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  1. exoskeletal_ninja

    Hello all - and anyone famous here?

    msn12b: Mat Noguchi (Bungie Studios)
  2. exoskeletal_ninja

    Who uses the gamedev Classic Black layout?

    Once GD changed to white, I was back in Black.
  3. exoskeletal_ninja

    ## I fucking hate people

    Hehe, that happened to me too except they ripped the ignition. Luckily the battery was dead! I'm glad my car didn't have a boot-release catch either or they would've stolen my good set of tools. People suck Laz.
  4. exoskeletal_ninja

    Kojima (creator of Metal Gear) makes me happy to have eyes.....

    Well alot of Kojima's characters are based off his favorite hollywood movies. The most corellated example is Snake Pliskin of 'Escape from New York/LA'. Both names are used in the MGS series. I wouldn't be surprised if Colonel Campbell was based off of the Rambo Officer.
  5. exoskeletal_ninja

    Kojima (creator of Metal Gear) makes me happy to have eyes.....

    The cranky, unshaven, got-shot-in-the-shoulder-by-pirates dude from 'Lost' has to be Solid Snake.
  6. exoskeletal_ninja

    Survivor: The last place on earth we haven't been

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote:Original post by LessBread The one place they'll never go is skid row... I still want to see Death Row Survivor where they give death row convicts a three hour head start in a densely wooded forest about 10 miles from the nearest civilization. Three words: Liberty City Survivor.
  7. exoskeletal_ninja

    help with this dilemma _

    Move to Sealand. Now. He couldn't get to you without a sea-crane!
  8. exoskeletal_ninja

    X box game...What is it?

    Would it be Psychonauts?
  9. exoskeletal_ninja

    More LOTR

    Best. Movie. Evar.
  10. exoskeletal_ninja

    A discussion on various forms of sexuality (not a perverse thread)

    Bestiality and any form of post-pubescent consensual sexual congress is fine, and this is supported by the fact that although the general population morally defines some of these acts reprehensible, consent between the two persons is all that the act comes down to in the end. Who is going to stop two lovers behind closed doors? In the case of bestiality, you can argue that if the animal doen't attack you or avoid the act, then it's ok. This possibly is wrong because some rape victims cannot repel attackers due to shock or fear. The same can be said on behalf of animals, but because of inter-species communication difficulties, we cannot ask them post-coitus if they experienced shock or fear or even pleasure. But as some have said, if we eat them, why can we not sexually copulate with them? I also have a question: To what degree do we compromise society's moral codes so that we can experience our sexual needs/desires?
  11. exoskeletal_ninja

    Best cheap Mac for OSX?

    I recently bought a G3 iBook w/500mhZ processor, 384mb RAM and OS X 10.2.x. I haven't had any problems with loading times. It was bought at around ~$500 AUD, so it was great for me (a student).
  12. exoskeletal_ninja

    I was working on my operating system...

    Jesus would use ADA.
  13. exoskeletal_ninja

    OS X and GCC confusion!

    Thanks for all your help guys (and girls). I managed to download gcc via Fink. Weirdly enough, I tried installing the extra application dcd's but the installer insisted I didn't have an iBook when I do. So thanks again. :)
  14. exoskeletal_ninja

    ## Stupid trip

    I feel sorry for you Laz, but for the fact that you have to part with your child. Sorry man.
  15. exoskeletal_ninja

    OS X and GCC confusion!

    Sorry to be the ubiquitous Beginner, I recently moved to OS X (10.2.x) and I'm confused as to where to obtain GCC (and friends). I have registered for Apple Developers, but the only file I could find was packaged in a 650Mb DMG. Obviously Xcode and other tools must be included, but do any users out there know of a stand-alone package with just the essentials? Now if only I can find nano... Thanks. Solidus
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