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  1. Where are free samples with effects like explosions etc? --- I have found: https://freesound.org/browse/
  2. X11 has architecture client-server. Client send requests to draw simple primitives. Request CopyArea copy pixels from one screen area to other. But if is possible copy whole bitmaps from client memory to server screen? For example, I read jpg or png file to memory and I want display it.
  3. I have image    I must find stain point by arrow 1 and 2. First i must remove thin contours. Remove contour 4 is easy - FloodFill give me  all points of this contour. If points in contours will a few compare to rectangle bounding area - it is thin. Only problem when contour will break by white pixel. Problem is removing contours near stains 1) and 2) which touch this area. How can I remove point in angled line and leave stains?  
  4. Quote:Original post by Antheus for (every stack s) { for (every variable v in s) follow_pointers(v); } I know follow_pointers but how work for (every stack s) and for (every variable v in s) ? Quote: Aside from a huge number of academic articles, What article? In article http://www.artima.com/insidejvm/ed2/gcP.html is described only step follow_pointers Quote: all popular VMs, excluding CLR, are open source. And many thousands code line to analyse.
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