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  1. Just got back from the studio. Was legit to see how the whole 'professional' recording process works... makes me eager to get in there and record some of my own stuff....... Ahhhhhh.... One day..... :)
  2. We could dance, We could dance in the moonlight, We could walk, we could talk under starlight, This is the moment I've been waiting for my entire life, We could kiss as the dawn breaks the sky, We could laugh as the sun wakes up and splits the night, This is the kinda night you only get one time... In a lifetime -Twilight, by Daniel L. Wall
  3. I should, I would, If I could, If I were in the neighborhood... Somebody make a rap out of that! Lol. :P
  4. Scarlet moon over ruby twilight, Beauty so extraordinary, You know baby it kinda reminds me of you, -One Night of Twilight by Daniel L. Wall And this song has some sick acoustic stuff! Can't wait to post a video of it! :D
  5. Bored at home on a Sunday night with nothin to do since I'm fasting video games... Kids, this is what happens when you do nothing but play xbox and curl into a shell at school, THEN you decide to act yourself.... Learn well. :/
  6. still need help with ur game?
  7. what are you saying?
  8. I'm working on a side scrolling Legend of Zelda fan game. Not looking for profit, just for experience and to show off my talents. I've never really delved that deep into the 2D game world, but I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes. I need to know if there is a particular source that would be good for finding backgrounds/assets/sprites for a side scroller. I already have my Link sprite, a Zelda sprite (Zelda will be a playable character) and a few backgrounds. But nothing to make the complete game like I plan. Any good advice/recommendations? (Also, any other advice as far as considering side scrollers would be appreciated). Thank you in advance. [attachment=5825:LegendOfZeldaTitleScreen.jpg] Here is an example of the art for the game
  9. But the Lord said unto me; "Say not, 'I am a child', for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak."
  10. Just watched Australia: Was like watching a whole daggum season of a tv show! Lol. But Hugh Jackman did awesome in that movie! It was really good!
  11. So this is pitiful: The thing I'm looking forward to the most today is a phone call from Advantage... yup. Welcome to my world. Lol.
  12. Clocks turn clockwise, and days just pass by, life is constant, it's forward motion, so don't let your dreams die, just cause you failed a few times, shrug it all off and dust your hands, and rise again. -Clockwise, by Luke Wall
  13. *Bump* Some basic textures and a hair & fur modifier for the grass. Nothin fancy. Still gotta put a wind morph on the grass, use a particle system for the waterfall, and I don't know how I'm going to animate the water yet. Still a WIP. Please comment, negative, positive, critique, anything. I want to get better. [attachment=5570:mistwood_zone_0_basix_textured_1.jpg]
  14. This is the first level (where the player will learn how to control the character) of my game Gidget: The Rebel Chronicles. The zone is a shrine for an angel named Aurora, who will guide Gidget through much of the game. This is where he first encounters her, and learns how to move, jump, and attack. I have made several attempts at modeling it using the terrain compound object, but the cliff's would have no definition and would be too smoothly blended with the ground. So I tried a different technique: I modeled the cliff face off of a plane, and then created a second version to give more variety. I then modeled a single version of a water fall cliff face in the back. I then modeled a few cliff top's out of boxes, and used the terrain compound object now only for the sole purpose of creating the ground and the bottom of the pond. I used a plane to placehold where the water will be. I was going to create another cliff face for the entrance, but decided I would like a wall instead, to give it more of a secluded feeling. So I just made a box and stuck it there. I then modeled a few cornerstones to place at the intersection of the cliff faces, so that they weren't just planes next to planes. This really marked the completion of the modeling portion of the level. But I then noticed: the water fall cliff was nothing more than a straight chute which looked like a water slide. So, I modeled a few extra rocks, and placed them over it to give it a rocky appearance. All in all, it was a lot of plane and box modeling, with one terrain compound object, and there you have it. Just so you know, this is a WIP, and not the finished product. Still have to texture, animate, light, etc. I might also shift some things around a bit. Please comment. I would appreciate any advice on techniques or something you personally think would make this level better. Thank you, have a nice day. [attachment=5552:Mistwood_Zone_0_untextured_1.jpg] [attachment=5553:Mistwood_Zone_0_untextured_2.jpg] [attachment=5554:Mistwood_Zone_0_untextured_3.jpg]
  15. Alright. Thanks for these links. These should help out a lot! And yea, I feel kinda stupid now that you mentioned Wyoming. Lol. But at least you had some beautiful scenery.