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  1. mixmaster

    vortxGE : Threads

    I should also add I have my event system working with the new threads. All core events are on a scene by scene basis, e.g. if a scene node wants to delete itself because its life is over, it must add an event to do so. Game events will work on a Level basis.
  2. mixmaster

    vortxGE : Threads

    After reading lots of tech papers/blogs on C++11 threads I redesigned the way the engine handles threading. Developers can now change threads manually per Scene, each pipeline : Move, Optimise are now batch threaded for better performance. after lots of testing this approch seems to work better under heavy load and being scalable its my new method of choice. Here is some code from the engine that creates threads based on nodes.void lsNode::MoveThread( lsScene* scn, lsOpenGL* opengl, double delta ){#ifdef VORTX_DEBUG_NODES cout = threads )||( ptr->getNext_node() == NULL )) {#ifdef VORTX_DEBUG_NODETHREADS // debug cout MoveThread( scn, opengl, delta );}
  3. mixmaster

    My Business

    Thanks ! For some reason I think I'll need all the luck I can get :-)
  4. mixmaster

    C++11 Threads

    Yes its C++11, I might add some more comments to the code soon if anyone wants me too.
  5. Just setup 2 camera's, do your culling based on one cameras frustum (or your method) and use the second camera as the viewing camera. that way you can move the second camera around and see the results better. Does this make sense?
  6. mixmaster

    C++11 Threads

    I was just brushing up on some C++11 concepts the last few nights (looking for parts of the engine to improve) and noticed quite a few people struggling with threads inside classes, as in using a class object as a thread. Some of the responses were so confusing to say the least. Also they were struggling with std::cout while threads were running. So here's some example code of these problems all in one. I hope it points someone in the right direction. Files: lsThread2.h / .cpp lsThread.h / .cpp core.h / .cpp main.cpp// file : core.h#ifndef cppThreads_core_h#define cppThreads_core_h#include #include #include #include using namespace std;/*! Base class Used to start some lsThread objects. */class core{public: core(); virtual ~core(); void run(); void logText( const string& val, int tid ); private: int nr_threads; mutex m;};#endif// file : core.cpp?#include "core.h"#include "lsThread.h"core::core(){ nr_threads = 10;}core::~core(){}void core::run(){ cout
  7. mixmaster


    I agree, I feel its the big game companies heading down this path as they can afford it. But have some faith in the small Indie developers still producing some amazing games that work out of the box, no connection required. I really think the large companies have lost their way, so removed and unaware of what the gamer really wants. And yes I know we want it all :-)
  8. mixmaster

    My Business

    Well I've been away from for what seems like forever. It has been a hard road but I'm up and running with the new business. First App is on the AppStore and I created a Online Shop for my site too. The plan is to start making some money to fund future Games using my engine, once the engine is done I'll release it free. With any luck this means jobs for others and I get back to coding full time. All this hard work is taking me away from what I love! CODE Cheers Lee
  9. mixmaster

    Still Alive

    New business up and running now: check it out.
  10. mixmaster

    Still Alive

    Thanks buddy!
  11. mixmaster

    vortxEDIT : video

    Thanks BR, been so busy lately, would love to make more.
  12. mixmaster

    Still Alive

    I have been very busy setting up the new Business, sadly this meant I couldn't work on vortxGE. I have created 3 other Apps for iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X. This has been taking up all my time. I'm also in the middle of creating a new website for the Business : still under construction. I'm just adding this entry to say I will be back soon with some vortxGE updates. Cheers Lee
  13. mixmaster

    Full Time Indie

    I like your idea of setting a normal working week, something I don't do myself but think I should. I hope all goes well, looking forward to you updates.
  14. mixmaster

    vortxEDIT : video

    My first attempt at a video with audio. wow shocking :-) [media='1280x720'][/media]
  15. mixmaster

    Possible iPhone / iPad Development

    Well there is always Windows 8 Metro. No need to jump ship, but if you think its the right thing to do as I did I would highly recommend getting an iMac and learning Xcode. It will make life easier in the long run. If I can help in anyway just send me a PM.
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