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  1. BuckEye, Alvaro, and Matias:   Thank you so much. Now this makes complete sense. I really appreciate it.   Cheers,   -A
  2. Hi there, I am trying to understand the Math formula used to access the sphere map texture. Please see following websites: http://www.reindelsoftware.com/Docum...g/Mapping.html http://www.clicktorelease.com/blog/c...mapping-shader   Here are some questions I have: Q1- why are we adding 1 to Rz? Q2- why is the magnitude multiplied by 2? Q3- why are we adding 0.5? Thank you again in advance and I appreciate it if someone could explain this in details. Ali
  3. Specular Animation shader (HLSL/GLSL)

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for your respond. Yes, you are right.However, I am not doing 3D and also I don't think any of the standard specular effects (Blinn,Phog, etc...) can give me the results I want. My scene doesn't have a light and I need this shader to work as a post processing effect. Here is how I think is possible to achieve this using 3 textures: 1-Texture1(Specular HighLight) 2-Texture2(Diffuse Color) 3-Texture3(Alpha Map) Then we can pan the Specular highlight from right to left or what not. Please see the attachment for the screenshots. I am new to HLSL and would appreciate it if someone could post a pseudo code or suggest a way to achieve this without doing any multitexturing. Thanks, H
  4. Hello, I am trying to make a Shader that simulates the specular animation on a surface(e.g shield) and was wondering if someone could help me out. Please see the attachment for a better visualization. I would like the Specular section to move slightly from left to right and repeats again after a few seconds. Thank you again in advance. H
  5. Hello, Could someone please tell me why ozone3d is adding 1.0 to z value for? m = sqrt( r.x^2 * + r.y ^2 + (r.z + 1.0)^2 ) Also why would we need to add 0.5 to st coordinate? here is the link to formula: http://www.ozone3d.net/tutorials/glsl_texturing_p04.php#part_41 Thanks, [Edited by - home3d2001 on September 13, 2010 12:48:41 AM]
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