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  1. ProfKrauf

    Dealing with Fights in the Team

    Yeah, this is just a hobbyist team and I was the one to put this together and well just communicate on discord so yeah I have to be the one to say something. I'm just not sure how to start out. It's really awkward. They were fussing about movement scripts and one wanted to completely change my plans for the 1st level. I'm struggling if I want to let that one guy go since I have to look for more people anyway.
  2. So at the start of this E3 week. One of the people on my team and started talking about stuff on discord. Another one came in and they started arguing with each other. I felt like I should've said something, but I didn't know what and thought maybe it would be better to give them some time to breathe or whatever, but the next morning I saw them arguing again and one said he'll go somewhere else and the other told him to #*@! off. It feels pretty akward going into that discord now. I have to say something to get us progressing, but I'm not sure how to follow up after that fight. How have y'all dealt with something like this?
  3. ProfKrauf

    Knowing When to Apply

    Ugh, I'm really trying to figure how to do this. I've been unemployed for quite a while because I live in a tiny country town and I have no car. I've had to turn down jobs out of town because I wouldn't have a way to get to and back from work on a regular basis.
  4. So I've been getting advice from a few people in the game industry and one gave me a lot of advice for seeking employment as a producer in the industry. He told me I should apply to junior and associate producer positions and told me that even apply for positions when you don't meet all the requirements and to keep applying, but he also let me know that these studios tend to only hire local people for their entry level and junior positions. Is this really true? If so the notion that I should keep applying to everything seems to contradict that as I'm in NC where there are hardly any studios around me. If it is true it sounds like I will be wasting my time applying to out of state studios and I have been in the past as well. Iam super eager to finally make big moves for myself and become independent and I can't do that without a decent job, but it sounds like there is a barrier I can't do anything about if it is indeed true. What is your opinion and advice for me? Edit: Whoops meant to post this in the careers section.
  5. It's not that I don't want to I'm unemployed so I don't have any to begin with.
  6. @ Corbinn Do you know of anyone else? We're all students so we don't have any money.
  7. Hey all, My name is Prof. Krauf and for the past few months I've been working on a platformer with a team of college students in NC and I have been trying to make the music for this game, but to no avail. I'm looking for a producer who can compose two tracks for our game. The first song should be a cheery track that would play in a forest level and the second should be a more foreboding, but catchy track for a castle level. All of us are making this game so we can have some experience and have something to show in our portfolios and resumes. Please reply here or send me a PM if you would like to be involved with my project.
  8. Hi. I haven't been on here for a while, but I'm back in trying to develop a game and this time I want to buy or check out a book on Unity. I find it easier for me to digest material in book form rather than reading from a screen. I also think that Unity uses C# as well so I can take book recommendations for that too. All help is appreciated. I looked up this book earlier and it was published in 2014. Unity has had several updates by then with Unity Personal being the newest so I wanted to be sure if this would still be useful for me before I make a decision to buy or not. https://www.amazon.com/Unity-2017-Game-Development-Essentials-ebook/dp/B01K6VVBW8
  9. Hi. I've been struggling for a while to learn how to build and program on my own for about 8 or 9 years now. Going from articles and vid solo has not been working out for me. I struggle, or lose interest, but when I did work with people in the past before I felt like I was retaining the information and actually learning something and making progress. I'm going with what's worked for me so I'm looking for other people who are willing to learn with me or experienced people who are willing to teach. I'm currently trying to learn Pico-8. I've gone through the first four tutorials, but it's been a while since I last went into it. I'll go back to refresh my memory and then we can meet up on Skype, Slack, or Discord to go over these tutorials together. Most of my free time is on the weekends, but I can do weekdays as well but only at night. Eventually, I want to get started on a game. I had a simple platformer in mind. Run, jump, climb. Keeping it simple. If you are interested post in here or send me a PM.
  10. ProfKrauf

    Education and Preperation

    1. Why? What will happen when you get the job and you discover it is just a regular office job? 2. Which one, exactly is your passion? Designing? Writing? Animating? Music?[/quote] Why? Because I can't get the job if I don't make an effort to go for it and what will happen is that I'd finally behappy. Writing and designing, but I've been told for the longest not to be so focused on just those two which is why I'm considering those others for an option. Here's a different idea: instead of asking what you should do, ask yourself what you want to do. One way to find out what you want to do is to look at what you've been doing. You say you've been interested in writing, art, game design, and music. Consider those three bodies of work. Art - can you put together a portfolio of your best art? How much stuff is in it, once you've done that? Writing - can you put together a portfolio of your best writing? How much stuff is that? Music - can you put together a collection of your best compositions? How much stuff is that? Game design - can you pull together an organized collection of your best game concepts, treatments, game design docs? The bigger collection (with the best quality stuff) is probably the thing you should be focusing on. It's a little worrisome that you've spent 4 years getting an Associates degree. Hopefully you have transferrable credits, and can go to an affordable state school and get a Bachelors. Or maybe (given your history) school isn't right for you.[/quote] Out of those the only thing I could really do right now is a portfolio for my writing. I am a lot better at drawing now, but I'm not sure if it's better than my writing because I don't have people who can judge both of those works. The common person would rather look at my pictures because it's less time consuming than reading a passage that you actually have to sit down and digest. I am working on a Bachelor's right now at a state school, but because I found out that none of the credits will transfer to the other school I was looking at for screenwriting, I'm thinking about changing my major here, but to what I have no clue. Not sure what would be interesting to me and provide a job, and in some way prepare me for my choice of career. I've already been going to school for so long, that I don't want to waste time by making another bad decision. What kind of degrees are they looking for a writer or a designer? If the answer to that is ambiguous like I expect it is, then would it be easier to answer if say I was going for a game composer or animator?
  11. Hello all. Over the past few years I've been striving to prepare myself to work in the games industry. I have looked around the web for a while to find suggestions regarding education for this field. I am particularly interested in game design and writing, but I am now looking into animation and music. I've been in college for the past From a few people in the field I was told that I need a bachelor's degree of some sort and it doesn't matter what kind and while I'm obtaining that degree I should be working on designing/writing/drawing/composing whatever it is while I'm going for that degree. Others have told me how they got a job through relationships in their job as a video game journalist. I was also suggested for the writing aspect to get msyelf known as a writer, then get a job specifically for it when I'm known. I was considering getting a degree in screenwriting and then working in the film or tv industry first to satisfy this, but I found out that I'll likely be set another 4 years just trying to get that degree when I've already been spending the last four years in school already with only a basic Associate in Arts degree. I was really wanting to get into a school that specifically teaches game design, but all these schools are really expensive, may have no housing, and/ or no meal plans. I really want to get into this industry more than anything else, but just finding the way there seems so confusing. A school specifically for it would be ideal as I can concetrate solely on that aspect. Currently, I'm finding it hard to find the time, money, and equipment to design while I'm busy with school assignments and as I was told by both school and this, I need to treat it like a 9-5 job which doesn't seem realistic to fit that many hours into both things. I really need some advice.
  12. ProfKrauf

    Drawing Maps for Video Games

    Did you guys move the link? I don't see a Getting Started link at the forum page. I did find a Get Started link on the home page, but it didn't have any FAQs. One of the links said that content was lost during the downtime.
  13. I was wondering if it's worth drawing maps of dungeons, towns, environments, etc when trying to look for work in the gaming industry? Despite my scientific name I'm more interested in the creative aspects of video games and have lately been drawing maps for game ideas. In addition to the layout of the area I will draw or right down enemy locations, treasures, any hazards. In towns it'll be npcs, shops, houses, inns, etc. I've only been drawing in pencil so far. If it is something I could consider doing then what software would I need to learn? All help will be appreciated.
  14. ProfKrauf

    From Editor to Designer

    Well I don't know for sure if he had a degree, but from what he said I don't think he did. He didn't mention college at all only high school and working as a reviewer.
  15. ProfKrauf

    From Editor to Designer

    You probably would recommend more of the route of getting a degree while working on a portfolio right?
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