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  1. Motivation

    Hey guys, Thank you all for your replies! All of you have offered something and that is greatly appreciated. I shall take all of your advice on-board and update you in a couple of days as to how I'm getting on.
  2. Motivation

    I find myself curious as to how the community motivates itself into making games, particularly those who are graphic designers, musicians or coders as part of their day job. I am a software engineer for a CAD company and also I want to make a game; I have developed numerous assets across the years but I have not yet got very far in any of my projects and this is usually because of development fatigue from my day job. How do other people cope with this? Any tips to planning a project? Also, my primary programming languages are C++ and C# with C++ as my personal preference. For developing simple 2D games without 3D elements are there any particular libraries I should be using to supplement my project codebases?and also I want to make a game; I have developed numerous assets accross the years
  3. How Would You Tackle This?

    Quote:Original post by geolycosa I would write your PC version with C (or C++ if you must) and SDL. That way, your Mac (or Linux) port isn't going to be a big deal, and when you're ready to jump to iPhone, you can rip the SDL out and replace it with the iOS's drawing API. I know very little about SDL other than it is common place. Are there any limitations I should know about? Only my knowledge of it is little more than a few low quality Snake clones and FreeCiv.
  4. How Would You Tackle This?

    I want to avoid Flash due to performance limitations, iPhone accesibility is a possible outcome but not a required one. In the end, rebuilding the games wouldn't be a problem if it came to that. Another note is that my client may want to sell his game once created and I really don't know where XNA stands from that point-of-view for PC titles.
  5. How Would You Tackle This?

    Quote:Original post by Ashaman73 We need more info about your requirements: - plattform(mobile,iphone,windows,linux,console?) - investment (free, low budget $XXXX,high budget) - web or standalone ? - 2d or 3d * Windows OS (possible Mac OSX & iPhone version later) * Minimum investment, the cheaper the better for this client. * Standalone * 2D I should add I have experience with the Unreal 3 Engine, but I really am not looking to use that in this case.
  6. How Would You Tackle This?

    You'll have to excuse my naivity as I am new to this genre and design style. Maybe someone can help? Right, I'm creating an RPG/Tower Defense game for a client. Graphically this game would be on par with Worms or Plants vs Zombies, obviously not overly complicated. I need an engine capable of producing attractive cutsey cartoon visuals alongside smooth scripting for this reason I don't want to use anything bloated. How would you tackle this engine-wise? [Edited by - arry2007uk on September 9, 2010 4:44:14 AM]