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  1. HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    Added a couple of screenshots in the first post to give you an idea of what the game looks like.
  2. HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    I have update a "revamped" version of the game 1) as you suggested for the learning curve : -there are now 8 "levels" ( 1-2-3 are just a sort of "tutorial" with 0 difficulty ) 2) as you suggested for control improvement : -you can now hold down the mouse to uncover ORANGE nodes Anyway keep in mind that i have added a LOT of stuff, so there can be many errors, bugs, etc... PLEASE tell me if you find any of them :-) Thanks !!!
  3. Subatomic - dev needed

    Ill try to answer to a couple of your questions : 1) The compiler he used was Microsoft Visual Studio, i cant tell EXACTLY which version 2) I have modified the code to run it in full screen mode according to your dektop resolution I have attached the diff file . file.diff
  4. Subatomic - dev needed

    Just compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 . Imported the .dsw and changed the compiler option "C/C++ --> General --> Debug Format Information" to"/Zi" A lot of warning about conversion from Double to Float, but you can make the compiler happy with the correct type cast. Anyway all the functions in it are deprecated ( legacy OpenGL ) .
  5. C++ Ascii text using Allegro 5

    w I think you can try to look for an example here :
  6. HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    Thanks for your answer. After your observation i have little modified the code so now in every game there is at least a path to win :-) That was not a faulty code but... i was just not thinking about this case scenario, I am glad to have posted it here !!! :-P For some "recovery" items ok, for the direction suggestion a big NO ( we dont want make it too easy, sometimes you have to lose :-P ) Anyway this will be a future implementation, im waiting for more suggestions and critiques from you guys.
  7. HEXNET : looking for some feedback

    This is only a concept demo, and the gameplay could be a little boring. Some ideas to add to the gameplay could be: -Add a mission timer countdown -Add some kind of reward for every successful network compromised that you can "spend" to : a)buy some useable in-game items ( es : health recovery, random uncover of viruses or storages, etc... ) b)buy some upgrade for your computer ( es : more ram= more damage, more hdd = more health, etc...) -Add a player level, for every mission sucessfull completed user level is increased and the next map will have more empty cells or more hidden viruses or storages) -and every suggestion you could give me !!! :-)
  8. Hello, im looking for some feedback about my latest experiment . You can find it here : http://www.honny.net/hexnet But please before to do that take some minutes to read what follow. In all my previous projects i have always used C language ( C not C++ ), yes i am a very old person. Some time ago I felt the need to “evolve” in some way, I cant say why exactly. To be honest in C i have always been able to find a way to solve a problem by myself or a library for a specific task. Of consequence all this stuff about OOP and Classes was really new to me. To test this experience i have used Processing. From what i have understood this was the fastest ( and easiest ) way to setup this kind of project. Well, if you are reading this you have already understood that this is not really a "complete game", just a minimalist minesweeper-like similar to the "mini hack" sub-games that you can find in major titles. Keep in mind that the main goal was to make some experience with basic stuff like : setup a project learning OOP and Classes basic drawing and images loading handling user input etc... UPDATE 11/02/2018 : updated new game version and added some screenshots !!! UPDATE 03/02/2018 : now it exist AT LEAST a path to complete the game :-)
  9. I just want you to give me your opinion as developers

    Amazing work !!! I think you will not have problems to be pledged really soon ! :-)
  10. PC Looking for a coder

    Do you have a whitepaper with some more details ?
  11. Starting game dev with Java

    what wurstbrot have written is correct. about the library you could use i would also suggest you to take a look at Processing ( www.processing.org ) it is a "fast" way to create your prototypes using Java ( with few little limitations ).
  12. help with multi language

    thanks for the input . at the moment im thinking to use the solution of multiple tables in sqlite db . a base table for the data and a separate table for each language . an example for the tables structures could be : Quote: //for the main table CREATE TABLE unit ( id int primary key, attack int, defense int ); //for the language description table (unit_en, unit_it, unit_fr,...) CREATE TABLE unit_en ( id int primary key, name text, description text ); doing this i could do ( just an example ) : Quote: //id will be the unit id we want SELECT attack,defense,name,description FROM unit,unit_en WHERE id=unit.id AND id=unit_en.id; ps : this stuff will be fetched at loading time. we will have an array in memory with all the data stored, the index will be the id of the object ( in this example unit_vector[0] will be the unit with id==0). we will query the db only one time, when the game load, so maybe load time will be long, but we have no more access to the disk to retrieve data after this.
  13. Hi, at the moment im in the phase of planning a simple 2d hexagonal strategy game. nothing new or too complex. my question it is how to make it multi language . for general messages it is not a problem. i can use multiple files in the format : Quote: //messages_en.txt MSG01=hello; //messages_fr.txt MSG01=salut; //messages_it.txt MSG01=ciao; depending on the chosen languages i can load the correct files . but i have some problems with my map . my map is a pointer to a struct with a matrix of pointers to hex . Quote: typedef struct Map { char *name; int w; int h; PHex **matrix; }Map; typedef Map *PMap; an hex is a pointer to a terrain struct and a unit struct . Quote: typedef struct Hex { PTerrain terrain; PUnit unit;//if unit==NULL no unit on the Hex }Hex; typedef Hex *PHex; and finally for example i have the struct of terrain : Quote: typedef struct Terrain { int id; int type; char *name;//this should be of correct language(es:"city") char *desc;//this too it is the description(es:"city: offer good defense for infantry troops") int strenghtb; int attack; int defense; int movement; int morale; }Terrain; typedef Terrain *PTerrain; the map file i load it is a simple txt file with stored the terrain ID to load for each hex . the terrain ID it is the associated filename to load with the stats informations for the terrain (strenght,attack,defense,etc..) . the problem is that i cannot put in this file the name and the description cause i should rewrite the terrain file of every hex for every language . as solution i was thinking to use a sqlite3 db where to store the informations, but also this is not a good choice because i have to create a different db file for every language . thanks in advance for any suggestion .
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