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  1. Why is there no Ultima Online 2?

    [quote name='glhf' timestamp='1334185913' post='4930401'] screenshot dont say anything about how good a game is [/quote] lol... thanks for sharing your pointless opinion. The sky is also blue, drinking water is required to live, and a book isn't good just because it's made out of paper.
  2. Why is there no Ultima Online 2?

    What do you think of my game's screenshot? I know Corp Por was the electric spell, not a fireball or explosion, lol, but I forgot what the explosion words were
  3. Why is there no Ultima Online 2?

    IMO a 3D version wouldn't be a "Ultima Online 2" even if it was with the Ultima brand and everything. I love that 2.5D perspective and those paperdolls. That's one of the reasons I love my style of graphics for games (2.5D)
  4. Why is there no Ultima Online 2?

    [quote name='Stormynature' timestamp='1334154500' post='4930260'] [url="http://www.joystiq.com/2011/12/13/garriott-talking-with-ea-about-ultima-online-2/"]http://www.joystiq.c...ltima-online-2/[/url] I believe your answer is as simple as this: the gatekeeper to such a thing happening is EA. [/quote] Thanks for the link! I love that site, and interesting article!
  5. It's not like it would be a difficult task to accomplish, this game was actually quite simple Oh well, back to work on my game. [img]http://2dsprite.webs.com/photos/Characters/EO%20game.png[/img]
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