to search for. Can anyone help me with this? I am completely new to OpenGL, but have managed to display textures.
  3. I have a very simple game written in C++ and SDL2 that I want to integrate Steamworks into just to play around but I have failed miserably at it. I'm curious if anyone has a working example available or know of any opensource projects that have it integrated?
  4. Timesteps, tick rates, and their logic

    Great post! Thank you! Very helpful for me.
  5. Timesteps, tick rates, and their logic

    I have. But, for a beginner, it's not easy to follow. I'm fairly good with C, and I can understand the source that the article provides, but I don't understand its practical use or logic.
  6. Timesteps, tick rates, and their logic

    I'm trying to grasp the concept of timesteps and tick rates. I've read a couple articles but they talk about things like Runge Kutta integration and I honestly have no idea what to make of that.   Are there any examples with plain ole' C and SDL?
  7. Porting Grapple to Windows

    Hello again, In my endless search for a network library for games, I was pointed in the direction of "Grapple". However, there doesn't seem to be a windows port, even though it is listed as Cross Platform on the wikipedia entry. Anyone know of a windows port for this interesting library? Searched around and couldn't find anything relating to it. [url="http://opensource.linuxgamepublishing.com/grapple/"]http://opensource.linuxgamepublishing.com/grapple/[/url] [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grapple_(network_layer)"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grapple_(network_layer)[/url]
  8. Compiling ENet as a DLL

    Has anyone successfully produced an ENet DLL for use in languages other than C? I would like to use it as a tool with another language that can open libraries. However, I've been unable to locate or successfully compile a working copy of ENet as a dll.
  9. I am trying to write a real time action multiplayer game and have incorporated a network. However latency is incredibly noticeable and jitter can be seen with every key press. The how noticeable it is depends on the latency, obviously. Anyway, I need to read a few ebooks on multiplayer network programming and theory. Can anyone recommend any to me?
  10. What are you working on? v2

    My game is now using a view, so I've began working on a simple map editor and parser. But theres nothing to show with that, yet. [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1319102906' post='4874624'] I just realised my design has a fatal flaw Gonna have to either change the base concept a bit or think of a new thing alltogether. Damn you illusive 2D! EDIT: I tried designing a Golden Axe clone-ish game, but now I realised it was actually 3D (you could jump, move forward/backward and outward/inward). So either I'll start learning 3D, or create a tricky 2D enviroment with some intelligent methods keeping track of where the player actually is. Which do you think I would choose? EDIT2: I'll just disable jumping >w> [/quote] You could probably put a good depth system to use. Maybe use some fast sorting method to do it on the fly. What method are you using now?
  11. What are you working on? v2

    Hi all! I lost the old "what are you working on" topic so I am starting a new one! I haven't done much programming lately, and had an urge to begin a new project. So naturally it had to be a game. I wrote a (so far) functioning scrolling 2D shooter engine. It works well, I have some of the base work completed. I still need to finish writing my pathing system for enemies and bullets. So far, I am very happy with the way the program has been going along. I have a few ideas for this game and I hope it turns out well. Here is a screenshot of my current project. [size="4"][color="#ff0000"]WARNING!! EYE MELTING ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS, SENSITIVE EYES SHOULD [b]NOT[/b] LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SCREENSHOT![/color][/size] [size="4"][url="http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/1710/unledprj.png"][img]http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/1710/unledprj.png[/img][/url][/size] Nothing at all to look at, it's a work in progress but I feel like it's coming along smoothly. I don't have any graphics yet, so I am just drawing the bounding boxes of each entity. Cyan and dark blue entities are enemies, the yellow boxes are bullets being fired from the player and the green box is the player. Also my font is rendered strangely. So guys N gals, what are you working on?
  12. Ps2 game programming

    I recall there being a BASIC language packaged with PS2's, probably useless though.
  13. What are you working on?

    [quote name='Endurion' timestamp='1306095057' post='4814332'] Working on a C64 game (more details in my journal). I'm currently on step 40 and I have no idea how many more are going to come. [attachment=2401:supernatural_shot.png] [/quote] Very cool, have you made any progress on this?
  14. UDK at its best

    I'm so going to buy this game. I bet it's some elaborate after-April fools joke that just happens to turn into some super realistic/polished game of the year title, though!
  15. Mini-Contest: ASCII Fishtank

    So any language can be used?
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