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  1. Honneamise

    Fast expanding tile-check in a 2D-grid?

    Could it be sufficient to you to use a BFS algo and break out when you have found the element ? procedure BFS(G,v) is : create a queue Q create a set V enqueue v onto Q add v to V while Q is not empty loop t ← Q.dequeue() IF THIS IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR : return t end if for all edges e in G.adjacentEdges(t) loop u ← G.adjacentVertex(t,e) if u is not in V then add u to V enqueue u onto Q end if end loop end loop return none end BFS
  2. Honneamise

    Fast expanding tile-check in a 2D-grid?

    Is it possible that in some game-condition DOES NOT EXIST the tile you are looking for ?
  3. the previous post is my example of how to handle different states using a state manager . editor.h / editor.c is a state with his needed functions , editor.c is omitted cause is where you will write your own functions state.h / state.c is is a simple "glue structure" statemanager.h / statemanager.c is where we handle the various states main.c is an example on how to use the previous structures. Like you can see this is a base example using function pointers, upon this YOU have to create your game logic for the finite state machine NOTE : Of course if instead you are using an OOP language from the previous exmple you can spot how to modify it with : -a statemanager class -a state class -a editor class that EXTENDS state
  4. a generic state called EDITOR this is editor.h void EditorInit(); void EditorHandleEvents(); void EditorUpdate(); void EditorDraw(); void EditorClose(); this is state.h typedef struct State { void(*init)(); void(*handle_events)(); void(*update)(); void(*draw)(); void(*close)(); }State; /***********************/ typedef State *PState; /***********************/ PState StateInit(void *init, void *handle_events, void *update, void *draw, void *close ); void StateReset(PState state); void StateClose(PState *state); this is state.c /*******************************/ PState StateInit(void *init, void *handle_events, void *update, void *draw, void *close) { PState state = NULL; state = (PState)calloc(1, sizeof(State)); state->init = init; state->handle_events = handle_events; state->update = update; state->draw = draw; state->close = close; state->init(); return state; } /*******************************/ void StateReset(PState state) { state->close(); state->init(); } /*******************************/ void StateClose(PState *state) { if (*state == NULL) { return; }; (*state)->close(); free(*state); *state = NULL; } this is statemanager.h typedef struct StateManager { PState state; bool run; }StateManager; /***********************/ typedef StateManager *PStateManager; /***********************/ PStateManager StateManagerInit(); void StateManagerClose(PStateManager *s); void StateManagerStart(PStateManager statemanager); void StateManagerStop(PStateManager statemanager); void StateManagerSetState(PStateManager statemanager, PState new_state); void StateManagerExecute(PStateManager statemanager); this is statemager.c /*******************************/ PStateManager StateManagerInit() { PStateManager statemanager = NULL; statemanager = (PStateManager)calloc(1, sizeof(StateManager)); statemanager->state = NULL; statemanager->run = false; return statemanager; } /*******************************/ void StateManagerClose(PStateManager *statemanager) { if (*statemanager == NULL) { return; }; free(*statemanager); *statemanager = NULL; } /*******************************/ void StateManagerStart(PStateManager statemanager) { statemanager->run = true; } /*******************************/ void StateManagerStop(PStateManager statemanager) { statemanager->run = false; } /*******************************/ void StateManagerSetState(PStateManager statemanager, PState state) { statemanager->state = state; } /*******************************/ void StateManagerExecute(PStateManager statemanager) { statemanager->state->handle_events(); statemanager->state->update(); statemanager->state->draw(); } this is a generic main.c //initialize the state editor State editor = StateInit(EditorInit, EditorHandleEvents, EditorUpdate, EditorDraw, EditorClose); //initialize the state manager StateManager sm = StateManagerInit(); StateManagerSetState(sm, editor); StateManagerStart(sm); /****************************/ //A GENERIC MAIN LOOP while (sm->run==true) { StateManagerExecute(sm); };
  5. Honneamise


    [ HEXNET ] A screenshot from my latest game experiment. You can find it here : For info, suggestions, etc... there is a discussion thread here : Thanks !
  6. Honneamise


    [ HEXNET ] A screenshot from my latest game experiment. You can find it here : For info, suggestions, etc... there is a discussion thread here : Thanks !
  7. Honneamise

    HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    Added a couple of screenshots in the first post to give you an idea of what the game looks like.
  8. Honneamise

    HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    I have update a "revamped" version of the game 1) as you suggested for the learning curve : -there are now 8 "levels" ( 1-2-3 are just a sort of "tutorial" with 0 difficulty ) 2) as you suggested for control improvement : -you can now hold down the mouse to uncover ORANGE nodes Anyway keep in mind that i have added a LOT of stuff, so there can be many errors, bugs, etc... PLEASE tell me if you find any of them :-) Thanks !!!
  9. Honneamise

    Subatomic - dev needed

    Ill try to answer to a couple of your questions : 1) The compiler he used was Microsoft Visual Studio, i cant tell EXACTLY which version 2) I have modified the code to run it in full screen mode according to your dektop resolution I have attached the diff file . file.diff
  10. Honneamise

    Subatomic - dev needed

    Just compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 . Imported the .dsw and changed the compiler option "C/C++ --> General --> Debug Format Information" to"/Zi" A lot of warning about conversion from Double to Float, but you can make the compiler happy with the correct type cast. Anyway all the functions in it are deprecated ( legacy OpenGL ) .
  11. Honneamise

    Ascii text using Allegro 5

    w I think you can try to look for an example here :
  12. Honneamise

    HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    Thanks for your answer. After your observation i have little modified the code so now in every game there is at least a path to win :-) That was not a faulty code but... i was just not thinking about this case scenario, I am glad to have posted it here !!! :-P For some "recovery" items ok, for the direction suggestion a big NO ( we dont want make it too easy, sometimes you have to lose :-P ) Anyway this will be a future implementation, im waiting for more suggestions and critiques from you guys.
  13. Honneamise

    HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    This is only a concept demo, and the gameplay could be a little boring. Some ideas to add to the gameplay could be: -Add a mission timer countdown -Add some kind of reward for every successful network compromised that you can "spend" to : a)buy some useable in-game items ( es : health recovery, random uncover of viruses or storages, etc... ) b)buy some upgrade for your computer ( es : more ram= more damage, more hdd = more health, etc...) -Add a player level, for every mission sucessfull completed user level is increased and the next map will have more empty cells or more hidden viruses or storages) -and every suggestion you could give me !!! :-)
  14. Hello, im looking for some feedback about my latest experiment . You can find it here : But please before to do that take some minutes to read what follow. In all my previous projects i have always used C language ( C not C++ ), yes i am a very old person. Some time ago I felt the need to “evolve” in some way, I cant say why exactly. To be honest in C i have always been able to find a way to solve a problem by myself or a library for a specific task. Of consequence all this stuff about OOP and Classes was really new to me. To test this experience i have used Processing. From what i have understood this was the fastest ( and easiest ) way to setup this kind of project. Well, if you are reading this you have already understood that this is not really a "complete game", just a minimalist minesweeper-like similar to the "mini hack" sub-games that you can find in major titles. Keep in mind that the main goal was to make some experience with basic stuff like : setup a project learning OOP and Classes basic drawing and images loading handling user input etc... UPDATE 11/02/2018 : updated new game version and added some screenshots !!! UPDATE 03/02/2018 : now it exist AT LEAST a path to complete the game :-)
  15. Honneamise

    I just want you to give me your opinion as developers

    Amazing work !!! I think you will not have problems to be pledged really soon ! :-)
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