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  1. Tycoon game simulating car industry (you run a car manufacturing company). Before we start, to avoid confusion let's define two terms COMPONENETS and TECHNOLOGIES. When designing new cars you design COMPONENTS (like engine, chassis) which are later used by the cars you make. There are also TECHNOLOGIES which you invent (like +10% to engine power). So, TECHNOLOGIES affect COMPONENTS. In this topic I'm not interested in components, it's a separate thing, but in RESEARCH of TECHNOLOGIES (using some sort of research points or engineers or other mechanic). How to make an interesting RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES mechanic for a car tycoon game? Typically it's done like that in car tycoon games: you hire X engineers, then over time new technologies are unlocked and you use -/+ to assign engineers to research those technologies. Once done you have to reassign engineers (which is tedious and I don't like it). Another approach (more 4X like) is to have a classic tech tree and research points which you spend to unlock techs.
  2. I partially disagree It's nice if the players knows the lore of traffic. For example it Aeorbiz the players instantly knew that tourists will want to travel to Athens or that traffic between New York, London, Paris and Berlin will be significant. I think you should make around 12 planets like that and so those are clearly marked on the map as important. Don't make it equal, it will kill the game. There must be special locations you want to connect.
  3. A tip. In such cases it's good to think in terms of interface. Let's assume you got it and you have passengers going to different planets. How do you convey this information to the player? Will you display a list of passengers and destinations? It will be messy... I think most/all games do not make specific destination for passengers due to interface considerations rather than due to the problem with the traver algorithm... I recommend to start with the interface here. Another tip: maybe make "hubs"? Airlines use this system. Yet another advice: try Aerobiz, maybe you will get some ideas from it. A quick solution (not perfect): - mark some passengers as local and they want to travel to any planet in the sector - arbitrarily select a few planets as "important", mark like half of passengers as wanting to travel to those destinations. Once they arrive turn them into local passengers there.
  4. Acharis

    Car factory mechanic & interface

    It is a completely different game. In Production Line (which is a clone of Big Pharm made by the same developer :D) or the older Free Enterprise it focuses on the factory. While I'm making a tycoon where you run a company, the factory part is nowhere near this level of detail or complexity. Factory in my game is just a small part of the things the player deals with (basically just one screen where you decide how many cars you produce).
  5. A game where you design, produce and sell cars (tycoon). This topic is for a mechanic in an existing prototype which i'm willing to adjust or replace completely. The goal is so the player can select car MODEL and decide the VOLUME of production. I'm interesting in both the interface and the mechanic. How it works now: There is a factory and it has several assembly lines (the player can buy additional assembly lines, up to 16 lines). You can select what car model each assembly line produces and there is displayed how many cars this assembly line produces per turn. You can upgrade assembly line (level) which increases output and assembly line's upkeep (if an assembly line is idle it has only 25% of upkeep). You have 5 worker slots and you can -/+ them, the output is multiplied by the number of workers. You have also "work overtime" check button which increases output but also wages (balanced so it's an expensive option to be used temporarily only). The biggest issue with the existing mechanic is the workers part. Since there are slots of workers and you have upkeep of assembly lines it's the most optimal to always use fill all workers slots... unless you want less output and you have no choice. Also, there is no hiring workers (not that it must be in the game), you simply slick -/+ and you hire/fire workers on a per assembly line basis. Ideas?
  6. Acharis

    Warfare goals in space 4X

    Whichever you prefer. It's just a discussion and I wanted to try to find new ways to implement it rather to include it in my game right away Personally I prefer starlanes mechanic since it provides natural chokepoints. Anyway, assume whichever you like. BTW, it was interestingly done in Chapter Master. Technically you owned all/most planets you see on the map, but most of them were infested by various aliens so you were jumping around trying to subdue infestation on your planets. The nice thing was that you controled the same number of planets in the late game as in the early game. But it had no "borders" since those alien infestations were almost everywhere.
  7. Before we start, let's us all UNLEARN everything we know about 4X It does not have to be muliplayer, it does not have to be symmetric, it does not need to be balanced, it does not even need to have other entities than the player (like player vs environment). Basically free yourself from all/most of traditional restrictions Also feel free to assume any settings, game rules, mood, etc. The question is how to make warfare goals in space 4X? Typically there is only one goal, use fleets to conquer or defend own planets. So, basically everything revolves around planets. It results in the "take over all planets" goal, which is kind of unfun in many cases So, I was thinking on other approaches to space warfare goals. Maybe something like "you need to defeat enemy fleet to show them who is the boss and therefore get a tribute from them", or maybe like "there is a pirates threat and you pursue to destroy their bases (without taking their planets) to assure safety of own trade routes/planets", something along those lines. Or maybe something completely different.
  8. Acharis

    Space 4X - military bases

    Fleets could retreat to nearest base if their is destroyed. Od it can be handled in different ways, personally I don't think it would be an issue.
  9. Thoughts based on posts so far: - noble houses' power should be based on estates (territory), possibly combined with trade privileges, licences, charters and the like - noble houses should have at least private ground forces (army) if not own fleets - noble houses are responsible for fighting, at least defending the planets with their estates, they are "the defenders of humanity from ugly aliens" - the player (Emperor) is the political leader of the empire, not representing any house, nominally in command of military forces (possibly with a lot of nobles autonomy and/or hands off approach)
  10. Acharis

    Space 4X - military bases

    Hmmm, I like the concept of "assigning special forces to a base", very in the mood like "there is trouble, move the unique 1st regiment of elite heavy infantry lead by colonel Arbar to base 63 near Xylons border". If you have only like 8-12 of such unique forces it feels very distinct, also each such unit could then have unique special abilities. Questions: - does every planet "belong" to one base? Like each planet can be protected by one (nearest) base only? - do bases protection stack? Is being in range of 2 bases better than in range of one?
  11. Indeed... So, the only solution is: - planetary shields that prevent bombardment but not landing troops (which is a bit weird but I suppose acceptable), also, in such case can the planet have ground installations that target orbiting fleet (missiles, fighters garrisons, etc)? - a convention prohibiting bombardment How about blockade and starving the planet off? Should a planet surrender after prolonged blockade? Does prolonged blockade reduce troops combat efficiency? Can blockaded planet build defensive installations (like ground missile launchers)? Yes, for a traditional army control of the orbit is required due to supply requirments. Except for rare races, like a big transport ship which warp out, launches several hundred landers and warp out. Then those landers crash on the ground and it holds alien like eggs which spawns and the fun begins. No supplies needed in such case.
  12. Let's say it's a 4X in space where the player controls quite a lot of star systems (like 30-100) even at the erarly stages of the game. I'm thinking of some sort of "military regions" mechanic. Like, the player can build up to 8-12 military bases total on certain planets. Then military actions are done by those bases depending on the proximity to those. So, the player does not concern with defending individual planets, but rather strengthen "northen secrtor military base" if the planets in proximity to rthis base is in danger. Such miliary base would station troops, fleets, special forces, officers, equipment, fuel, that is used by nearby planets. The base would also perform offensive operation vs target systems in their proximity. The main advantage of such system is that the player has to deal with up to 12 "military entities" so it's all manageable even in case of huge empires. The disadvantage is of course lose of a direct control (the player would not be able to control those forces directly), but that's the price I'm willing to pay How exactly such system of military bases could work? Things to consider: How to "move bases"? The player would need to move those as territory expansds, but it can't be too easy (otherwise the player could move all bases to the most dangerous front and then move those back; so there must be a mechanic that allows moving those but prevents them from being "mobile reaction forces"). What happens when a planet changes miliatry region (military base that protects it) due to moving bases, does it mean that temporarily that system is not protected (when forces from the old base retreat and from the new one have not arrived yet?)
  13. Acharis

    Growth mechanics for city builder

    I would go for a more traditional approach here. Soft cap - houses (but rarely a bottleneck) Bottleneck - happiness, which affects rate of acquisition Decreased growth rate - large population require more happiness than small one, so big population growth slow down
  14. Thoughts: A controversial question, can ground troops invade an enemy planet without orbit control by their combat fleet? It's not as weird as is sounds, imagine a single ship (super battle cruiser) protecting a planet, does it mean that a group of 100 quick small transporters (assault gunships) can't get through? Such super battleship could maybe shot down like 5 of those (or less), so it would mean that 95 got through... Similarly about blockading a planet. Isn't it weird that a single ship (no matter how powerfull) can effectively prevent all transports coming to the planet? Sure, trade would be disrupted, especially when it comes to large tranpost ships, but medium sized frigates (not to mention smuglers) could get through without loses in such scenario. How about this unusual mechanic: combat fleets orbiting a planet provide coverage (10%, 50%, 90%, etc) depending on number of ships (not technology or power, only quantity, maybe also affected by speed since faster ships can intercept transporters more efficiently). You can invade a planet without any orbital supremacy, but each ground troops transport would suffer casualties equal to enemy orbital coverage.
  15. In SF 4X game you have fleets and army. And I found relation between those quite odd. Typically only one (basicaly always the fleet) is dominant while the other is not so important. For example in MOO2 you can use fleet to bombard the planet and effectively kill all enemy troops, so if you can accept the devastation of the infrastructure you can ignore army and focus on strong fleet alone. Basically, once you won the space combat the planet will be conquered eventually, enemy ground troops can only prolong it. Or the other way round (extremelly rare, actually I know only one example). In Chapter Master it's all about ground troops, if your legions can win ground combat you get the planet. Space ships are mostly for transport and occasional skirmishes. How to make it so both fleet and army is important?
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