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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and causing anybody to thing I was trying to be anything but my intent, which was (1) as the title said, "Anybody develop (or interested in developing) games using SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics?", and (2) consider trying out this animation tool (guys its free, it's in Pre-Launch), and (3) I was looking for professional game developer feedback about SVG games. I didn't see the problem with asking. Please remember this is a Pre-Launch product, warts and all (did I again mention it's free?). Our animation code is open-sourced as well. I'm not trying to sell a product. Our file sizes are larger than you want at this time; however, when we release our core technology in about 6-8 months we will make SVG several times smaller than JPEG in file size and yet retain better than JPEG quality. I will leave you guys alone until that time comes; but, in the mean time there will be some game developer who will gain early-adopter advantages and I'm pretty sure of a few who won't fall in that category. Regarding Inkscape and Illustrator being able to do 16.7 million colors, I don't think that is via Live Trace. We don't make SVG photographic in quality yet, that website statement should be modified. We have other places where we state high quality or near photographic quality, and it is pretty high quality as compared to most live traces that are done by Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, VectorMagic, and a slew of others including RaveGrid. To pick up on what Olof said about sprites, here is where we are headed... We create the sprite inside the blitter , and we believe that would give you the ability to take real world data and put it into a sprite. The browser would be the animation engine. SVG, HTML5, and advertising example: A user-targeted ad could let the user surf a wave at a resort beach, or sail a boat, drive a car, or sit in a movie theatre and view a movie trailor. A website user could be reading an article on the top 10 sports cars and a small vectorized sports car comes across the text and stops. The user could interact with that car by opening the hood or trunk. They could honk the horn or open the door. The developer could even give them the opportunity to upload a photo of himself, be turned into vector with hinge points, set in the car and drive off the screen. With SVG and HTML5 we can offer SVG responsiveness so the user can interact in ways that we don't think are possible today. Okay, okay, I'm not asking to be tied on a stake and burned. I'm just throwing some things out there that can soon be possible with animated SVG within the next 6-8 months. If I've insulted some of you, please accept my apologies. Insulting, degrading, misleading, or trickng a bunch of experts is far from my intention. I'm just trying to open minds up to some possibilities. My hope in creating the topic was for feedback and interaction on the use of, or potential use of SVG in animating games (not sales...did I mention our product is free??). Our animation tool is open-sourced with via Berkeley licensing. Thank you for your comments and feedback just the same everybody. Perhaps we can converse again in the future on a more enjoyable note for all.
  2. @Servant of the Lord: Thank you for your feedback and comments; however, I think you read my post on the wrong side of your bed. I'll address your comments tomorrow'ish. Sure, I didn't give you enough information; however, it is clear that you are not an open-minded thinker? I'll give you more information tomorrow and you can decide then if you want to be an early-adopter or a me-too kind of guy. Either way, let others decide for themselves. BTW--I didn't make,nor help make, the tool. And, the thread is about vector (SVG) and trying give people an opportunity to animate SVG online...for free no less. You might want to re-read the thread title and first couple paragraphs. I think you saw the 50% statement and your eyes crossed. Please name one product that lets anybody animate SVG photographs online. I'm not talking about line art or tracing. Check out Google's SVG-Edit and try to upload a photograph and animate it online. If you can find one then try uploading a photograph on their site and animating it, then try it on ours. Sure, our site isn't cool, doesn't have a bunch of busy gammer stuff on it, and is a bit akward to use at the moment, but hey, it IS a pre-launch product and the animation site is meant just to be something to show developers how our technology works & how they can take our open-sourced animation tool and create a cool website or app of their own with all that busy gammer stuff on it. Um, did I mention it is free at this time? For those of you who don't know, SVG is capable of being extremely interactive with a user. You can't get that kind of interaction in Flash. Again, I'll give you something Wednesday or Thursday with more detail and address most of your comments.
  3. @6677 Inkscape limits you to 64 colors and at their best, 256 poor colors. Our technology gives you 16.7 million colors. When we add our "shape grouper" in about 2-3 months, we will give you vectorized photos at photographic quality. It should save you some steps as you create your desired image. When we add our core technology in about 6-8 months, you will be able to (for example) capture the Daytona 500 on film and animate it in very short order. With SVG it can easily be made very interactive with the users. I'll address this part of it tomorrow so that "Servant of the Lord" can get a better grasp of it. Obviously he isn't a happy camper.
  4. You might want to consider trying us out. Upload a photograph (24 bit) that's less than 490,000 pixels at and convert it to SVG. Then if you want to do special effects to it, just bring it back into Inkscape or whatever. It should give you a few more options you didn't previously have. As we add more SVG animation functions you can create games completely in SVG. SVG can and will give you things in games you can't easily get today. Yesterday we added raster background as an option. The raster background would be placed in an SVG "wrapper", so to speak. The SVG animation would go in front of the background. The raster background gives you a higher quality background and smaller file sizes. In a few months an SVG background will become the preferred choice because it will have the higher quality and smaller file size. Next Monday I'll share with you some of the reasons you want to consider using Animated SVG in games and how SVG can increase productivity and interaction with the users.
  5. I think that with the right resources at hand, a game developer can create more user friendly and games more quickly than they can today if the developer was to start using SVG (vector) to create the images and games. Has anybody tried developing games in SVG yet? Would you like to give it a try? If you are a game developer with SVG experience, I would definitely like to chat with you! If you are interested in developing a game in SVG, I would like to chat with you. If you just want to kick the tires, I'm "game" for that too! There's a new online animated photo animation tool that allows users to upload photos, take selected parts from each and put them into a single animated photo, all while online. The site is a bit weak on user help and not many animation attributes at this moment; but, these will be added soon. The image quality will improve soon as well; however, it still gives you a headstart over where you are at today. It is believed that this online tool will help game developers create their animations faster once they learn how to use this tool. Additional animation attributes will be added soon. I think that within 6-8 months you will be able to knock out at least 50% of your development time. The online animation code is open sourced so you can do whatever you want with it. I desire your feedback! [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] Thanks, Jerry
  6. Accelerated I/O,, has released Pac-n-Zoom Color which includes the world's first complete color segmentation tool, accurately grouping over 16 million colors to segment at near photographic quality which enables game developers to load real life pictures or video frames right into an animation engine and render as needed. This tool, free for 60 days, will increase quality and reduce time to market. Pac-n-Zoom Color should become a valuable asset for game developers, especially with the addition of the shape grouper at the end of December 2010. Take a look at Our next release will add the world's first shape grouper (blob compressor) which means you will be able to feed sprites, art, and pivot points with no human intervention and prepares a vectorized image for your animation engine with great savings and quality at the same time. Enjoy Best Regards, Accelerated I/O team [Edited by - PnZjerry on December 7, 2010 7:18:45 PM]