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  1. hi James,   Many thanks for the advice. I've googled on this GameHorizon thing, but can't get any info on it. Can you tell me a bit more about it such as when and where is it held?   Many Thanks
  2. Right, I graduated in BSc(Hons) Computer Science degree and I can't say I've dont well it but, now I've also graduated in a MSc Computer Game Engineering degree and I can say I've done well on it, but still it seems like getting into the games industry as a game programmer is impossible for me... I've even created my own website to show my developed games to companies, but still... seems like a dark world to me. I've been applying to all sorts of internships when I was doing my MSc such as Ubisoft, EA, Eutechnyx and CPP, but not a single soul replied to even offer an interview. And now, I find myself want to give it one last try (before I give up) to get into the games industry. Does anyone know any internships or Graduate prositions as a programmer in the UK? EDIT: my website is - www.dannychen.co.uk
  3. Hi guys, can someone tell me how a Data-Driven programming can be an advantage? As far as I know, Data-Driven programming means that I load in a text file with a set of varibles that can be used in the game? How can this be useful? Can someone give me an example in a situation where a game will be better off by doing Data-Driven Programming? Thanks
  4. Play mp3 sound files in C++

    [quote name='RulerOfNothing' timestamp='1327799123' post='4907195'] There is no capacity in the C++ standard libraries to play mp3 files, so you will need to download a library such as [url=http://icculus.org/SDL_sound/]SDL_sound[/url] to do so. [/quote] Thanks for the info. Can I then ask which libraries are the most common one to download and use? I'm using OpenGL to make a game, but I take it there isn't some kind of functions or way to load in sound files using OpenGL is there?
  5. I know this have been asked many times, but I'm new to sound programming, so I wonder if anyone can let me know is there an easy way to play sound files in c++ just to start me off?? Or do I need to download some C++ libraries to do so? Any help will be great Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Trying to calculate the normal, which I have the equation for, but the thing is I don't understand how a Vector in 3D space knows which direction it is pointing to? Because I thought a vector is just a point in space, so how can we determine which way a vector is facing as I need it for calculating Normals to do all the lighting effects and so on? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, can someone explain what is a Front Buffer and Back Buffer in openGL? I've tried looking around, but i don't get it. Something to do with Framebuffer as far as I know that I've read on wiki, Anyway, any help will be great. Thanks in advanced
  8. [C++] Help please - Class problems

    Thanks alot. That solved the problem . Thanks again guys
  9. [C++] Help please - Class problems

    Hi flyingdutchman, Thanks for the reply. I have removed the ; after the destructor and tried the code you've suggested, but I am still getting the error. Heres the error messager: 'error C2653: 'Food' : is not a class or namespace name' Do i need to include the food.cpp in my mainframe.cpp by any chance? P.S. this food is expensive because it's organic ^^ lol
  10. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to C++ and I am experiencing a problem and hoping someone can help me to solve this. I have created a class called Food which has a header file and a cpp file (food.hpp and food.cpp). I also have another cpp file called MainFrame.cpp, but this is not a class. The problem I'm stuck with is trying to create an food object in the MainFrame.cpp, but I keep getting errors. Can someone tell me how exactly do you create a object of a class (food) within an different cpp file please? Here's my codes: //Food.hpp #ifndef FOOD_H #define FOOD_H class Food { public: Food(std::string setName, double setPrice); ~Food(void); std::string name; double price; }; #endif --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Food.cpp #include<string> #include "Food.h" Food::Food(std::string setName, double setPrice) { name = setName; price = setPrice; } Food::~Food(void) { }; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //MainFrame.cpp #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { Food::food("beef", 3.80); } --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks.
  11. Fog of war

    What I'm trying to make is something like C&C Generals. Not something like Homeworld 2 if that helps and answers your question? :S
  12. Fog of war

    wtf bbq?? All of this stuff seems too complicated for me :( Sorry to say this, but the game will be in 3d... Should of said that earlier.
  13. Fog of war

    Hi guys, I don't know if this is the forum for this question, but I'm planning to make a RTS game which allows 2 players to fight each other or 1 player vs AI. However, I need to find out the name and algorithm where a unit or building can only see or have vision of a limited range of the field/map(no good if each player knows exactly what each other is doing). So my question is: Does anyone know the name or method of that algorithm? Thanks
  14. Hi guys, I don't know if anyone know if there is any good software methodologies that I can use when I develop my game? Agile Methodologies seems good, but the problem is that all of the Agile Methodologies are for teams or groups and I am the only one working on the project. So any ideas? Anyone?