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  1. AceBlkwell

    Where announcements go to die

    This is good information. Thanks. As I'm learning more, I don't think the issue is with the board but with my request. I was looking for some opinions on a simple, completed game. With the game being completed (well as much as I'm going to do lol) a project blog seems overkill. From what I can see the Announcement section and the project sections seem to be for large, team built, indie projects. (People far more professional and talented than I) The entries are listed more as teasers to keep people interested and anxiously waiting on a project to be completed. Also, maybe to check the pulse of reception while the game is being created in case an idea isn't going over well. Example, in the Announcement section I noticed no one was getting a response to their games so I decided to download and run a few games to give my two cents. It's what the posts seem to be requesting. I didn't find one game on the first page. They were all links to websites of "in process" games, with you tube videos of what the game will look like / progress to this point. In any case I started to realize I'm out of my league lol. I'm just a hack that plays around with programming for the fun of programming itself, not necessarily for the outcome. I quit when I'm bored with it and start back when I decide there is something I was interested in learning. It's the reason my games are simple (console) games with hard to follow code. I will say, if I was fortunate enough to be creating games for a living, this is definitely the place to be. or if I was looking to start a career in game development, this place as a resource would be invaluable. thanks again all, Ace
  2. Thx for the insight all. I have listed my game in Announcements. With all do respect, this seems like a place where game announcements go to die. I don’t ever see my simple game as ending up on Steam or having its own website nor was that my goal. Announcements seem like an advertising board for teams looking to put their games on the market and it’s cool there is such a mechanism to do that. I have gotten a lot of views. Around a 100 a day. But it doesn’t look like anyone gets any replies, or very few ppl do. Is this common? I’m not looking to promote a side business just see what ppl think of my beginning attempt. Are we still in agreement this is the best place? Just curious. Thx
  3. AceBlkwell

    Some of my Royalty Free Music

    Nice job. My games are still simple enough I don’t have background or title screen music but I can see where these two would be nice to have. Good luck
  4. AceBlkwell

    Dragons & Treasures

    Looking for some feedback on a game I recently completed. I wrote it in C++ with Allegro 4 graphics library. It's based on the Mattel Electronic Dungeons and Dragons board game. I primarily wrote it just to see if I could. That and I loved this game in the early 80s. It's not super complex in design or game play but it was fun to learn on. It's a static link so no addition libraries or files should be needed. it's had limited testing but works on Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines. Or at least the ones I've tried. 🙂 Thanks Jerry Dragons.zip
  5. AceBlkwell

    Complexity needed for listing a game

    I'll look around for it. Is the Announcements board on this site?
  6. I've wrote a game using Allegro 4 and C++. Its a console game and doesn't even use a mouse. It's based on the old Mattel electronic Dungeons and Dragons board game. It's not bad I don't think. In any case I would like to get ppl's opinion of it. Just didn't know if this was the place to do that or not. Thanks
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