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  1.   clever. guess you had the depth to spare.   in the title i mentioned, a 16 bit zbuf is only good out to a range of about 300 or so, given the meshes being drawn, and how close their faces can be in Z. 16 bit zbuf and 1000 far plane  causes some z fighting starting at about 250 range.   in another title i'm working on, a flight simulator, visible range is 10000 d3d units at 100 feet per d3d unit (189.39 miles). and the largest target (an airship) is visible out to 8000 d3d units (151.51 miles).   Plz check this page,   near value is more important than far value.
  2. We're using 2 pass in many of our projects (mobile devices). It works fine. But you will lose some benefit from hw provided hidden surface removal function, and also other function depending on z buffer (texture). For the far-pass, we have less polygon and light pshader than near pass, and almost of things in far-pass are solid. And we didn't clear zbuffer before the 2nd pass, just set the depth range.