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  1. Road from College Undergrad to Game Producer

    This was the interesting read I was looking for, for me, finally graduated but having a hard time breaking in and I have done a majority choices that are the correct direction toward the Game Industry by your example. Currently unemployed but I want to be part of the Game Industry whatever means necessary going out of state or even country for my passion despite not having luck of a response. As long I have creative mind for various Projects I want to make while waiting to be hired one day or to find a willing artist and/or musician to get these projects started, my hope doesn't die.
  2. Creating a Memory Pool

    [quote name='rip-off' timestamp='1307698442' post='4821635'] [quote] I did not know how to approach it since my college didn't teach me this. [/quote] College will not teach you everything. As I mentioned earlier, I get lots of results when searching Google for this topic. If you're having tourble, can you ask a more specific question. E.g. "I was reading [url=""]here[/url] but I don't understand concept X or code fragment Y." [/quote] Yeah, but I want to gain access to those missing skill I want to know, especially toward game development. Sorry, I tend to confuse people by accident, I meant that, whenever I looked online about Memory Pool, I kept finding Source Codes that involved using dynamic allocations. Hodgman provided a example of a memory pool source code that I was looking for that didn't use dynamic allocations. @Hodgman Thanks, this was the example I was looking for, just need the allocation and de-allocation of that memory pool.
  3. Creating a Memory Pool

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1307621021' post='4821274'] This kind of thing was everywhere in old C game code-bases... What's made you decide you need one? [/quote] I was asked this question to code my own pool, I did not know how to approach it since my college didn't teach me this. So I knew that this is a new skill I must learn.
  4. Creating a Memory Pool

    [quote name='rip-off' timestamp='1307616756' post='4821264'] [quote] Have you determined where you need to pool memory? This is an optimisation, and thus must be carefully and selectively applied. If you try to pool everything you end up with a general memory allocator, and likely not particularly faster than the runtime's version. What are your requirements? Memory pools work best when they are used with a fixed size, this is the easiest one to create and manage, and avoids fragmentation. [/quote] Alright, let's say I want to use 65536 in my memory pool and allocating from sizes of 2 bytes to 16k bytes. [quote] I typed "Memory Pool Tutorial" into Google and get lots of results. I don't have time to screen them, but can you address why you found them deficient? [/quote] The ones I came up with was more explanation about memory pool but could not find any comparison of codes between creating your own without using Dynamic allocated commands in C that is given. [/quote]
  5. Creating a Memory Pool

    Hello Everyone, it's been a long time since I posted up something. I was wondering if anyone could provide a tutorial on Memory Pool, I have been having a hard time finding any type of resource to learn on how to create my own. I understand why you cannot use memory dynamically allocated commands in the C program i.e.(new and malloc) because they are not as efficient as creating your very own. So can anyone provide me with some materials or tutorial as to how to create my own?
  6. Recommendations of new skills

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper You're welcome! (^_^) P.S. Found additional info I was thinking of doing if I decide to leave for Japan, your very helpful!
  7. Recommendations of new skills

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper Quote:Original post by Animeplayer 1. I need to know is there other skills do I need to learn like PHP? 2. Is this good aswell for breaking into the Games industry? 1. Yes. There is other skills do you need to learn. And they are not all programming-related. English, for instance (since your profile says you live in the USA). 2. Yes. It is good aswell, but that isn't to say that it's enough. You will never be done learning. If you want to be a game programmer, you ought to be willing to learn a number of programming languages, tools, and environments. If you scroll up and look for the tiny blue link that says "View Forum FAQ," and click it, you will find some useful information there. You should read FAQs 49, 40, 16, and 30. Thank you for pointing the direction to me. I know it's not enough with one game, I love to do more with the Dev team I joined, but our projects barely get to be completed since we lack in artists in sprite works. I know that there is no limit in learning because as technology improves, so does our craft.
  8. I am approaching graduation with a Bachelors in Computer Science. I have gotten proficient in C++ but I need to know what other skills do they look for in the Game Industry. I need to know is there other skills do I need to learn like PHP? I have experience in programing a game, used the API Allegro and scripted one game. Currently working on a game engine with same API. Is this good aswell for breaking into the Games industry?