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  1. The thing that's bugging me is that it doesn't look very well balanced. To have a long nose cone like that you'd surely need a longer tail. If you haven't already, search for "flying wing" for similar real-world designs. I think just a little adjustment to the proportions, along with Prinz Eugn's insight about the cockpit shape will go a long way. I must say, I really like that you've textured the ailerons, the engines and the nose cone differently from the rest of the aircraft, it's as though the sections of the plane that stick out at sharp angles have been given a coat of radar-absorbing paint, or something like that.
  2. OandO

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    When fixing each bug reveals several more hidden below. Relevant to me right now...
  3. OandO

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    My career and degree are in theatre, trained in play/screenwriting and direction in both academic and practical terms, I'm currently employed as a composer for a series of theatrical productions, and my day-job is in an art gallery. OP, your script might be fine. If you achieve any level of success (here's hoping) someone will undoubtedly fixate on the child-soldier aspect and you're right to approach it with caution, particularly with the exploitation of minors being such a focus of the media here in the UK of late. I do believe to include it at as a premise without either justification or discussion would trivialise a sensitive and important issue, so if you don't want to delve too deeply in to that, the best option would be to create a solid reason for child-soldiers being necessary. As a minimum creating a plausible reason will help to show that you're not ignorant of the issue. Works of fiction come up with justifications for children to do battle all the time, but be aware that in your case there seems to be some sort of authority controlling it, which is where the real controversy may lie. This will also help you ground your characters, and give much needed context to their motivations and conflicts. On a motivation-related side note: You're in danger of writing a stereotypically weak female character with Clare, she's too dependent on male approval at the moment. Keep in mind that Clare isn't just the love interest for Ethan, they are love interests for each other. You've already shown a weakness in Ethan when approaching her, which is a step in the right direction. Keep balance in mind here to avoid negatively portraying one gender and it will serve you well. I hope you find this useful, and whatever you do, don't do this: It's lazy and disrespectful of your audience.
  4. OandO

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I'm assuming that the audience is artistically literate and knows how to approach and "read" the work, otherwise the whole thing goes out the window. In that case, if the artist chooses to ignore, or fails to take in to account the context in which their work will be viewed, or the methods by which it will be understood and as a result their intentions are distorted or lost, that is of course the fault of the artist. This applies to the work as a whole, but also to its individual components. In light of this, my original point that there is a potential metaphorical link between the war and the romance may allow for an interpretation contrary to what was intended, and it could be drawn entirely from the contents of the game. As long as there are other possible interpretations, then the morality could be ambiguous, and as I said earlier intentional ambiguity is perfectly valid. My real concern is that the writer be aware of possible approaches and how his work may be viewed.
  5. OandO

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    If they set out with a particular intention and it is not realised, then yes. That's not to say there can't be room for interpretation in art. If your intention is for the audience to reach their own conclusion and they do so, then clearly that's not a failure. But in this instance, the writer explicitly wants to guide their audience away from engagement with a particular topic, but there is a thematic link between the active narrative, and the theme they are seeking to avoid. It's also not to say that failing on a single point robs the entire work of value, and for the intended experience and the received experience to be entirely separate would be highly unlikely. You seem to be suggesting that intention trumps reality, but that's not the case. If there is an inference to be made, it is there because the artist put it there, whether intentionally or not. You can't blame the audience for thinking about something you created, even if you didn't mean for them to think about it.
  6. OandO

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I worded that badly, I meant "marrying" in relation to themes, putting two themes together, nothing to do with children getting married! It doesn't work that way. As an artist you need to have an understanding of how your audience will interpret your work. If you meant one thing and they take away something else, you failed.
  7. OandO

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    Choosing to incorporate a topic and then refusing to engage with it is a statement within itself. Doing so would, intentionally or otherwise, trivialise the subject, implying that you as the artist don't believe that it is worth discussion. That said, by marrying child soldiers with a young love narrative, you have created a metaphorical link between your themes. In both cases, your characters are young, inexperienced and lack the maturity required to fully rationalise their situation. You should expect an audience to follow this link, and read the outcome of the romance as a critique of child-solider matter.
  8. So it's safe just to create an IPv6 socket and bind to an IPv6 address (where one is available) and be done with it? That's much less scary than my reading had me believe! I'm stuck on a purely IPv4 network for the time being, so testing things first hand has been problematic to say the least...
  9. I'm working directly with BSD / Winsock sockets. For a time I was using ENet with a handful of modifications, and for a time life was good. Then I realised ENet only supports IPv4. There are forks of ENet that are IPv6, but not that explicitly support both. My overall requirements aren't very stringent, so I'm pretty comfortable with rolling my own instead. The prevailing wisdom seems to be to use a single socket where dual-stack support exists, and create two separate sockets as a fallback. The problem I'm facing is how to detect the availability of dual-stack sockets in the first place?
  10. OandO

    Is this made with shaders?

    On a side note, if you're interested in creating more physically accurate spiral galaxies, search up these two terms in relation to how stars orbit the galactic centre: Density Wave Theory Rotation Curve
  11. I'm already a week late to this, but hey, sounds fun.
  12. I'm already a week late to this, but hey, sounds fun.
  13. OandO

    Slowest AABB overlap test ever?

    Fails to detect intersections where no vertex of Fred is inside the convex area of George or vice versa. Addendum: 6. Create edge line segments between every pair of vertices in Fred. 7. Create edge line segments between every pair of vertices in George. 8. Perform line segment intersection test for every edge in Fred against every edge in George.
  14. OandO

    What game was this? FPS, low poly

    Solider of Fortune?
  15. OandO

    Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    Am I missing some grand significance to impulse charts? They just describe how a ship moves and accelerates over a period of time, right? I might be a very long way off the mark but I'm starting to think you're just describing a physics engine...
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