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  1. If you are using C++ then you should be using iostream instead of stdio. Alternatively you could at least use snprintf.
  2. There is nothing wrong with C++.   C++ is love, C++ is life.
  3. dd + parted   They're free with no limitations.
  4. 10-bit monitors aren't HDR. A HDR monitor is one that makes you go blind if you look at a picture of the sun.
  5. OpenGL

    In 2015 where have you found hardware that only supports OpenGL up to 1.4?
  6.   I don't know what you mean. https://goo.gl/C6QczF
  7. 90-95% of cases do not go to trial and instead end in a plea bargain. I suppose you should be aware that if this were not the case then the alternative would be 20X more cases going to trial which would possibly result in people spending long periods in prison because they cannot afford bail and have to now wait behind all the other cases wanting to go to trial.
  8. I think it would be funny if a new trend popped up of having smaller tablets. I want a world where the iPhone has a 13" display and the iPad has a 6" display.
  9.     Oh, I'm very wrong. I had no idea.   It's actually quite hilarious because your list of "hunting rifles" includes the AR-15 "assault weapon" and then you go on to post a Wikipedia definition of the term that confirms what I said: it's BS political term made up by progressives to ban certain guns they don't like, mostly for their looks. At no point did I interchange "assault rifle" or "assault weapon", nor did I make a mistake regarding which term you had used. In fact you are the one who seems to use them interchangeably when you say "Assault weapons/rifles are a military/police weapon." The Ruger Mini-14 doesn't have the features to make it an "assault weapon" by the definition you provided, and yet it fires the same round with comparable ammo capacity. It would be no less of an effective weapon. In fact, you can even find AR-15s which don't meet the definition. Does removing the pistol grip make it less deadly or something?         Did I claim to be an disinterested party from a distant galaxy? I made it very clear where I am coming from. Are you claiming to be unbiased?         Cool speculation.
  10.   What exactly is a hunting rifle? What exactly is an assault weapon? The term assault weapon has been coined by progressives and has no clear definition. They started using it because they could no longer call the guns they were campaigning against "assault rifles" because that term does have a clear definition and it was inaccurate. As near as I can tell it is supposed to mean any gun which looks scary to someone who knows absolutely nothing about guns. No other use but to kill? Really? The AR-15 is probably the most popular rifle there is in this country and by far its most common use, overwhelmingly, is in recreational and competition shooting, not mowing down poor innocent people as the media would like you to believe. No offense but you sound like you have never even been in the same room as a gun much less ever used one before, which is most often the case with people who are vehemently anti-gun.   I own guns. Almost everyone I know has at least one in their home. I don't know anyone who has committed a violent crime of any kind, much less with a gun. I do know at least one person whose life was probably saved by the fact that he had his concealed carry weapon. I fail to see how gun ownership is an epidemic as the title of this thread suggests.   Mass shootings may be on the rise, but overall homicide has been declining for years and this is despite the federal "assault weapons" ban expiring back in 2004 and despite most states since adopting legal concealed carry. The number of guns is ever increasing, the number of restrictions have been decreasing, and yet somehow homicide is as low as it has been in decades and has a downward trend. Interesting.   [attachment=29282:US-Homicide-Rate-1855-2012.jpg]
  11. I see automatic vectorization as a way to get a free performance boost from old code by simply recompiling it. If you are writing new code with performance in mind you should not count on the compiler automatically doing anything for you.
  12. If you really need vector types like this then I would say just use GLM, but if you want performance then I would say stay away from class VectorN...   If you do want a simple vector type and you don't want to use GLM you could use the following in Clang anyway:   using Vector3 = float __attribute__((ext_vector_type(3))); //Vector3 is pretty much identical to vec3 or float3 from GLSL or HLSL
  13.   Then you would use Objective C instead.