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  1. John Carmack a racist?

    What is the point of this post? What do you hope to accomplish? Let's go out on a limb and, for the sake of argument, say that he is racist. I've been following him for a while and I don't get that impression, but let's just say that he is. Then what? You're going to wag your finger at him? All you've done is attempt to damage the reputation of another in a public forum.
  2. Programmer prospect

    [quote name='Hinzlines' timestamp='1331504539' post='4921202'] I appreciate your response. Money doesn't really motivate me either. But, where can I go to get the basics of programming? Like a website or anything that is really useful to somebody that knows nothing about programming or any of the languages ? xD [/quote] If you decide to go with C++, check this out: If you are going to be a student, make sure to check this out as well: And here are a list of some recommended books: Maybe someone else can chime in if you are going to go with another language. Good luck!
  3. Critique My Game.

    [quote name='Tropical' timestamp='1331313257' post='4920717'] [quote name='m41q' timestamp='1331303670' post='4920675'] My critique is as simple as that: "The program cannot be started since MSVCP100D.dll is missing on the computer. Reinstalling the program might fix this problem." Running on Windows 7 64-bit Well at least the screenshots look nice [img][/img] [/quote] Really? Mine is a Windows 7 32- bit.. I guess that makes a difference too, I'll try and see if i can export it to Windows 7 64 bit, Sorry! Thanks! [/quote] If people are getting that error you should check and make sure you posted the Release build and not the debug build. Second, look for a directory similar to this one: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC100.CRT. If you find it, you should see 2 dlls in there - msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll. Include both of them along with your game and see if it solves the problem.
  4. Game Sprite Packs

    im currently working on a 2d tile scrolling game and ive been googling for sprites only to be disappointed. are there any copyright free "sprite packs" out there which might have things like grass, objects, sprites of the player moving, etc? it doesnt have to be perfect - almost anything would be an upgrade. ideally, anything free would be fantastic because im just doing this to learn and don't have money to hire a dedicated artist for the job. i've tried googling for "game sprites" and "player sprites" but hardly anything has come up. please point me in the right direction!
  5. Wierd Dialogbox Problem

    I think your return FALSE is in a bad spot for starters. How about making it default case or taking it out f the case/switch entirely? Did you fix your WM_PAINT problem from the previous post?
  6. visual studio linker help

    [quote name='cnboy0212' timestamp='1324795159' post='4897215'] where should i put my .lib file? [/quote] You could just try putting it in the main project folder. That's where I have mine. But also if you go to project properties and then Configuration Properties -> VC++ Directories -> Library directories you could set the directory there.
  7. visual studio linker help

    If it's a static library: Right click the project, go to properties, Linker-> Input -> Additional Dependencies. Then add your .lib to the list. If it's a dynamic library (.dll) you will need to add in some code to get it to work, so check out this article:
  8. Problems with console text game

    [quote name='Flump9' timestamp='1324549786' post='4896465'] BTW how do i use that cin method with user input?what type of code would i write?Like if statements or whatever [/quote] I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You just want the user to enter their name once when the program starts? Then you could just include the following code somewhere before the while (or even in main): [code]string name; cout << "Enter your name: "; cin >> name; [/code] You don't need any ifs. You just ask for their name and store it in your string variable.
  9. Problems with console text game

    First, I wouldn't use System("exit"). It doesn't seem like you really need it. If the user enters 3 you can just return. The menu keeps popping up because the while condition is still true. For example, say the user enters 1. You print: [i]Let us Begin then, [/i]and then break out of the switch/case. The while condition will still be true - choice is still not equal to 3, it is equal to 1. Therefore it will print out the menu again and get the user input again. There are probably different ways to do it, but here is one idea. How about designing a couple of functions.. maybe StartGame() and PrintHelp() which has all of the code you want for playing the game and printing the help menu: [code] switch(choice) //Switch { case 1: cout << "Let us Begin then," << endl; StartGame(); //Start the game. break; case 2: cout << "The aim of the game is to survive!" << endl; PrintHelp(); //Print the help menu. break; case 3: return; }[/code] To store user input in a string you can just use cin: [code]string a; cin >> a;[/code]
  10. WndProc wont show messagebox

    Just wondering, why are you returning 0 on WM_PAINT? If you don't process it you should send it to DefWindowProc.
  11. Does anyone know any good websites for getting public domain sounds effects for games? I've googled a few different things but haven't found anything great. EDIT: I'm also open to websites offering quality game sound FX for very cheap.
  12. Heeeeeeelp.

    [quote name='ZabuzaMomochi' timestamp='1313023274' post='4847426'] Well I have played this game on this comp before, however the comp was changed to a work comp rather than a gaming comp a while back and direct x was removed. The video card is capable, and Its only Direct x 9 that the game requires. Its an old game: Black and White 2 is the games name. [/quote] I'm not sure what you downloaded before. Was is this? If not, try to download that and run it on the computer.
  13. Heeeeeeelp.

    If the game requires DirectX 10 or 11 you want to make sure you're using Vista or Windows 7. If it only requires DirectX 9 you can use Windows XP and above. You also need to make sure your video card supports it. What video card do you have?
  14. models in DirectX 10

    [quote name='smasherprog' timestamp='1312725562' post='4845784'] That is pretty much it. To see how to extract the information from ASSIMP after you load a file, check out the file assimp_view.cpp function CreateAssetData() that has the bulk of the code for extracting the verticies, textures, and bones. [/quote] Thanks I'll take a look. Seems like a lot of work involved for something which should be a very common task.
  15. models in DirectX 10

    [quote name='smasherprog' timestamp='1312694943' post='4845669'] no because it depends on your needs. If you want to store a static mesh, it is pretty simple: write your vertex buffers to a file, include the texture names, index buffer and the few other pieces of into you need. There isn't a specific way to do it because it is a very simple process. Should take you less than 100 lines of code to write your loader and saver for a static mesh. The animated mesh will get a little more complicated, but I wrote an animation helper to go with ASSIMP; it saves the animation data, loads it and precalculates the bone transforms needed for animations. If you are just starting, do not tinker with animation. Start by getting the static mesh loader down. Once you are able to load/save static mesh, then move onto animation stuff. Here is my blog post for the animation loader [url=""]http://nolimitsdesig...imation-loader/[/url] and a follow up [url=""]http://nolimitsdesig...on-code-update/[/url] [/quote] Okay. I'm just going to deal with the static mesh like you said because I'm just starting but I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly. First I link with the assimp lib and copy the .dll into the active directory. Then in my code something along the lines of: [code] Assimp::Importer importer; const aiScene* scene = importer.ReadFile( pFile, aiProcess_CalcTangentSpace | aiProcess_Triangulate | aiProcess_JoinIdenticalVertices | aiProcess_SortByPType); [/code] Then I use this aiScene* to get information about the model and choose a way I want to store it. Then I write out this information to a file on disk (my own file format that I decide). So I can build a separate 'converter' program using ASSIMP to create a special file format that I decide. And then in future games I can just include the 'loader' code to load my custom file format. Am I on the right track or totally off base?