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    How can I share a .exe game?

    Yeah, that would be what you do. Keep the easter egg and other private stuff stored in a database encoded. In your game you have the algorithm to decode it. That means anyone trying to find it, won't be able to, they will have to find the algorithm and packet sniffers and much more.
  2. Brokenhope

    Pointless End

    Current game project.
  3. Brokenhope

    Shooting At Stuff

  4. Brokenhope

    C++ Classes, Hierarchy, Friends Chart

    Thanks for replies.   That is actually how far I got.   TL;DR   Maps perfect - as well as info Player can be moved Text Styles and everything done Full spritesheet   I am wanting to half rewrite the code now that I want to add items and enemies.   I probably misunderstood inheritance or got it backwards.   But keeping it simple is what I am going to do. There is just one thing now.   Here I have 3 types of "objs" Player, Enemy, Items   Each contains a vector.   I want one loop to iterate a single vector. How can I relate all 3 in a way I can add to a single vector?
  5. I have been creating a game in C++ (using GDI+)   I have read tutorials and examples but cannot figure out where to even start, and or, how this works. Currently, everything has redundant code.   Attached is a chart I came up with, I am wondering how it looks, and how I can at least get this connected. From there on, I can add the code.   Thanks.      
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