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  1. Gimpel3D on Wiki!

    nice [img][/img]
  2. Laptop vs Desktop

    i use laptop and it's fine.
  3. Dual monitors for increased productivity?

    go with 2.
  4. One source file used in multiple projects?

    C# is way easier, there's a button wher you can link it. in VStudio.
  5. [quote name='geomanic' timestamp='1327098119' post='4904699'] I have just recently registered, and would like to be introduced to anybody in this community, thank you. [/quote] Welcome.
  6. zelda

    woah dude this is cool
  7. Your most memorable childhood game?

  8. Cartoon artist

    very high quality.
  9. major problems with windows 7... has anyone else seen this?

    windows does that, reinstall.
  10. SOPA protests (dumb idea)

    a pain.
  11. Game help?
  12. listbox app crashing (winapi)

  13. How to get introduction about lib files?

    you link them.