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  1. Classic example of #1 dev issue - the problems you don't know you have. (they tend to appear always at the very worst moment.) [Edited by - jpetrie on September 21, 2010 5:56:01 PM]
  2. Visual studio is the way to go. I've done some pretty heavy coding, and anyone who really gets their hands dirty uses the program. It's the photoshop of Dev. [Edited by - jpetrie on September 21, 2010 5:54:08 PM]
  3. The Retro Renaissance Game Development Challenge!

    Speaking of retro games, has anyone seen the 8-bit city maps? I think these are hilarious. [Edited by - jpetrie on September 21, 2010 5:24:43 PM]
  4. Grandma's Boy: How did you feel about it?

    Loved Grandma's Boy. IMOH this is one of the most underrated comedies in awhile.
  5. photoshop layer styles

    I am also looking for the same thing - HQ layer styles. I've spent a good amount of time searching around, and there are some decent free ones, but I feel like there has to be more out there...
  6. Game Addiction

    What is the consensus about AoE 2 vs WOW? I'm looking to get into a game, but not sure which one I should choose. Lots of my friends go with wow, but after this review of AOE, I'm tempted to go that direction, although I would like to play with friends. Is it worth it to choose AOE and not play wow with friends?
  7. Game Addiction

    "They say 'once you feel like you need to cut down on your drinking, you've got a drinking problem'" I think the same thing goes for gaming. If you feel like you're doing way too much of it, maybe you are. But then again, if gaming is your job, maybe you're just passionate about what you do, and it's not an addiction at all.
  8. The boundary between real and artificial intelligence

    I think the end of computers would be a cataclysmic event, but I do not think that it would signal the end of humanity. Most likely people, in my opinion, would at first revolt into looting and anarchy. Then people would band together into safe zones, and slowly we'd rebuild. Much like most apocalypse movies, but not quite as bad.
  9. UV map and mesh?

    I would agree that the Bandicoot optimization is a good solution to this issue. This will prevent your game from bogging down the processor and getting too slow, and the results are fairly robust.
  10. Cheaper to make Android or Iphone game?

    Dev costs for the 2 platforms are going to be similar, but you might have a better (larger) market with the iPhone. Then again if your app is a niche app, you might be the first/have less competition on Android, hence increasing your ROI.
  11. Theme behind Google's search page today?

    Are we referring to the bouncing balls the disperse when you mouse over? That was a somewhat annoying background. But then again, it served its purpose of getting you to notice it, and better yet talk about it. Which will drive future users to see future google themes when the emerge, driving traffic to G.
  12. Viral Marketing from Tipp-Ex (Awesome!)

    I think the key to the viral nature of this video is its outrageous title. A person sees the title and says, that's impossible. And if it does really happen, it has to be news, so I'll check it out."
  13. Pancakes!

    I've had some good experience with pancakes and I have to agree with the slight bit of oil technique. Spread a thin layer on the pan, add batter, DONE and delicious! [Edited by - Beverly Mcadoo on September 8, 2010 8:38:23 AM]
  14. Discovery channel hostage situation

    Something I'd still like to discuss is whether this guy actually thought he could get away with what he was doing, and secondly whether he thought he would actually have his demands met. If he thought he'd have them met, does this make him crazy?
  15. Lolbug!

    Did you post the correct link? Not sure what epic fail you're talking about. I watched that whole video waiting for something to happen and it was a complete anticlimax. [Edited by - Beverly Mcadoo on September 8, 2010 8:58:27 AM]