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  1. exoskeletal_ninja

    ## I fucking hate people

    Hehe, that happened to me too except they ripped the ignition. Luckily the battery was dead! I'm glad my car didn't have a boot-release catch either or they would've stolen my good set of tools. People suck Laz.
  2. exoskeletal_ninja

    More LOTR

    Best. Movie. Evar.
  3. exoskeletal_ninja

    ## Stupid trip

    I feel sorry for you Laz, but for the fact that you have to part with your child. Sorry man.
  4. exoskeletal_ninja


    To quote: "OMG U suck a **** and I ahte yuo!!" I have to laugh @ that one.
  5. exoskeletal_ninja

    Getting Dusty In Here Again...

    If your having problems with getting the feel of a galaxy/universe, you should go and chat with Yasenaya. His project is uber 1337! *takes pills*
  6. exoskeletal_ninja


    I dont suppose you'd release the old version? It looked so cool!
  7. exoskeletal_ninja

    All is well.

    And to you also Mithrandir. It is good to see people with a positive outlook. :) to everyone!
  8. exoskeletal_ninja

    Atmosphere tests

    Sweet. The effect kinda reminds me of pitch black when the suns are going down and the creatures come out. But nice work!
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