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  1. What happening with legacy tutorial

    [quote name='Caste' timestamp='1322958442' post='4890270'] Thanks for bringing this to our attention! And sorry that we didn't fix it earlier, I just returned from a vacation trip and kazade is pretty busy atm. We'll do our best to get everything up and running again asap! Sorry for the inconvenience. [/quote] Meanwhile you can get a snapshot of the past thanks to Archive.org Wayback Machine. Remember to donate if you can! [url="http://web.archive.org/web/20110515182521/http://nehe.gamedev.net/"]http://web.archive.org/web/20110515182521/http://nehe.gamedev.net/[/url]
  2. laptop/computer recommendations

    Please, make sure if you need it to be portable. If not just get a desktop. It is always good to build your own rig. :D =My current setup= System i7 930 @ 3.5 GHz no-HyperThreading with a V10 Radeon 5870 @ 850/1200 MHz 6 GB DDR3-1333 Blu-Ray Reader + DVD Writer 1 TB Hard Drive Peri Logitech X-530, MX518 ,and a G15 A samsung 23" 2333TN.(Very cheap with great specs; Cons: only a VGA input) Newegg is a great resource. If you need help deciding in any components just send me a PM being as precise as possible.
  3. @Nitage it is on the right-side panel on the link he provided. It does look interesting; It is ashame I don't understand it fully. ):
  4. Oh! I forgot to mention MIT's Open CourseWare project. Specifically the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Open CourseWare material.
  5. The sooner you start programming the sooner you will be a game programmer. I am a newb, yet I am already a beginner programmer. I will give you some resources you _should_ check out: NotPron The hardest riddle available trough the Internet. ProjectEuler Some really nice Math/Programming challenges. Wolfram|Alpha really nice knowledge search engine.
  6. Noob Python coder, need help

    Hello orbikk, I took the liberty of cleaning up your code. Changes and explanations: Multiline strings. Look at the code.EDIT: ''' ''' Don't forget to use raw_input for input. When you receive input(Trough raw_input) you get it as a string even if it is a number. You can use while as a conditional + loop. I am sure you will like that trick.:D The function add is only called once in your whole code. It is better to take it off. def menu(): print '''Welcome What would you like to do? 1) Create 2) Quit''' #Maybe you will like this for multiline strings. return raw_input("Choose an option: ") # Don't we learn? Use raw_input. list = [] while 1: choice = menu() while choice == '1': #Don't forget we are getting chars and not ints. You will also like this one as a conitional. :D list.append(raw_input("Enter an item: ")) # It is better if you don't define it as a function since you only call it once. if(raw_input("Would you like to add another item? y/n: ")).lower() == ' n':break if choice == '2':break #Don't forget we are getting chars and not ints. print "end" Hope it helps :D
  7. Python programming, help :]

    Then you can do it. Unless you have a specific question go on. I am a newb, yet I am sure I can help you with the basics.
  8. Python programming, help :]

    Hello orbikk, I took the liberty of cleaning it a little bit. Could you please tell us the Python version you are coding in?(2.x or 3.x?) Now I will tell you what I changed: Instead of using a loop with a conditional variable I created a wild loop with a 'break' statement if the input == 'n' You don't need to take inputs separately or even outside of commands. At the end I guessed you meant that. employeeNames = [] while 1: employeeNames.append((raw_input("Enter last name: "), raw_input("Enter first name: "))) # Totally vaild. if str(raw_input("Add another employee? (y/n)")).lower() == 'n': break # Break will "break" out of the loop(while or for) it is inside of. employeeDetails = [] for name in employeeNames: print "Employee:", name[1], name[0] employeeDetails.append((raw_input("Start hour: "), raw_input("Shift duration: "), name[0], name[1])) #Again all into a line and without having to store values twice. employeeDetails.sort() for detail in employeeDetails: print "Employee:", str(detail[2]), str(detail[3]), ";Start hour:", str(detail[0]), ";Shift:", str(detail[1]) # Did you meant this? I hope it helps. EDIT Quote: Use raw_input instead of input. input takes the input and evaluates it as Python code (so in other words, 'Justin' looks like a variable to Python). raw_input simply takes the input and dumps it into a string. As he said. Use raw_input() for input. EDIT Finally got the formatting right. :D [Edited by - fabianhjr on October 15, 2010 7:10:09 AM]