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  1. So Im completely new to OpenGL learning the tutorials. One thing for the future i'd like to learn (to make some crappy game or something) is like vector positions. Like......I dont know how to configure them, Like perhaps I had a top down game (like the old zelda games) or w/e. How do I know how far a position is......and stuff like that, or even as simple as an object transversing to the left or something, how can I "approximate" how far that position is. Thanks!
  2. I had a quick question, regarding the linker in VS 2010. It seems everytime I make a project (im practicing OPENGL btw) I have to add the glu32.dll and freeglut.dll to the Linker. Is there any way to make it where I dont have to do this EVERYTIME I make a new project? Im not that versed in Visual Studio, but this would be extremely time saving. Thanks all!
  3. MercenaryFH

    hardware programming.. how to start?

    If your talking about Assembly code then i suggest you take a look at MIPS assembly code for some examples. Some compilers can keep assembly output for you however. These types of assembly languages are usually more concerning with Electrical Engineering majors, as it's pretty low level stuff. As a CS major myself I didn't see it maybe more than a few classes. but ya.....there ya go lol as far as books.....eh not sure of any. There are a few tutorials out there, I own a book called Computer Organization and Design that goes into detail, then what you would do is run the code on a MIPS simulator. But honestly....I wouldn't "personally" concern myself with learning low level code like that unless you plan on doing Electrical Engineer or Computer Engineering.
  4. MercenaryFH

    DirectX or OpenGL

    Thanks a ton guys, that really helps. I think as where im starting OPENGL might be a better thing to program in. Too bad iphones sdk is java right? which I know nothing about. Although it would be neat as heck to make a little game for iphone or something
  5. Still in the process of deciding if I want to learn DirectX or OpenGL as my main "project" 3d language. I have 5 years experience with C++ but no 3d programming knowledge. I've heard pro's/con's of both. But anyways thats beside the point. What would be the best Book/Online Tutorials/Website to learn Direct X. I know 11 just came out recently, so maybe I should start with 10? since there are a good amount of books for it. Anyways I know books aren't always the best, but it's nice to have something you can carry around with you. Any recommendations, remember i have ZERO experience with DirectX or OpenGL (or 3d in general) edit: I had seen on amazon Beginning DirectX 10 Game Programming had some good reviews for a beginner, so that seemed interesting.
  6. MercenaryFH

    DirectX or OpenGL

    So which would you suggest? if I were to be starting like now?
  7. For Someone with 5 years experience in C++ but ZERO in 3d/game programming but wanting to really hit the pavement running with it, what would be the best bet to start? OpenGL or DirectX? I've heard OpenGL is easier to understand......but you can't advance as far in it. However MS keeps changing stuff with DX 9,10,11 so i'd probably have to PICK one. Suggestions? Thanks guy/gals
  8. MercenaryFH

    Beginner OpenGL book

    Trying to narrow it down to one book. I dont have tons of money as it is, something that is kinda a do-all for basics would be nice obviously lol
  9. MercenaryFH

    Beginner OpenGL book

    I know I know, this has prolly been asked a million times. Btw this is my first forum post, I plan on spending alot of time here so Hello all. Anyways I did some google searching, kinda narrowed it down to 2 books. Theirs the OpenGL Superbible. and OpenGL(R) Programming Guide (aka the "Redbook") From what i've heard.....the redbook isn't so much of a beginners book as a reference book. Anyways I've had about 5 years Programming experience in C++, however NONE of it was OpenGL experience, I did a little in java but to be honest I forgot most of it (it was one class WAYYYYY back when) Needless to say i'd rather stick with a C++ based OpenGL API and preferably have the book code/samples in C/C++. As far as my general programming experience, ZERO was in OpenGL as i've said, most of my programming has been A.I. related (Genetic Algorithms,Heuristics etc.....) So I know NOTHING about OpenGL although i've been following some of the Nehe tutorials on setting stuff up, but a book would be really nice to read in between my classes (im in grad school) So any suggestions? I know it's been asked a bazillion times.....but books/times change :) thanks all!
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