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  1. I wonder, how to integrate a story (storyline of some sort) into 4X? I find it especially difficult to tie the story with the 4X mechanics (how the narrative connects/interacts with the rest of the game which is a strategy). For example in Endless Space 2 you have this predefined main storyline (one per race) where you are presented with a series of chapters (disconnected, linear, presented one by one) where you always have 3 options (3 tasks to choose from tied with a reward) and to proceed the stoy you need to finish one of those tasks (4X style: spend X of resource Y, collect X of something, go to location X, etc). Which is kind of, well, not good at all This is an open question, feel free to interpret it any way you wish, I just wanted to research this topic
  2. Acharis

    Save-scamming in turnbased game?

    Delay for the outcome (waiting 10 turns before you know the result makes savescumming less appealing). Still, I would reconsider the % chance in the first place... Another idea, you are guaranteed to succeed but you lenght is random, so each turn you have a 5% chance to succeed (so there is no failure per se, only time till success).
  3. Acharis

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    It does look like Minecraft (textures). Also things like "An exotic planet with mushroom biomes" do not help (why do you insist on mushroom biomes when mushroom biome is one of the unique Minecraft biomes? Why not, I don't know, tentacle biome or crystal biome?) BTW, I would also reconsider if you need a payment processor in the first place.
  4. Acharis

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    I see no one endorsed Godot. Is it because it's too diffucult for a 10 years old or some other reasons? LOL :) BTW, have you used it? Also, does it have some graphical capabilities (draw line, draw image, etc) as old Basics had?
  5. I was thinking and actually the problem can be divided into two. Strategic & operational level Fleets and other formations are moved around the map and enganging each other. Those have "units" which is represented by a single number (like 140.56), then those can sustain casualties like 0.54. What exactly is inside a "unit" is of no concern at this level. I think it could be done statistically, like "Fleet X has 150.04 units of which 54% are of the top tier Omega battle group, 26% of Excelsior type battle group and the rest 20% of the outdated Aegis Cruisers battle group". Tactical level First the battle group (unit) is "selected" from the formation (so from the above it has 54% chance for it to be Omega battle group). Then it fights 1vs1 with the enemy battle group selected (how exactly?). Next the tactical level outcome needs to somehow relate (affect) the strategic/operational level (casualties, "winner" determined and possibly forcing the "loser" to retreat, etc). What do you think about such system? Potencial problems/holes? Would it work, better idea, etc? Thanks
  6. Acharis

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    I was thinking about (in that order): Godot Love Game Maker I have never used any myself
  7. Acharis

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    Just an engine for a kid to make some simple gemes in it, like Basic in the times when I was young Something to learn programming. Because he wants to make a 2D board game Besided, I'm against teaching kids 3D, it turns quickly into heavy "build a team of artists to make the assets" and "focus on renderer" which leads to looong projects that never get finished and masks the real problem "only if I got the assets/people". When you have all the assets made yourself in paint, well, you can't blame anyone else than you for not finishing it Anyway, 2D would suffice.
  8. Which engine would be good for a 10 year's old (smart one)? Assuming he would use it for the next 5 or so years (so age 10-16 I guess). For 2D games only (boardgame like). I would prefer something that forces to learn programming (so not just some boxes you move around and connect) but not something as extreme as C++.
  9. I'm an indie developer that uses his own engine (for 3 games, single platform). By default, I would say using a commercial engine is better, unless those requirements are met: - your engine is better than the existing commercial engines (in whaterver sense, for example my engine is low tech, can run on outdated machienes, increases my productivity, caters to my personal coding style, was designed for the type of games I'm making) - you already have the engine written (moste people write those engines when they are "young and stupid", so if you already have an engine that work... well, consider using it) - you do not make 3D games (the more technically heavy your games are the more tempting and useful commercial engines are) - you make with it a dozen of games (making engine for a single game is pointless) which basically leads to "you need to churn out those games quickly". - you are in it long term (for example, if I were using a commercial engine around the time I started (more than 10 years ago) I would be doomed now since those commercial engines are not supported anymore), the longer term you think the more appealing your own engine is. Also an interesting observation (might be wrong, just an observation), all very old indies seem to use their own engines... Now personal advice (questions to self): Checking ratings of your game it seems you have a problem with code stability and performance. Would switching to a commercial engine solve it? How much money you get from your existing game? Are you ready to abandon it? Note that by switching to a new engine you would need to abandon this game (or rewrite which is probably too expensive). Keeping two engines is unsustainable. Also, checking the reviews it seems you have more pressing problems than engine (unless that's connected to the engine). Like UI or gameplay. Maybe focus on those instead of worrying on graphical capabilities (no one seem to complain the game looks ugly...)
  10. Actually, I released it around 3 years ago Now I'm trying to bit it from another angle, trying to invent something both more abstract and simplier (tracking every single ship was a nightmare). I wonder how to make something similar but with focus on a higher level of abstraction, instead of fleets, squadrons and ships something like fleets and battlegroups without simulating individual ships (since that's really not needed if you are the Emperor). But since ships are cool I thought about a batlte group as the lowest operational unit but internally such battle group could have ships as sort of attributes or perks, so you decide the composition of the group (design ships, decide the ratio of ships in a group, etc) but then it's all used only during combat (1vs1 battle group fights without tracking exact loses) and never even touched on the strategic and operational level. I'm trying to forge out some mechanic that could achieve this.
  11. For a 4X game in space. Sorry for quite an unsorted idea Also feel free to propose something different but similar. Concept: The player designs and produces battle groups (each composed of several ships), battle group is the lowest level operational unit (not indovidual ships inside the group), battle group always moves together, is disbanded together, fights together, can't be split or merged with another goroup, also it's damaged/destroyed together. The battle group is produced as a whole and can sustain partial casualties (like 0.43 of battle group is destroyed, not individual ships in the group). So, it's always tracked like "you have 140.57 battle groups in this fleet" or something like that. If you have less than 1.00 battle groups it's treated as 0 (can't fight). Battle group always fights a single enemy battle group (so it 1vs1). The outcome is "what percentage of battle group we lost and how much the enemy lost", for example "lost 0.14 battle groups, enemy lost 0.56 and the remaining 0.44 retreated". Combat is fully automated (no player's input). Example basic model: Just to make it clear what I mean, totally the simpliest solution: Each battle group has no ships, just a single number "power", when the battle groups meet each group adds d6 roll to the power and the one with the highest number is the winner. The casualties are based on the difference in the modified power score (total victory: we have no loses, enemy loses a lot; marginal victory: we have some loses, enemy has more loses; etc). During a space battle there are maximum 3 fights (3x 1vs1 combats with different groups facing each other), each side always puts their strongest group, in addition to casualties the side that sustined higher loses total is considered defeated and is forced to retreat to another space (or warp to homeworld/elsewhere if not possible). Questions: - how to improve the stuff posted above (it's an early unsorted idea)? - how exactly the combat should work (1vs1)? - how the combat on the higher level should work when many battlegroups met (for example the most trivial solution would be: fight 1vs1 randomly until one side is standing, but I hate it )
  12. Acharis

    How to call such encumbrance system?

    For Steam page description and for presskits
  13. Acharis

    Influence in a modern empire builder

    What is influence (lore wise)? It sound very muddy immersion wise. I think you put too many purposes there, it's used as spy points, diplomacy points, internal boost points (edicts & generals). It's very non intuitive. I would prefer something like this: Capital grants 5 Administrative points per turn, Technologies grant up to +15 and each region can have Local Goverment buidling which grants +1 (per region), in addition there is an expensive Ministry bulidings which gives +3. Each Administrative point grants you 1 covert action, 3 diplomatic influence, 2 military upgrades (the exact composition of those is based on selected government type).
  14. He can move your thread because he is a moderator. You posted it in a wrong forum, it is not a design question because you asked about staff management + technicalities related to programming. It's disrespectful to other people to post in wrong forums (because most people reading Design subforum are not interested in management) and you should at least acknowledge you made a mistake (especially since no one accused you of anything just moved the topic to the proper forum where you would get the best answers rsince it's read by people who are interested in the topic you asked for). Now the advice: 1) Be wise about your spendings (selling a house does not bring you a lot of money mind you, unless you lived in a real palace , so always make sure you know you are doing it low budget and do not go overboard). 2) Hire a lead programmer you trust and leave all the technical decisions to him/her (don't bother with engine choice and so on, on your particular situation it's best to leave it to the programmer). Then let the lead programmer to recruit more programmers (if your budget allows). 3) I would choose a programmer who has a proven record of finishing a game before (any level of complexity). 4) After that's done closely observe and manage the finances, milestones and deadlines.
  15. Acharis

    opengl 2.0 vs directx 8.0b

    I'm probably a developer who uses the oldest version of OpenGL for making commercial products. Right now I use OpenGL 2.1. I could not go any lower than that, I would say it's an absolute minimum for a game (and that's assuming you don't need anything fancy). Could not go for 2.0, 2.1 is the absolute minimum for me. The most humorous part is I still (year 2019) get reports from players they can't run my games because they do not have hardware that supports OpenGL 2.1 Hillarious
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