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    How to Work with FBX SDK

    Well... My initial thought is that the file that people load can be pretty big. So I should avoid using stack memory. To be strict all my objects should be in the heap. But I think I got lazy later and did not keep up with this rule. But yeah, using pointers is just for avoiding big chunk memory allocation on the stack. I will give out the entire source code, but that needs some time. I don't want people to see my ugly, unorganized code...........But if you are in a hurry, I can send you an email for the source code. The project should be ready-to-compile and does not require any environment setup, because I include the FBXSDK in it    Sounds good, It maybe a good idea to put your code on github and let people download and possibly improve the importer code as well.
  2. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    Also why did you use new and pointers for the CtrlPoints?  It would seem like a vector or std::array would work fine since use it like an array of data.  The new and delete code just complicates it unnecessarily it seems.  Unless its a map structure in which case further explanation is required.
  3. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    Yeah. I am quite busy recently. I will add those if I have free time tonight. Just give me list of everything you need   Would It be possible to release the entire source code, to a project that loads a mesh or meshes?  That compiles and runs.  It'd be cool if it drew to screen a mesh but not completely necessary.  I think this would be more helpful than these few functions that are missing lots of the declarations and definitions.
  4. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    I've been trying to load some static mesh scenes with this tutorial.  It would really help to see the declarations of Triangle, CtrlPoint, PNTIWVertex, and any other structs/classes used.
  5. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    I found that fbx has it's own api for converting between different cordinate handedness/systems.   Look into   FbxScene->GetGlobalSettings().SetAxisSystem( FbxAxisSystem( FbxAxisSystem::EPreDefinedAxisSystem ) )   You should probably use this in the tutorial instead of doing it manually.
  6. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    You mean camera, lights and everything?   Yes I would love to see you load an entire scene into some easy to understand game ready format.  Or something close to it.
  7. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    I would really like to see this article expanded on to explain how to load the entire scene from fbx file.
  8. EddieV223

    How to Work with FBX SDK

    It's worth mentioning that Open Asset Importer ( assimp ) is going to support fbx in the next release.  It already supports tons of other formats including collada, 3ds, and more formats.   Assimp has a much easier to load format and api.
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