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  1. Greetings, folks

    Hello, I'm Jianju. (Not really Chinese, but study Mandarin & whatnot.) I'm not new to programming, but it's been a long time since I did much of it, & it was never very high-level stuff. I'm interested in game-development & scientific simulations too. As such, I'm working on C++ with plans to branch out into C(99?) as well. Eventually, I plan to start coding with OpenCL, which I believe has applications for things like game physics, but is mostly for scientific purposes. Still, lots of crossover between the various avenues I want to explore. Ultimately, speed is most important to me. I'll wade through the hard stuff if I can just get more processing power out of my machines. I have experience in a wide range of topics, but need to delve deeper into many of them; sortof a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none." ;o) I must say, I find such great material on this site. Thanks to everyone who puts out such illuminating articles, & those whop offer helpful feedback too. I'm stoked to be here. J
  2. Learning C++ or Python

    I'm in somewhat the same boat; getting back into programming as a hobby when my main gig was always art & animation. I wish to make games & simulations, meaning speed will be of the utmost importance, leading me to want to use C++. OTOH, I am tempted by some newer languages (including C99, Lua, Monkey, Java, Go...) & am looking for smart ways to call the many great, fast C++ libraries out there (OGRE, Bullet, etc.) to do most of the deep kung-fu for me.