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  1. amarillion

    72h speedhack with Allegro held Oct 20-23

    Seeing some of the proposed rules is exciting.... Makes you go - ooh that's a good rule, I hope this one goes in!
  2. Hey Everybody, I'm organizing TINS, a 72h game programming competition with Allegro. Speedhacks are a great way to try out your ideas, practice new skills. Here I explain why speedhacking is good for you! The TINS compo has been held semi-annualy since 2003 and is a real community event for Allegroids. Here are the rules... Runs from Friday 20 Oct 2017, 12:00 PM UTC to Monday 23 Oct, 12:00 PM UTC You may use any programming language entries must use Allegro in some form Source code must be submitted with your entry 3-5 random requirements are announced at the start of the competition See for more details the rules page Head over to https://tins.amarillion.org to sign up! cheers, Amarillion
  3. gcsaba2: No, not all the games are in 3D. In fact, I think the majority of the games made last time are 2D. You're entirely free in that respect. Well, one year we had the extra requirement that "the game must feature 3D elements", but even in that case you were not forced to make a true 3D engine, you could simply put in a few pre-rendered graphics, or perhaps use isometric 3D. Those extra requirements are usually open to many different interpretations.
  4. I'm organizing a game programming competition, where the goal is to design and write a complete game within 72 hours. This means an intense and fun weekend of programming and designing. The competition is called TINS and will be held from 25 to 28 of Februrary. Take a look at the website To prevent people from starting too early, there are a couple of randomly chosen extra requirements that won't be announced until the start of the competition. For example, in last years competition there was the rule that the game has to have "mars" as a theme, and that it was not allowed to use tilemaps. These year we'll have different rules. So what can you win? Nothing, unfortunately, except the honour and the satisfaction you get from achieving something big. Also the competition is followed by many members of the allegro community, so your game will automatically receive a lot of attention and will be played and reviewed by many people. There will be an official vote to elect a winner of the competition. The competition is for both beginning and advanced programmers. For beginners it is a lot of fun to find out what you can actually achieve, but also for the experts it is quite a challenge to keep up with a few of the best amateur game writers. This is a recurring event in the Allegro Community, which is getting bigger and bigger each year. Check out for example the website of last years competition Here are a few screenshot of last years entries: By Tobi Vollebregt By Mark Robson By Elias Pschernig In case you forgot all about Allegro, here are a couple more links: allegro.cc, the allegro community site. allegro on sourceforge In case you have questions, post it here or send me an email (the address can be found on the website). If you are interested you can register for the competition on the website, here is the link again: TINS website
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