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  1. Kinda lost on where to start

    Yeah I know how I want it to look. And I may give Unity3D a try But for right now I am learning to use Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express and learning C#. I think I am aiming WAAAAY to high with this RPG ATM. I the battle system to kinda be like KH. You know run around and every so often enemies will appear to attack you. But yeah I will try RPGMaker. And do a 2D version first.
  2. Kinda lost on where to start

    Yeah I think I may go with C#. And @Haps thanks for the tutorial I will look over it tonight.
  3. Kinda lost on where to start

      Yeah same I hear C languages are really hard for beginners, and everyone is like "don't learn it don't learn". But isn't it the most popular language to use when making a game?
  4. I love how I have this idea for a RPG game I want to make but I don’t know where to start. I don’t know a thing about programming and don’t know which language I want to learn…Well I kinda do…either C++ or C# I don’t know, which should I do?  Oh and other then that I have no story…kinda stuck with that. And I need some more characters, weapons, magick, and stuff. But that'ds slowly coming along as I think of stuff. But hey recommend me some good programming books, and any advice would be great.
  5. @3Ddreamer SO why isn't C++ a good language for a beginner to start with?
  6. @Poigahn So you recommend I get this one? http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1435457420
  7. @Karsten_ I'm in no hurry to put out a game yet. I'd rather learn first then try to make my game. I would like it to look good too. Also do you have and recommendations for any C++/OpenGL Books. And wouldn't learning DirectX be better then OpenGL? Don't most games use that more?
  8. So I am new to programing and I would like to learn how to make my own game. But I am not sure what language to start with. What language do you suggest a total beginner to start with? Also which do you find easier to work with when trying to make a 3D game, Unity3D or XNA? Thanks for the help, Kahroo
  9. Hi, what's up? Humans have named me Steve. I am very interested in programing/designing games. But I have no experience in programming at all. I was going to go to my library today and pick up a book on C/C++. I have also heard of a progam called XNA and how it uses C# which is sort of like C/C++, and I hear that it is much easier to make PC games with it. Is this true? As for now I am only looking to make PC games. Maybe later I might start work on a console game. But for now PC game making is what I want to learn. I have also looking to go to college to help me learn more and for a future job. I was thinking about going to my community college for either Computer Science, or Game Development then transfer to a 4 year college. But what I was wondering was should I go for Computer Science, then transfer to say Digipen for a Game Designing Degree? Does that sound better then just going to community college for Game Designing then transfer to Digipen for Game Designing? And does anyone know any good books I should pick up? I was looking at the Beginner C/C++ for Dummies book. Is that one good or should I stay away from it and try something else? And I know that this field of work is hard and takes a lot of practice and time to master. And I am willing to do what I can to do this. And I thank you for helping me with my questions.