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  1. I'm a programmer looking to partner with a 2D artist / animator to partner with on simple cross platform games for Android, iPhone, and the Web. This is not a paid position, we would split profits if there are any to be had. I'm looking to make simple games for iPhone, Android, and Web primarily.  Interested in making fun, but basic games like Flappy Bird, Space Invaders, Pac Man.  I want to build small, quickly attainable projects, not the next great MMPORG, etc... I have completed multiple video games previously.  Please contact me with sample of your art and animations, all styles welcome.
  2. I'm looking for someone who can do 2D art and animation; depending on the type of game this could be pixel art or not. These will be very basic single player games that will be cross-platform iOS/Android/Web. In terms of difficulty think along the lines of Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Space Invaders, etc... I will do all programming and marketing. This can be a partnership deal where we split profits if there are any or I can pay you some flat rate on a per game basis, but it would not be much as I'm just a working stiff and don't have much money. I have completed and released over 10 games previously of various complexity.
  3. I find plenty of ad networks that I can integrate with my mobile games to put in game ads, but I have a couple of free games that I would like to make available in browser and likely as "facebook apps" as well. I would like to be able to put ads on these games so I can make a little passive income off of them.   I'm using GameMaker Studio for this and most of the extensions I have seen appear to be mobile only; are there any GameMaker Studio extensions that support any of the major ad networks for web based games? (I would also be interested in this for traditional style download and play games as well).
  4. Currently I do a lot of traditional drawing and hand cartooning, but not much in the way of digital.  I recently picked up a Surface and have been doing some drawing and painting with Art Rage.   I'm interested in creating art (strictly 2D) for games and I'm wondering what software packages are good for doing drawings and animations for in games and what some of the benefits/tradeoffs of the different options are?   I do have a license to Spriter Pro, but I haven't used it at all, it came with a Steam bundle of some other software I was purchasing.  Is this good for creating game animations?
  5. I've done a few indie games, but up until now they have all been single player games. For my next game I want to create a small asynchronous turn based game (something along the lines of Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Dominion). I know that the newest version of GameCenter supports something like this, but then it would be locked to only iOS; or at the very least I would have seperate code for each platform and someone on iPhone wouldn't be able to play someone else who is on Android or Facebook... So I don't want to use GameCenter, instead I would rather an independent push server app I could use/purchase, or preferably just write my own. Since I'm new to this bit of it though I'm not sure where to start. I've googled a bunch but everything just points me back to GameCenter or something similar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this! Thanks.
  6. Are there any 3D level editors out in the wild that are not brush based CSG editors? I'm looking for something that is more of a drop in style.
  7. 2D Digital art books/tuts

    I'm am completely lacking anything resembling art skills... Does anyone know of any really great tutorials or books that can help take someone from SUCK to MEH at just creating 2D digital art. I want to do mostly sprite work, animations, and tile work. I'm not looking to be brilliant just good enough when I plug together my demos and programmer art people can tell what it is I'm trying to convey...
  8. Sprite Bounding Box tools?

    @BeerNutts, Width & height of sprite can be used as a bounding box in some situations; where you don't care what area of the sprite is hit; same goes for per pixel collisions. In my case I want to be able to define 1 or more bounding boxes for a sprite that allow me to define what specific area of the sprite was hit. For example, I want to be able to tell the difference of when a character is shot in the legs, versus the head, head shot is instant kill; leg shots take multiple hits, etc... This would be just one example where being able to define my own custom bounding boxes come in handy.
  9. I've googled and haven't come up with anything here. I want to be able to load my sprites into a tool and create bounding boxes for my sprites that I can then save off to a file and load into my sprite class in game. Anyone know of a good tool out there for this already? I would love to not have to roll my own tool
  10. Fabian,
    I saw your post that you are looking to partner with a programmer to create casual games for the app store.
    I have been a professional in the software industry for the past 14 years.
    I am looking to partner with an artist for casual games on iphone/ipad.
    Here is some of my past work
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