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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the links!

    It seems that it's not a good idea to distribute the roms.
    As i see, they plan to try to make a lot of money with the good old c64... and therefor i don't think that they allow anyone to distribute the roms.
    I was really surprised that they try to sell the 20 year old games.


  2. Hi!

    Also i think that the bullets are too fast.

    1) call the collision detection/movements multiple times each frame with some virtual timer.
    for example 1 frame takes 100 ms, call your logic three times with virtual time 0,30,90.
    2) use some line intersection algorithm, where the line is drawn from the last bullet position to the new bullet position.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Hi!

    Another idea: the players have to stick together, and they have to evade from an island. They have to stick together because everyone has a bomb implanted that explodes if the are far away from each other....

    There is a defined distance within they are save, and they can leave this distance for a specific time to solve some puzzles - for example three players and three buttons to push to open a door. Every player has to push his button, and they have to return to each other in a few seconds....

    What do you think ?


  4. Hi!

    If you decide for revenue share make clear what's the base for your revenue. If they want to be their profit as the base for revenue share, it could be that you will never see some money or only a small amount. They can tell you "sorry, first we have to cover our production cost, advertising,.... we make no profit now out of your game!". I think it's better to write "xx$ for each sold copy" instead of "xx% of the revenue".

    Good luck!


  5. Hi! Does anybody know where i can download the latest vodafone sdk's ? at via.vodafone.com you don't get anything. It seems that you have to make a "global partnership" with vodafone to make games for them - but the requierements are so high that a single developer has no chance to become their partner. Do you have other informations about the sdk ? Thanks McMc

  6. Hi!

    Try this:

    long t,current_time;

    somewhere start your timer:
    t = System.currentTimeMillis() + 30000;

    in your game loop:

    current_time = t - System.currentTimeMillis();


    P.S. It's the first time i use my profile signature.... i am not sure about how it looks like.

  7. Hi!

    Also don't forget the limited memory on phones.

    Nokia Series 60 phones are not the problem, but if you plan to make the game also for nokia series 30,40 phones, keep in mind that you have 64kb max. size for graphics, sound, code and other resources and approx. 150kb of heap size for the graphics you load for your current scene (2 byte per pixel).

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