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  1. The approach is: 1)You take an scene object (which is called a "display object" in flash/AS) at the last frame 2) you use BitmapData.Draw(): the DisplayObject is a tree of other display objects a nd represents all the items used to draw your graph. Think of it as a collection of photoshop layers, when composed together- they make an image. FusionCharts itself when animating, draws lots of small items, so just wait till animation completes, and then somehow call BitmapData.Draw() on root of your movie, and get the screenshot of graph. Hope that helps.
  2. Prozak, Your app tries to store the entire internet inside of it. You have browser then you use any site to access its features. Docs? - Google Docs would do. Social experience- facebook. Why sould i need a window manager inside my browser? You made a lot of work, but it's just exercise. You need to be really different from others OS-like environments inside a browser. And other piont: there are a lot of allready existing apps that users own. They can't run in browser.
  3. [web] ajax database queries problems

    never ever expose your database inner structure trough javascript!!!!!11111 which is available to end user. If I call your ajax backend with other SQL, what would you do? This is a security hole. If you still want to use this poor approach, consider using firebug for firefox for tracking your requests. And make shure your parametrs gets URLescaped, if you make GET request
  4. [web] Picture Uploads

    Your web server must send correct headers to browser. Your software dealing with uploads suld never use 'x'(exec) permission, and I think you should avoid sql injection rather then incorrect uploads. With php you sould check weither uploaded file truly an image.
  5. here's manual: First check if your IP is static (i.e if ISP istn't changing it from time to time) - so you won't need to use dyndns Then tune your modem's NAT to transfer port 80 of your computer to outer internet. And also check if your ISP isnt blocking port 80. To test i sometimes use, to make shure my PC is available from internet.