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  1. I was in your predicament. Spent all yesterday getting a Hackintosh up and running, works great with Unity. Also, for development you can use Jailcoder to 'sign' your apps so you don't need to pay the $99 Apple Developer license until you're ready to release. Actually getting the Hackintosh up and running was a pain in the backside, but it's do-able if you have fairly common bits in your PC (and an intel processor) - saved money on buying a Mac anyways!
  2. What language should I make a game with?

    You could always try using the Unity engine and scripting in javascript :)
  3. Wow, lots of inspiring stories and pieces of advice. I think I'll get down to learning C++ with books and tutorials today and see how it goes. Hopefully it's going to be the start of a long learning process that I can stick to. I hope this has helped some newbies in a similar position to me too, and by all means if you haven't posted yet and have something to say - please do :)
  4. Lots of great responses in this topic. Thanks loads for taking the time. Some really good questions posed too. It's a shame my local university doesn't do a programming course though, else i'd already be on it. It's family related things that stop me travelling to universities that do game programming courses though (engaged with a baby on the way).. I really liked the 'Do you enjoy the problems you encounter in programming?' question. No, I don't. But I absolutely love working hard at them, and the feeling of accomplishment once I've overcome them. Does that count? Also, thanks frob for your really detailed response - it puts things into perspective. I guess a lot of people who love games have many ideas for them, but I'd love to work on an idea and see it through to the end - see it come to fruition. But I'm under the impression that just isn't the way of the industry. It's a job afterall, and once employed you can't always know which game project you might end up on. Is it a feesible idea to work on something as a hobby and just hope it comes into fruition one day as I previously described? Independent I guess.
  5. Apologies for the obscure title, but please bare with me. :) I'm nearly 25 and I've been on the internet and using computers for a lot of years. I've started with programming quite a few times in the past, the first time was with Java. I've always been a game fanatic, and always wanted to be a games programmer. I've just felt discouraged by quite a few factors. The maths and physics have always worried me, I got a B in math's GCSE (I'm in the UK sorry, I'm not sure of the US equivalent, but it's high school standard) but that was when I was 16. The logic of programming feels hindering too hmmm.. I guess I'm just not all that confident. So when do you reach a point where you feel like you actually *can* be a games programmer? I'd really love to hear some of the members 'stories', as it were. Backgrounds, what got them into it, if they always knew they were right for it, if it was a hard battle with themselves or anyone else they finally overcame.. just anything to maybe inspire me and newbies like me looking at the forums and getting into programming and games development for the first time :) Any advice or information really appreciated!